Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, April 30, 2013

     1. Sacrifice and assistance are created in secret, such is the nature of these actions. Only the Higher World knows who really helps whom. The sacrifices have been inscribed upon imperishable scrolls. Beautiful is the law of the secret heart sacrifice. Aum, 197

     2. Among secret things, especially undiscoverable remains the knowledge as to who reaps the most benefit from the good sent forth. No one knows whom his goodness has helped. It may be assumed that a thought of good reaches a definite person, but this is only a supposition. It may be that this thought has greatly aided someone unknown to us. Such a thought is a messenger of good, and the rescued man may not know his savior; so his gratitude is turned toward the Higher World. When he wishes to express his enraptured gratefulness, he looks upward into the eternal furnace of creative thought. Aum, 325

     3. One should in no way violate the free will of people…. By its light each spirit finds the path in its own way. Many are unwilling to accept everything proffered, seeking by themselves some secret approach to Truth. One must exercise the greatest care with such independent aspirants; not everyone likes the principle of a chorus. Observation will prompt the most appropriate measures. However, one must calmly accept human peculiarities. Even grains of sand differ from one another. But who should revere individuality if not the servants of Light! Fiery World I, 622

     4. It is right to assume that the revelation of one secret does not lessen the importance of the succeeding one. It has been said that each revealed secret is only the gateway to the next one. But it has likewise been said that each secret is thus encircled by a higher wall, the approaches to which are successively more difficult.
     Let those who fear know at once the difficulties in store. They should not be enticed by the thought of easy attainment. Once the choice is made, the strong in spirit will come to love the difficult path, for how otherwise will they test themselves? Aum, 522

     5. Some insightful scientists sense that even in their most brilliant discoveries something is lacking. They understand inwardly that the laws discovered by them are only partial and can be extended to new boundaries. But, since from their early childhood no one ever spoke to them about the law of the spirit, they do not find within themselves the courage to seek unlimited knowledge. Examples can be cited of serious researchers who concealed their broad observations. They were afraid to go beyond the boundaries of their limited science. In secret they read the works of great thinkers but would never admit to their own new paths.
     However, if we imagine that all of humanity is transformed from deniers into unrestrained observers, what scientific progress would take place! It can be understood that the legend about ‘The City of Light’ would then become reality.
     The Thinker said, “There will come a new scientist, bold and unlimited.” Supermundane IV, 934

     6. One should speak about the Fiery World even to very young children. But first one should tell them that a void does not exist and that there is no loneliness. Thus one can approach the subject of Protector and Guide. Children will become accustomed to the thought that nothing is secret. Such a foundation will provide them with a real protection against fear. It is especially harmful when parents, in ignorance, try to convince the child not to be afraid because nothing is there. Such a seed of negation can cloud the child's entire life and break down its consciousness…. Only a sensible explanation of reality will bring health to children. Fiery World I, 379

     7. Only if there is inner striving can one achieve the harmony that enables him to apply many formulas of the Teaching. But some fools demand immediate delivery of the philosopher's stone, and do not even take the trouble to seek out the literature on this subject. They expect the Teacher to send them a talisman with which to find hidden treasures, and assume that, without taking the level of their consciousness into consideration, He should immediately reveal to them the secrets of Nature!
     You have received numerous letters which confirm My words. Such people are ever ready to threaten and abuse the Teacher for failing to enrich them with gold! As much as I regret it I must mention these ignorant ones, because they fill the ranks of harmful betrayers. Let everyone understand the simple truth that knowledge is fruitful only when it can be accepted. Supermundane I, 245

     8. Secrecy is also cautiousness and goal-fitness. One should plant flowers in appropriate soil. One should know when and to whom to intrust the seeds; thus does the concept of the Guru grow. In the simplest and most needed manner, the Guru tells what is especially necessary. If he guards the secret, it means that this is temporarily imperative. There can be no suspicion that the Guru conceals harmfully. One must accept the Guru as Guide; in such a manner the concept of the secret is transformed.
     It is very important to assimilate the fact that the so-called Great Mystery is not an obstacle, but only the guarding of the path. If it is because of mistrust and fear that a man has not yet started his journey, then no measure will advance him. On such a path the wayfarer turns back, but to retreat is abhorrent. Therefore, the Guru helps find the best path. He will explain secrecy as an undefiled treasure. Aum, 149

     9. Much that is inexpressible by words may be supplemented by symbols. Thus, in every symbol there will be the element of the inexpressible. It is possible to perceive the significance of secrecy, but words will be inadequate.
     One should refer very attentively to symbols. As secret hieroglyphs they preserve the essence of the great Universe. Ordinarily, people do not know how to pay attention to symbols. People do not like indications, for they consider that they suppress their free will. However, when people are left to themselves, they feel unfortunate and forsaken.
     Symbols are as banners to which warriors can rally to learn their orders. Loss of the Banner has been considered the defeat of the army. Likewise, a disregard for symbols can deprive us of a concept inexpressible in words. Furthermore, a symbol is a reminder of the entire Teaching. The secrecy of the symbol is, as it were, a tension of energy. Aum, 437

     10. He who dares the stream chooses firm stones. He understands to whom and when he may entrust the Teaching…. Another great test is that of hearing every thought. The pitiable concept of earthly secrecy leads people into many errors. The feeling of pride and egoism rebels against the absence of secrecy, but co-workers of the Hierarchy of Light already understand this degree of cooperation. “I am ready,” he says, and hastens to open his heart. The successful mastery of all trials lies within our hearts and consists in our love for the Lord. If we are filled with love, can obstacles exist? Fiery World I, 637

