B A N I S H I N G   E V I L
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, April 1, 2014

     1. Conformity of the qualities of consciousness creates the possibility of entry into the Fiery World. Thus, side by side with love of good must be aversion to evil. Love of good alone, without aversion to evil, will not be real. Aversion to evil is a highly active quality; it is the touchstone against evil. The mind cannot sufficiently well discern evil. A great many reasonings may be found in which a viper is concealed. But the heart feeling of repulsion to evil does not err. The nerve centers revolt against contact with the dark principle. It is impossible not to notice this heart sign, and then is created the resistance to evil. One may observe how the heart current immediately strengthens the armor of radiation. One may say to such a warrior--Verily, brother, you have armed yourself. Or, as one hermit compared himself to a dog sensing a wild beast--Though the eye see not, nor the ear hear, yet the heart has already sensed and armed itself, for evil is not endurable for the pure heart. Evil can adorn itself with many garments, but no mask will deceive a vigilant heart. So let us study the qualities needed for the Fiery World. Fiery World II, 144.

     2. It is precisely not cowardice to look about sharply, especially when you are aware of the determinations of Satan. A small seed can be thrown surreptitiously to harm even a giant. Thus, those who desire to harm others will try out all measures, not being certain of where evil may flourish. In this evil sowing lies the success of darkness. People forget how cautious they must be, for intent of evil not only creeps in like a tiger but also like a tiny mouse. Heart, 424.

     3. One should observe not only Ours but also the Black Brotherhood. It is erroneous to minimize the strength of the dark forces. Very often their victory is due to such neglect. People very often say, “They are not worth thinking about.” But one ought to think about everything existing. If people justifiably protect themselves against thieves and murderers, so much the more should they guard against the assassins of the spirit. One should appraise their strength in order to better withstand them. Ur. fearlessly visited the dark ones. She saw many of different grades, and in her valor she addressed them. Verily, there exists such a degree of courage that even the power of darkness is silenced. True, it is impossible to ever convince the dark ones, but one may paralyze them and considerably weaken them. Therefore, it is so important to oppose darkness actively. Out of dead dust--only dust is born. For the sake of home cleanliness various brooms are used. And when one finds a scorpion in the house, then it is immediately removed.
     Ur. has seen a disciplined meeting of the dark ones, and many convening humans could learn much from such a meeting. Ur. spoke justly, as Our Messenger, and in such an affirmation there lies great power. One must not restrain the force, when the spirit knows wherein lies the weapon. The dark ones discuss especially intensively when they see that the events are not shaping themselves in favor of their ruler. The Forces of Light prevent them from destroying you. It would seem to be not difficult to annihilate peaceful people, but above all the dark resources there exists the power of the spirit. Ur. rightly said to them, “You consider Satan invincible, but I testify to his defeat before all of you.” Thus, one may know about the intentions of the dark ones and about Our Power.
     But those who think that visions and dreams are caused by indigestion, can easily sleep through the most valuable signs of reality. Only those who know the strength of their adversaries can hope for victory. What discipline and unity one must manifest to overcome such powerful gatherings! One must gather all spiritual courage to remove and put an end to petty things. Fiery World II, 13.

     4. Thus, the ignoramuses laugh at the existence of Satan and, by that very fact, they confirm the correctness of the words of one subtle thinker, "The victory of the devil lies in his ability to convince people that he does not exist." Letters of Helena Roerich II, 3 December 1937.

     5. There can be no truce with Satan. Near Satan there is only slavery. To mollify Satan is impossible. Only without fear is it possible to march over him or through him. There is an ancient legend telling how Satan decided to frighten a hermit. He appeared before him in a most terrifying aspect. But the ascetic was filled with a fiery irradiation and charged upon Satan so that he passed through him, burning his way. The fire of the heart is more powerful than any satanic flame. One should be filled with such fire, then all sneers are transformed into searing grimaces. Thus, let us charge upon Satan. Aum, 39.

