T H E   S H O R T E S T   P A T H
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, February 5, 2013

     1. Think freely; walk the shortest path.
        But ascend by faith in the Blessed Ones and you will not err.
        I come to succor--why do you not see Me?
        Love the power of pure consciousness, and you will conquer. The Call, 18

     2. Also let us not forget that realization is simplified through clear consciousness. But let us not lose the shortest Path. Time is precious. We should not deprive anyone because of our sluggishness. Laziness and ignorance sleep in the same cradle. Community, 6

     3. Harmonious sendings bring much usefulness, especially when one dominant tone can be followed, as for a musical key. A primary note may even be struck with a tuning fork. A magnet, a tuning fork, a ring, and many common devices easily enter into the daily life of the young yogis. The clearing away of accumulations of debris requires the use of shovel and broom. One should not fear everyday objects--as below, so above. It is wise to become accustomed to there being no rest or end. But the realization alone of Hierarchy and Our Brotherhood already directs the traveler along the shortest path in the Infinite. Agni Yoga, 652

     4. Verily, if you realize yourself as being constantly in the solemn presence of the Lord, you are already on the shortest path to Us. People loathe especially the routine of daily life; for them it is the symbol of weariness and descent, whereas for us the daily routine is perfectment and ascent; it opens the gates to Infinity. One can learn to love this daily routine, because it tempers the spirit and gives one courage to contemplate the endless chain of the ages of labor. For some, these ages are a menace, but a refined consciousness will accept them as the source of endless creativeness. Beautiful cults become dulled on account of daily routine, but how wondrous is the realization that daily devotion and a flaming love are offered to Hierarchy. If I shall say, “I love Thee, O Lord, and I am devoted to Thee, O Lord, and I reverence Thee, Teacher,” by what a mighty choir will this song of praise be transformed on the far-off worlds! Thus, in each act of devotion one can open new locks; and how wondrous it is to feel the inexhaustibility of great concepts. The Ordainment can be concise: “Be aflame in heart and create in love!” Hierarchy, 176

     5 Cooperation can be the adornment of a conscious spirit. Not compulsion, and still less, competition, but the increase of energies transmits the understanding of cooperation. Cooperative work is clear to those who have understood Hierarchy through the heart. A teacher of freedom is a manifestation of Hierarchy, for it is said--first of all walk the shortest path, gather your forces, affirm yourselves in the understanding of individualization, because a rainbow is strengthened by all rays.
     We eject only manifest traitors as cosmic dust; in others We find the ray which is transmuted by them. Heart, 86

     6. The happiness of the world is hung upon the cross. The future of humanity is redeemed through poison. The phoenix is resurrected only out of its own ashes. The pelican nurtures its young with the blood of its own heart. Thus is transmuted the highest energy, which lies at the base of the birth of the worlds. Thus, when I spoke to you of an excessive load, I meant the highest energy, which is created only in tension. When I spoke of the redeeming courage of despair, I indicated the shortest path. Thus, let us realize the redeeming energy, for only by this path shall we avoid all the malignant threats. Heart, 208

     7. The human eye does not see the most powerful electric vibrations. The same is true with regard to fiery gradations. Incidentally, this circumstance always hinders the Teaching of Fire. The smaller manifestations of fiery energies will be sensed, and thus admitted, but higher and more refined manifestations will become imperceptible to the modern apparatus, and to the consciousness which has not karmically approached the element of fire. But contemporaries do not readily admit the imperfection of the apparatus and especially their own inexperience. The lack of such acknowledgement becomes a great obstacle, and instead of moving forward valuable time must be spent in instilling an understanding of the nature of Fire. However, during these reiterations about the concept of Fire, a useful accumulation takes place, which will be indelibly inscribed upon the brain. Whatever is done, at least let those who cannot assimilate through the heart perceive through the brain. Our duty is to proffer the shortest paths, but patience will be found to follow the longest roads also. The chief requisite is steadfastness, when in your heart you yourself know that there is no other way; therefore The Subtle World is achieved only by means of Fire. Thus, knowledge of our essential nature is not only in knowing but also in sensing. Fiery World I, 21