     11. The world is upheld by Mystery. All covenants speak about Mystery, the Sacred. At the same time it has been said that there is no secret which would not be revealed. Those who love to seek contradictions may exult; to them it seems that the irreconcilable has been discovered. But they will be judging from an earthly point of view, and, of course, everything super-earthly seems to them illogical. However, apply the same words to the Subtle World and the Higher World, and the earthly contradictions will find their explanation. Indeed, everything that is secretly performed on Earth is already revealed on the higher plane, and the inaccessible Mystery proves logical on the plane of Infinity. Aum, 328

     12. Historic acts of great significance were often carried out in accordance with directions given in visions. The Invisible Government has pronounced its decisions more often than people suspect. The Higher Beings or departed relatives bring the message of imminent dates. One can only deplore the concealment of such visions and visitations, that is, unless secrecy has been enjoined. The fiery seal upon the lips is very lasting. However, one may disclose the truth to posterity in memoirs that will sustain many hearts…. I advise the recording of all known historic events that took place or were connected with higher visions. During such work many more facts will be found, because a striving thought is like a magnet. Fiery World I, 487

     13. Urusvati knows that astrology is used in medicine and by some government leaders who consult the astrological signs. One might think that these practices would strengthen the importance of astrology as a science, but in reality this is not so. These statesmen do not admit that they consult horoscopes, nor do the physicians and judges reveal how they arrive at some of their conclusions. They obtain the information secretly, and outwardly ridicule it. Thus, astrology is tainted by people's ugly approach to it, and a hypocritical approach to this science is reinforced. How much wiser it would be to accept this ancient science and affirm it, just as one accepts the newest scientific discoveries!...
     One must speak plainly in order to remove prejudice from human consciousness. Many physicians, statesmen, and judges secretly consult astrologers. Let them find the courage to acknowledge it openly, at least as an experiment. This will introduce the subject to the general public. People long for knowledge, but they must be encouraged and helped in their approach to it. Supermundane I, 236

     14. Note this remarkable fact: when a man begins to notice around himself a manifestation of spiritual life, he never fails to call himself an occultist. Whereas it is simpler to consider oneself able to see. Occultists are rather those who remain in darkness, in secrecy. Hence, there should be given an essential cleansing to some concepts. Otherwise many may fall into the abyss of conceit and insanity. Affirm everywhere that the spiritual signs are a part of natural existence. But those ignorant of them deny them, for they are blind. Much have those who see had to endure; the blind cannot stand talk about the Light. Therefore do not enrage those who do not see. So much is taking place just now that only those completely blind are paying no attention to the fiery signs. Fiery World III, 534

     15. Man does not arrive at an understanding of his power without a Guide. Many different traps are hidden on man's path. Each sheltered manifested viper hopes to conceal from man that which is most precious. As a traveler who has lost his way, he does not know in what element to seek success; yet the treasure is within himself.
     The wisdom of all the ages enjoins: “Know thyself!” In this counsel attention is turned to the most secret, which has been ordained to become revealed. The fiery might, called for the time being psychic energy, will give to man the path to future happiness. But let us not hope that people will easily recognize their heritage. They will invent all kinds of arguments in order to bring disrepute upon each discovery of the energy. They will pass over in silence the decreed quality of their advancement, but, none the less, the path is one! Aum, 371

     16. For some Our counsels are a reliable staff, for others an intolerable burden. Some will accept the Advice as something long awaited, whereas others will find grounds for discontent in each counsel. Man cannot understand how fully must the advice be in harmony with his consciousness. One cannot put into practice many useful courses of action merely because of their rejection. Good does not dwell with rejection. Good has an open door, it needs no locks.
     Only in the Brotherhood can one learn about openness and secrecy. Brotherhood, 574

     17. But one must prepare at length and patiently for each new revelation of cosmic order. We always advise that one concentrate and find the power to protect the secrecy of these high attainments. These pearls are gathered with difficulty, but can easily be scattered. He who prattles too easily will break the lock of the sacred repository. Constant equilibrium is the adornment of the wise. They will gather their seeds amidst everyday labor. This labor will sow joy in their consciousness and provide consolation against offences and injustices. Any achievement must grow out of a state of joyous readiness. Supermundane IV, 741

     18. Pay attention to those who are committed to true advancement. They do not impose their beliefs. They avoid claiming degrees of initiation. They always know that it is better not to speak about even their most sacred encounters. They are always kind and ready to offer help. The first task for the true seeker of the sacred knowledge is to cultivate goodness. In doing this he will attract good, like a magnet. Study of the sacred knowledge requires calmness, and a harmony that enables the student to grasp the subtle vibrations that will purify his consciousness.
     Our friends are never arrogant or pompous, because simplicity is their ideal. We value lofty striving, which not only draws Us closer, but also restores the health of the planet. We are saddened by pseudo-keepers of occultism. We do not care for the word itself, for every science is in its way a secret knowledge. Each day science resolves what had been a mystery the day before. This is the most natural process of evolution; there is no reason to take pride in it.
     The Thinker used to say, “Do not be proud of yourselves as thinkers, for everyone thinks.” Supermundane III, 581