H E A L I N G   W I T H   A   P U R E   H E A R T
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, May 14, 2013

     1. Each Mahatma began his ascent from the very midst of the people, having only dared to choose the difficult path of the Great Soul. And, besides daring, he found in his heart indignation of spirit, for how else can the fires be kindled? Upon these fires the precious substance of the secretions is transmuted into a healing substance. One can see how the saliva of a fiery being can remove an inflammation and restore the vital energy to numb centers. Alongside the sacred property of secretions stands the healing power of the laying on of hands. It is instructive to compare the secretions of men having dormant centers with the ejection of the fiery substance. If I advise medicines made from plants for common organisms, then for the more knowing ones there is a powerful laboratory of sacred fiery secretions. Hierarchy, 304

     2. Even primitive teachings give an important significance to vibrations. Thus, when thinking of the heart, let us unfailingly remember the powerful healing through vibrations. Heart, 482

     3. Healing through suggestion has been called fiery striving…. Suggestion can arrest pain, but if those who employ suggestion do not know the origin of the illness, these suggestions can be likened to harmful narcotics.…The weakened organs can be considerably restored by guiding and coordinating them with the fire of the heart. Every physician must develop within himself the power of suggestion. Fiery World I, 293

     4. We confirm that the emanations of a Yogi can be healing and joyful. … His heart is full of supermundane harmonies, but he does not impose harmony. It is a joy to borrow from the Supermundane Treasury. One can overcome one’s illnesses. Prana comes as a blessing, a panacea that restores one’s health. No magical formulas are needed; it is sufficient to immerse oneself in the aura of a purified spirit. Supermundane IV, 948

     5. An experiment with the substance of psychic energy would indicate what powerful antiseptics people carry within themselves. For this two conditions are necessary: the first--realization of psychic energy; the second--realization of Hierarchy as the sole path for the increase of psychic energy. One should not look upon Hierarchy as something abstract. One should realize firmly that it is the most powerful life-giver. We call it the primary remedy. …The Benefaction of Hierarchy must be taken by striving. Thus, an irrevocable striving will afford a healing result. Hierarchy, 418

     6. Besides the silver cord of the Hierarchy itself, the very heart often gives the sign for the healing ray to begin. Heart, 437

     7. The action of psychic energy can be evoked only if one fully realizes its presence, and it will serve properly only when there is purity of heart. Supermundane I, 158

     8. Although healing through the heart predicates the touch of the hand, it is neither the hands nor the eyes, but the emanations of the heart that give help. Distance is of no significance for healing through the heart, whereas a sending by the brain must endure barriers of various outside currents….Pure thinking, constancy, benevolence, bring the heart energy into action. Let the karmic merits increase the tension and refinement of the heart, but each striving to Hierarchy opens the heart according to one’s strength. One must firmly remember about the only path of salvation, through the heart. The affirmation of the law of the heart has traversed the entire history of humanity. Heart, 596

     9. When We see the causes, the effects, and possibilities, is the great possibility of healing by heart energy not great? However, like a precious drop, let this energy not be wasted through an unnecessary action. Hence, I repeat how greatly mutual understanding is needed during healing. It is difficult to realize to what an extent the spark of consciousness brings closer the salutary decision. The heart should be educated to acquire consciousness during all actions. Regard this as a law. …One must watch oneself and welcome the most difficult tasks as a purifying covering. Heart, 548

     10. “Surround yourself with Fire and become immune,” is a most ancient Covenant. … Any living fire is a healing one, but no resin can compare with the fire of the heart. Let them remember at least about the quality of earthly fire, yet in truth the time has again come to return to the primary source; otherwise it is not possible to cross the boundary near which humanity already stands. The earthly forces have been depleted and strained by humanity, and the Highest Powers are alarmed. Only the fiery, illumined consciousness can restore the broken bridge of ascent. Fiery World I, 15

