H E A L T H,   M E D I C I N E,   H E A L I N G
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, January 8, 2013

     1. Certainly the Teaching of Yoga will to some extent be useful for all, even if they cannot attain the higher spiritual manifestations. The practical teachings of Yoga can in any case improve health, strengthen memory, and purify thinking. Agni Yoga, 181.

     2. The greatest task is to spiritualize and to restore the health of humanity by filling it with aspiration toward great deeds and beauty. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 17 August 1934.

     3. Let us weigh a thought of evil and a thought of good, and we shall prove to ourselves that the beautiful thought is more powerful. Let us organically analyze different thoughts, and we shall see that a beautiful thought is a treasury of health. Fiery World I, 177.

     4. Urusvati knows the true meaning of self-healing. “Friend, command yourself to be healthy.” Thus did the sages of Hellas sometimes end their letters. In remote antiquity people already knew that beyond all medicinal remedies, beyond the right nutrition, beyond magnetism, beyond prana, everyone has a healer within himself, but they must know how to summon him.
     The ability to heal oneself must be developed from early childhood. Man cannot suddenly, when already ill, demand a miracle. Self-healing can take place only if one’s spiritual lyre has already been tuned.
     Believe Me: One’s inner physician will be on alert, and one’s consciousness will summon him, but only if one’s spirit has learned how to summon the power given to man. In addition, harmony with the Supermundane World must be achieved. Truly, these strings between Earth and the Higher Worlds will resound as a strong, summoning command. He who has cognized the Supermundane World is able to command for the good of mankind. It must not be thought that We speak about some giants of the spirit, for a measure of achievement and restoration of health is given to everyone.
     The Thinker said, “Be able to make your inner healer your friend.” Supermundane IV, 885.

     5. When I advise caution I have in mind varying conditions. The state of health is bound up with many cosmic causes. Thus, one should not look for causes only in colds or indigestion. The chemism of the luminaries is analogous to substantial doses of medicines and mixtures which can perceptibly affect the organism. Fiery World I, 486.

     6. Strong are the rays of Jupiter; they further the rapid diffusion of the forces of Uranus. In time people will discover methods of treatment by means of the rays of the luminaries. Since earthly light rays are curative, how much more powerful are the rays of the luminaries! Brotherhood, 373.

     7. Health is the result of the past; therefore it is wiser for the master of the house to take care not to create consequences. Heart, 4.

     8. Thought about help is especially useful. He who is himself in need and in straitened circumstances thinks of helping others; such self-abnegation is a great touchstone. Brotherhood, 523.

     9. One Hellenic sage, observing his very good health, was quite saddened, and remarked, “I would rather give my energy where it could be of use!” There are many examples to show that great service to humanity is not necessarily associated with good health. It is also well-known that some ill people live longer than supposedly healthy ones. Remember that giving one's energy is the highest generosity and mercy.
     The Thinker said, “It is wonderful that everyone has within himself invisible resources.” Supermundane II, 379.

     10. Highly multiform is psychic energy! One may find different vibrations of it that have special names. Let us turn our attention to one lofty aspect of the energy called “protectiveness.” It should not be thought that this quality shields only the bearer of such energy. On the contrary, he protects others, liberally sharing his energy. Just as with the divisibility of spirit, psychic energy is apportioned where it can be useful. Such a physician does not know the sufferers who are being cured by him. It is a difficult, but a beneficent task! Aum, 561.

     11. The questions of self-perfection and of national health are closely connected. Let us summon woman to one and to the other. Both tasks are in need not so much of governmental as of family enjoinment. One cannot command purity of thought; one cannot even command purity of speech. One cannot command a healthful cleanliness of the home. Only enlightenment affirms sanity of spirit and body. Aum, 425.

     12. Smoke, and also the odor of burning refuse or meat, is always harmful. Let us not forget that dust, like particles of decay, penetrates the pores of the body. Let us calmly discriminate in all the details of life, not for self-vindication, but for the investigation of our nature and acceptance of the measures of perfection. Hierarchy, 67.

