Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, May 18, 2004

      Striving is the boat of the Arhat. Striving is the manifested unicorn. Striving is the key to all caves. Striving is the wing of the eagle. Striving is the ray of the sun. Striving is the armor of the heart. Striving is the lotus blossom. Striving is the book of the future. Striving is the world manifest. Striving is the multitude of stars. New Era Community, 55

      One should firmly understand the difference between expectation and striving. In expectation there will always be a time of inactivity, whereas in striving there is always a flight into the future. Such a difference can be understood only by one who is not satisfied with the flow of present life and thinks of the continuous flow of existences on other planets. Agni Yoga, 147

      A physician usually says to his patient, “When summer comes you will go to the country, into the sun. You will be regenerated by the mountain wind or the sea breeze.” Even an earthly physician cures by projecting into the future. Karma is the sickness of the past. Its cure lies in the future. Precisely, he who wishes to be liberated from the past should strive into the future. Striving with one's entire being protects one from downfalls; take for example the moving heavenly bodies. Thus, remember that I have pointed out how to walk upon the water, but I have never said that one can stand upon it. Karma can be changed by an irresistible striving. Hierarchy, 290

      Adornment of the future with the blossoms of inspiration is as the light of dawn. But each adornment of the past is a wreath laid on a grave. He who affirms the power of the future is Our warrior. His own power is multiplied by the treasure of the future. Just as the hour of striving is like a whirlwind, so is looking back akin to decay. All the past must be burned away for the Yoga of Fire. Agni Yoga, 253

      How should one understand the benefits of obstacles when one is told that psychic energy, acting as a magnet, attracts all possible advantages? Truly, when a large ship increases its speed the resistance of the waves increases too. Similarly, many obstacles are brought about by our own striving. It is this process that attracts to us unexpected actions by an opposing will. If they are very strong, our own counterstroke will develop accordingly. Most important, the currents opposing us should be strong, because then our flame is ignited. Agni Yoga, 257

      Why must the Teaching be absorbed as the basis of existence? If one begins to apply the Teaching egoistically, one will begin to add structures without first attending to the foundation. Half-hearted striving causes inner discord and does not bring regeneration. All harmful consequences result from half-hearted striving. Because of this, people cannot perfect themselves and cannot purify their sense of beauty, without which the blending of one's consciousness with the Teacher's is impossible. Agni Yoga, 563

      What remains for our planet to extract from the Primary Source is evident through the conception of Infinity. Our planet is stratified and permeated by the properties of cosmic fires; and man, as a magician, can propel his magnetic power according to his desire. He can express his striving through the tension of his psychic energy directed into Space. Clarity of thought gives impetus to this direction. We are not speaking of magic formulae, but We wish to direct your spirit toward the limitless possibilities. The belief that all is illusion results in curtailment of one's self-expression. Cosmogony and astro-chemistry are as applicable as are geography and history. Could you but know what the Lords have seen, you would find understanding of the immensity of non-concatenated matter. Not the mystery of a temple, but the Sacrament of Infinity! Infinity I, 41

      The idea of unattainableness is precluded by the infinitude of Space. Naturally, one step differs from another, and what appears to be unattainable on one step may be mastered on another. Confirm yourself in the understanding of all-attainableness.
      In Cosmos all is living and all is possible. The inmost depths of the spirit will find confirmation in Cosmos. The assumption of unattainableness is predicated on unfit strivings or conditions which prevent the coordination of desire with life. Transitoriness of conditions does not imply unattainableness. And the transitoriness of striving does not imply that the striving will be repeated in the same direction. When man understands the manifestation of transitoriness in himself, he will accept with ease, the law of ascent. The law of ascent will illumine the spirit with understanding of attainment. Infinity I, 100

      Dependence in thinking imposes upon man the belief that he cannot advance by himself. However, each one determines his own path. Striving creates life. Therefore, let each spirit find his own path. We respect greatly one's own determination for self-renunciation. When the spirit knows its destination and strives toward it, in spite of all evidence, a great chain is being affirmed.
      If We could reveal to humanity the records of human deeds, verily it would be horror-stricken! It is therefore very difficult to collect the new race. Submersion in darkness imposes a great strain. Therefore We take fire as a manifest symbol of pure striving. Infinity I, 194

      Fusion of the energies pertains to cosmic creativeness. When two energies are attracted to each other, a combination of striving magnetism is generated. If it is possible to correlate the creative principle with the principle of the Cosmic Magnet, it is possible to correlate the striving with the attraction. Hence, the assertion of the striving energies in space is termed the course of the Magnet. All cosmic manifestations are thus correlated, and the creativeness of Cosmos strains the flux of the energies. The attainment of tension is correlated with the tension of the Fire of Space.
      The rays generated in space create their parallels, and the activity of all luminaries tenses the spheres with multifold energies. All spatial manifestations have rays as their basic impulse. The generation of the power of the Cosmic Magnet gives birth to all energies.
      Thus, manifold and limitless possibilities saturate the space! Infinity I, 346

      The perfecting of the form is directed to the highest manifestation through the drive of the energies. The same law pertains to the striving of the spirit. The attraction of the spirit to the creative manifestation is imbued with the striving of the will. The fiery transmutation is expressed in the progress of all manifested centers. Hence, when the will of the spirit is transmuted, the law of progress acts in its spiral. This spiral progress then proceeds in all dimensions. When the spirit can complete the round of life, rising above the point of its beginning, then verily the spirit has attained the striving which will affirm it in the direction of the Cosmic Will. Thus, Cosmic Will governs each progress into the Infinite. Infinity II, 107
      People are afraid most of all of expansion of consciousness. Everything within the boundaries of the customary is very close to man, and each new thought arouses opposition. Therefore, when We send someone for an achievement, We first impart the urge toward a new consciousness. Only limitless striving toward expansion of consciousness and reaching for the unusual can advance the consciousness toward evolution. Infinity II, 295

      The highest spheres are invisibly linked. The most powerful strivings are invisibly linked. An invisible vibration links the spirits most powerfully. Thus, each wave of striving seizes upon identical energies. Hence, when an expanded consciousness sends out a powerful striving an identical striving toward creativity is exerted. Infinity II, 412

      People believe they can attain perfection by many methods. This multiplicity of mirages lulls the mediocre mind. But one really has only two ways to live: either wisely and ardently to seek the realization of Aum, or to lie in a coffin like a log–self-centered and impoverished in spirit–assuming that one’s destiny will be taken care of by something or someone else.
      It would seem, then, that a true striving toward realization of supreme possibilities should fill the greater part of human life as a most essential and engrossing occupation. But in reality the light of knowledge has been replaced by the conventional dogma of religion; and man, meant to be a thinker, worships his dark corner of idols, hanging amulets upon himself without even understanding the meaning of their symbols. Repeat this to all those who sleep in the darkness of the ordinary.
      There exist no half-measures; there is either striving or the paralyzing cold of death. Moreover, striving is replete with the joy of cosmic realization, whereas the stiffening of death is filled with terror. Agni Yoga, 158