     11. Calmness is really a state of intense psychic activity, like a still and luminous body of water fed at the bottom by healing springs bringing sustenance for the benefit of humanity. Thus calmness should be understood as work, absorbing and enlightening. …The Thinker indicated that he who can preserve calmness has already looked into the healing well. Supermundane IV, 725

     12. Urusvati knows the healing quality of Great Compassion. …Truly, mercy, peacefulness, sympathy, kindness, solicitude toward people, are manifestations of various aspects of compassion. Love itself is close to compassion. Is not cooperation kin to compassion? All these good qualities have healing properties. Psychic energy, sent with good intentions, exerts a healing action. Supermundane IV, 809

     13. In healing, an uplifting or highly concentrated thought can be directed toward an ailing organ…. Wise is the physician who tells his patient not to blaspheme or hate. We have often pointed out that a pure thought is benevolent and has healing powers; it opens the gate to the healing power of Primal Energy. Supermundane II, 275

     14. A healing remedy must be found. Contemplation of the Supermundane is precisely that needed remedy. Not for a single hour should one extinguish within oneself this flame of lofty thinking. … It is beautiful if someone can always carry within himself a lofty thought. Supermundane III, 651

     15. I will venture to add several words about the art of N.K. His art is valued for purity, translucency and an endless diversity of color combinations which go together with an unusual power and depth of tone. Each painting is a beautiful symphony of color consonances. We know that the colors, the shades and their harmony create an occult impression upon the viewer. It is known that beautiful paintings have the power of healing, and we have had many opportunities to witness this. But, of course, for such reactions one must have “an open heart and an open eye.” As it is said, “It is possible to remain in full darkness even while facing the most beautiful art creations, if darkness is in us.” Letters of Helena Roerich I, 19 June, 1933

     16. One must grow to love the path of the Fiery World. No striving is of assistance if it is not protected by love. Precisely the fire of love, in its chemism, is closest of all to the Fiery World. Thus, even in difficult days let us generate the currents of love. Rarely do people understand that love is actually a fiery principle. Usually people suppress the most salutary qualities of love. Precisely by these qualities does man most easily overcome the manifestations of darkness. Let us not cite examples, but merely emphasize the healing power of love. People especially respond to this healing power. Fiery World II, 152

     17. Urusvati knows the High Path. Love is the key to its entrance. Love is the power of overcoming. Love is the healing spring, the inexhaustible. …The heart in which malice and cruelty live cannot love….The highest vibration of Love cannot be taught if there is no seed of it in the heart. The fire of Love burns powerfully. Supermundane IV, 915

     18. Urusvati knows how essential is the joy of life. It is not only a healing remedy but also the best helper for communion with Us. … Joy is especially valuable and healing. We call it the joy of Be-ness, for it does not depend on personal circumstances, success, or profit. This joy has no earthly reasons; it comes as a forerunner of the highest currents, which spiritualize the entire surrounding atmosphere. …What strong thoughts will come to those who perceive the joy of Be-ness? The atmosphere around them will be purified, those near them will feel relief, and We will smile from afar and approve the better currents. We shall even be grateful, for each preservation of energy is benevolent. …One need not fabricate special scientific reasons for such joy; it comes through the heart, and is absolutely real. This joy will enable one to better hear Our calls. Supermundane II, 281

     19. Do not forget the healing quality of joy. Find the resourcefulness to summon joy even during difficult days. Find the strength to create joy, for there are many possibilities in space to kindle bonfires of joy. Supermundane IV, 843

     20. Any thought of joy has healing power. Even amidst sorrows one can find signs of love and compassion. Let these signposts help the weary traveler. Scientists must learn how much the rhythm of joy opens the gates to an influx of psychic energy. Science should demonstrate how the power of joy heals. … One must strive ardently toward the renewal of life. Everyone can think of heroism, of joy, and of exalted love. Everyone can gain the power of the healing remedy and spread these emanations in every direction.
     The Thinker said, “Sorrow is transitory, joy is everlasting. Love the Light and Love the Beautiful.” Supermundane IV, 732