     13. Welfare and health are found in trust. The necessary is always prepared by My Ray. Errors rend the tissue of the body. Illumination, I:VII: 3.

     14. The heart, the Chalice, the solar plexus, are truly cosmic barometers. It must be understood what tension there is in the world, therefore I speak about the preservation of magnanimity as the basis of good health. It must be understood how urgently the heart requires magnanimity. Fiery World I, 173.

     15. The Agni Yogi is not only a magnetic focus but he also improves the health conditions of a locality. Thus, the Raja Yogi and the Agni Yogi take upon themselves the currents of space. It is not an exaggeration to state that Yoga restores the planet's health. One must hasten to realize the significance of spiritual perfectment. Fiery World I, 286.

     16. It is a joy to see how comforting looks can make the aura healthful. And the steady continuation of such a reaction can bring an enormous amelioration of all existence. Let us not forget that the presence of certain persons brings a considerable improvement in the aura of an entire assembly. They may be called Beacons of Salvation. Even when they are not directing energy their Od nevertheless penetrates the whole surroundings. Such natural agents of good health must be highly valued. Fiery World II, 256.

     17. The increase of sorrow is one of the causes of fiery epidemics, but when physiology shall teach men about the debilitating consequences of sorrow, the quest for joy will begin. Gradually the rock of joy will be affirmed and an exalted solemnity will begin, recognized as the most healthful factor. Not without reason have We pointed out the benefits of the presence of healthy people. Joy is the health of the spirit. Fiery World I, 298.

     18. When We speak about the need for calmness, We are also insisting upon goalfitness. For example, someone who has violated the principle of equilibrium will attract many peculiar influences and become a focus for invisible, conflicting currents. Of course, We can help with Our vibrations to some extent, but let us not forget that the destructive onslaught can be very strong, requiring a powerful defense. It is not easy when one becomes the center of a raging battle! For this reason We often advise you not to become too despondent. People may think that something irreversible has occurred, when in reality it was only a passing cloud. Thus each of Our Indications is at the same time medical advice.
     The Thinker asked, “How can we thank our Invisible Physicians?” Supermundane III, 464.

     19. Besides the heart, keep the consciousness clear. It is impossible to see through turbid waters. All agitation will react in a completely identical manner, in water and in the consciousness. One must find the happy medium between responsiveness and excitability. Under earthly conditions it is not easy to avoid excitement, which is so pernicious for good health. Aum, 51.

     20. To all it may be told how indispensable is unity. It has already been pointed out that unity is a real motive force. It has been said that unity is a magnet. It is a healer, health, it is rapid attainment. What is there still to be added? Aum, 433.

     21. It is possible to observe precipitations of energy on mountain snows and on dew. In ancient times people understood the medicinal quality of dew. It was mentioned in legends that in order to become prophetic one had to walk through the dew for seventy days. And recently hospitals were opened where walking barefoot through the dew was prescribed; plain water was useless because the particular quality of dew was required.
     Snow, full of meteoric dust, contains the same curative properties. Aum, 410.

     22. No one thinks about the significance in synthesis of valerian. No one is willing to understand mint as a friend of life, ready to exercise a calming effect upon rebellious centers. No one wishes to observe the action of milk combined with soda. Thus broad is the field of observation for eyes which have been opened.
     Mint can be useful even as an indoor plant, for the emanations of its living leaves are most subtle and natural as are those of roses. Where one can have flowers, oils are not needed. Thus, the most alive and the most natural are the best of all. Let us not forget that mint and roses are excellent disinfectants. Fiery World II, 197.

     23. Solemnity should be strengthened by the concept of Brotherhood. It ought not to remain an empty sound. To affirm solemnity means to sing hymns to the rising sun. It must be realized what purification is vouchsafed at being filled with health-giving solemnity. Brotherhood, 295.

     24. I beg you to guard health. Infinity I, 183.