     8. Here is another example of the influence of thought. True, in studying the scriptural records of all ages, one is struck by a seeming repetitious occurrence of identical thoughts. Not only do we find like expressions of the same thoughts but one may often find quite identical particular words. Yet it can be established that the writers not only did not know each other but could not possibly have read these writings. This manifestation can be observed in all domains of creativeness. Ignorance would suspect some form of concealed plagiarism, but anyone who has contacted true creative force knows that thought sent into space can impregnate the most varied receivers. Such manifestations should be studied, They can actually prove the possibility of the influence of psychic energy; besides, the same considerations may direct thought toward Hierarchy--in other words, to the shortest path. Fiery World I, 571

     9. Actually it is inadmissible to try to alter Karma willfully or forcibly. The Lords of Karma add each violence to the chalice of condemnation, but They can lighten Karma where perfectionment and offerings are without end. Thus do we lighten the paths to the Fiery World, when we are willing to do the best possible. It is not for us to measure what is best, but the heart's desire leads to the radiance of the gates. Restrain each thought about self, but permit the heart to lead along the shortest path. The heart has been given as the focal magnet to the Fiery World. Not without reason do many hearts grieve, both on the Earth and in the Subtle World. Of course the nature of the heart is fiery, and it sorrows at all obstacles which prevent its return to its native land. Fiery World II, 137

     10. The bridge between Worlds is based on harmonization of all the subtlest energies. Actually, the majority thinks that transmutation of the centers takes place on the physical plane. This is an error. Such consciousness must be enlightened. Transmutation of centers by Fire is a fusion of all the centers, both physical and spiritual. A spiritualization of the entire being takes place. In fiery transmutation the Fiery World is revealed especially strongly, because a fiery harmonization takes place in one's entire essence, involving acquisition of all the higher tensions. Therefore, one may accept the law of the connection of the Worlds in each process of the refinement of spiritual centers. Accumulation of these energies gives the spirit an impetuousness which carves out the shortest path. Thus one must accept the concept of the bridge between Worlds, and one should remember that no unconscious labor of the centers exists. Conscious harmony of the centers is a great mystery. Thus, on the path to the Fiery World let us manifest understanding of the shortest path. Fiery World III, 117

     11. Urusvati knows how often the most basic truths must be repeated so that they will penetrate the human consciousness. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are not acquired by earthly ways, yet people demand some kind of system that can be derived from their usual daily routine. One instruction can be given: observe clearly and closely, observe vigilantly each sign of subtle sensations. Do not expect and await these manifestations, but remain open to receive them. Expectation is a human attitude, but it is an obstacle to the approach of higher manifestations. It is well-known that the strongest manifestations are received unexpectedly, and are only disturbed when the voice of the mind rings out. The subtle nature must not be forced, but its every expression should be welcomed.
     Let us not calculate precisely what kind of manifestation is most important. Sometimes the seemingly small revelations are more significant than the most soul-shaking ones. Learn how to sense the manifestations. Which one will sound deep in the heart? Truth is in the heart, knowledge is in the heart, revelation is in the heart. It is said that the Yoga of Love is the shortest path. Truly, it can be called the Yoga of the Heart. Supermundane III, 689

     12. It has already been said that realization of the Supermundane World requires acknowledgement of its existence. There can be no doubt in such a realization. I attest that a doubting thought cannot bring man close to the Supermundane World. One can see how those who study and read a great deal can remain furthest from an understanding of the Supermundane life, while others, through straight-knowledge, penetrate to the heights and receive beneficent help.
     Truly, heart and feeling will remind one about the shortest path. This action is unfortunately not often understood, though without it attainment of and cooperation with the Supermundane World are impossible. We do not speak only about belief in the Supermundane World, but precisely about cooperation with it. Even everyday concerns must not deprive one of the opportunity to lift oneself up in thought. Words are not needed when the heart flies high. No one should attempt to justify his laziness and ignorance. Supermundane IV, 768