     6. Urusvati knows how incorrectly chaos and the battle with it are understood. The very concept of chaos was born in remote antiquity. The classical thinkers defined chaos as primordial, unmastered matter. Later, there came into being a symbolic image of a point manifested in the circle of the Unmanifest. Such an image is correct, and yet it causes misconceptions. One could conclude, by this symbol, that the Unmanifest, or chaos, and the manifest are completely separate. Many think this way, and find comfort in the belief that they exist outside of chaos.
     In reality, everyone is subject to the action of chaos, which penetrates into each human heart. One cannot say that these influences are known only to the lower organisms. All are under assault by this unseen enemy. The difference is that a low organism attracts such influences, whereas the elevated consciousness resists the uninvited intruder. We have said that cruelty, rudeness, and ignorance are nurseries of chaos. Dangerous epidemics arise around these hearths. You can observe how during times of upheaval human consciousness is changed. The gates to the spiritual stronghold open, and waves of chaos pour in unopposed, and poison the organism. Thinking is changed, logic disappears, and honesty is destroyed. Isolated achievements are engulfed by the waves of chaos. Humanity has summoned to itself a deadly ally.
     It is regrettable that after millions of years people do not understand what dangers they evoke from space! But even during the days of Armageddon one can begin beneficial self-improvement. If there is not sufficient energy to banish malice, cruelty, and coarseness, one can at least restrain them. Everyone can apply his efforts to this work. Tension is great and it is time to abandon light-mindedness, that most pernicious ignorance.
     The Thinker instructed, “Everyone can declare war on his own ignorance. Such a war is honorable; it is a guarantee of achievement and a service to his nation.” Supermundane III, 625.

     7. Urusvati drew the Supermundane World to herself long ago. Through what kind of attraction is such a coming together attained? No pleas or commands can help, no tears or praise can help, if the heart is closed. An ancient psalm proclaims wisely, “My heart is open.” He who said it recognized the fundamental magnet.
     An open heart is a victory over earthly limitations. Some will say it is too late for us to transform our hearts. They prove their ignorance with such a notion. They do not understand that the word “late” must be banished from their dictionary. Life is limitless and uninterrupted, and it is never too late for any achievement.
     Most people cannot imagine that learning is continued when one is in the Supermundane World. The most ignorant people try to avoid Moral Teachings, even here. One can pity the idlers, but they cannot be justified. They must understand how they pollute their own consciousnesses. Only the basest savage refuses to think about the future.
     The Thinker said, “Hasten to open your hearts.” Supermundane IV, 932.

     8. The cry of the heart is generally understood as an abstract concept, but Ur. says not so, for she has known and heard the resounding of the heart in its great tension. Such sounding actually occurs, and in it is expressed a powerful energy. The most dangerous assaults of darkness are shattered against this tension of energy. But not often is it possible to attain such a striking aspiratory state. The fiery heart knows when the invocation of the entire psychic energy will be demanded. From the solar plexus, from the chalice, there is concentrated a current of powerful force. The most evil sendings will fall apart under such a discharge. We always rejoice at seeing such a vigilant heart, since the attack is always sudden and the accumulation of force is only possible through great watchfulness. Often this keen vigilance becomes clouded by a kind of faintness which is very indicative of the presence of dark forces. But a flaming heart does not give in to such poisonous chemisms. But remember that evil forces do send double, repeated blows, knowing their effect upon unprepared organisms.
     Strengthen your guard greatly after the first trial. Fiery World II, 169.

     9. Due to unsteadiness of thought people see neither joy nor danger. But let us ask them always to ponder when the heart whispers about threats or about new joy. Likewise one should not be surprised that the dark forces can approach the most sacred places. But you have already seen such manifestations and know that absence of fear is the first condition to halt any evil whatsoever. But let us be honest with ourselves, in order to determine where there is fear and where it has been driven out. Fear is a weapon of the dark ones. Fiery World II, 172.

     10. You understand Our tension, when the manifestation of the brain is like a raging fire. But Our enemies rely upon the limits of physical possibilities. The more so must one oppose them with whole patience. Truly it is difficult to find saints who were not afflicted with special ailments. Many times even they failed to understand why they should suffer such pains, but the fiery tension cannot be avoided when pursuing the shortest path. Could it be otherwise when the feet are upon Earth and the head is in the Fiery World! Fiery World II, 12.

     11. Truly it is said, “More than half of humanity acts under the influence of obsessors.” But the time of great changes is near, and a great purification will take place. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 12 December 1934.

     12. Cling more firmly to Me. Cling to Me at each moment, on all steps. The daggers of Satan are aimed at one's back, but if there is a firm unity, the blade will break against the rock of Good. Firm striving, useful on all worlds, is needed. Heart, 210.