V I S U A L I Z A T I O N   A N D   I M A G I N A T I O N
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, March 20, 2012

     1. The root of Ideation exists in the profound basis of Be-ness. Without visualization there cannot be any striving to knowledge and creation. How can a spirit create if it is not convinced by ideation? How could it speak about the Highest Principle if there were no ideation inherent in Be-ness? Spiritual values are distinguished according to this criterion. Without ideation this would be the dance of a skeleton. But, as you see, a balm is now necessary for the decaying portions of humanity. Heart, 128

     2. People complain that the picture of the Fiery World is not clear to them. Let us not insist as to who is at fault in this. Let us propose to them that they picture the Fiery World in their own imagination. Though such visualization be a poor and hazy one, let it begin at least in some way. It thus can be utilized as a beginning, but it is bad when there is nothing upon which to build. Such a state of indifference grows worse as time passes, and, as a stone, it drags to the bottom. No one can arbitrarily overstretch the boundaries of consciousness. The middle path is excellent when it is also lofty, but many cannot altogether understand the lofty concepts of the middle path, and confuse it with the path of vulgarity. Fiery World II, 171

     3. Urusvati knows that earthly existence can be transformed only through the force of a clear visualization of the future life. Some fear the future and thus lose strength; others imagine the Subtle World only mentally, and thus project false images; still others behave as if they were already dead and think of nothing but the marketplace. Few realize that even a life of one hundred years is only a moment in Infinity. Supermundane III, 476

     4. You must use your imagination. For the imagination opens windows that reveal new vistas. Who desires-- receives. All things have their significance. The Call, 183

     5. The imperfect ingenuity of some people has guessed at invisible rays and inaudible rhythms. With crude imagination, with crude implements, nevertheless certain cosmic currents have been apprehended. But even a fool knows that the imagination can be refined and the apparatuses improved. Starting with self-improvement you proceed toward Infinity. I shall repeat about the possibilities of improvement so long as the most obdurate one remains unashamed of his limitation. Community, 121

     6. The purification of the heart is difficult, when the web of egoism fattens it. The fat of egoism is a bestial heritage. The pure accumulations of individuality can explain that which reason cannot even conceive. It is especially difficult to inculcate someone with that which has never entered the circle of his imagination. The heart is considered the abode of imagination. How is it possible to move when the force of imagination is lacking? But whence will it come if there be no experimentation? Heart, 8

     7. Spatial thinking is not so easy for the majority of people. For this, it is necessary primarily to preserve the personality but be freed of egoism. To many, such an antithesis will seem absurd; for them egoism is personality. The manifestation of a powerful personality devoted to the General Good is beyond the imagination of many, but without personality thinking would not have potency. The tendency of thought when egoistic adds one more portion of poison to the infested aura of the planet. It is also difficult for many to realize that the substance of thought is indestructible and is not bound to the strata of space, which means that the responsibility for each thought is great. A bird of prey can be reached by an arrow, but what can destroy a loathsome thought? Heart, 55

     8. Imagination is the result of the accumulation of experiences. This is sufficiently known. But there may be vast accumulation, and instead of imagination there will nevertheless be evidenced only lustful desires and irritation. Affirm that imagination cannot form itself without the participation of the heart. Hence, inner or outer creators will be those who have wisely correlated the accumulations with a manifestation of the fires of the heart. Heart, 196

     9. If people could only realize how much they lose mentally, when they could be continuously acquiring! But darkness does not permit the imagination to flourish. However, it is difficult to remember about imagination when we are already in the Subtle World. There we must apply it, not generate it. Fiery World I, 458

     10. I so greatly emphasize the development of imagination as the basis of striving toward the Higher Worlds. Fiery World I, 644

     11. The wayfarer affirms that he goes to the Lord Himself. It is true, people are amazed at such a resolution, but they respect such steadfastness. One must set before oneself the loftiest goal; only then does the road not appear forbidding. One must adjoin the highest quality throughout all existence. One must accept higher measures as alone worthy of the Highest forces. Only a trained and tempered imagination gives access to the Fiery World. And such meditation is useful on the pathways to the Fiery World. Fiery World II, 370

     12. How can the imagination be properly defined? Usually people take the imagination to be their own invention of forms, but the imagination itself has its roots and distinctions. One may find the core of the imagination in the “chalice,” as the precipitation of many lives. However, the imagination is nourished not only by the remembrances of past lives, but also by the action of the present. When the spirit participates in the life of the far-off Worlds, or in the Subtle World, or in the Astral World, then frequently the memories of these experiences are reflected as imagination. Often scholars obtain formulas, or direction, precisely through a communion with the Subtle World. Fiery World III, 62

     13. Think not that people know how to imagine. Such creativeness is infrequent. It may seem strange, but an abundance of spectacles does not at all contribute to the development of the imagination, it is quite to the contrary--like impressions sliding along a polished surface. One is continuously convinced that without heart action nothing external has any significance. Aum, 589

     14. Imagination is insufficiently developed in people. They are unable to imagine causes and effects. They do not know how to picture to themselves the most beautiful possibilities. They have not been taught imagination and inspiration. The best strivings have been scoffed at, and people have been persuaded not to think. But those who know not how to think have no imagination. Loss of imagination is renunciation of joy. Brotherhood, 609

     15. Urusvati sensed correctly the state of consciousness of some of the spheres of the Subtle World, in which hopeless grief reigns simply because of the inability to think or to imagine. No one teaches how to discipline the mind, and no one cares to develop the imagination, but without these wings it is impossible to soar to the higher spheres. One should know that there is a realm where purified thoughts reign. One should realize how beautiful is the path to this realm, where thoughts become feelings. Earthly hearts can respond to those benevolent, purifying thoughts and sense their creative grace. May we make our earthly life full, and, not missing a single moment, achieve a fullness of being that can be defined as exaltation or spiritualization. Such a state of mind transforms one's whole life. Thus let the smallest sign be reflected in your heart and remember that on the far-off mountains you have Friends who care for you and labor for you. Supermundane I, 110

     16. Urusvati knows that rest is achieved by change of labor. Among those labors to which one can turn, let us not forget the mental work that develops the imagination. We continually perform mental exercises. A superficial observer at times may think that We are asleep, when in the midst of Our work We close Our eyes and send out thoughts to wander in the kingdom of imagination. These moments have great significance, for such imagined images become real. We cannot judge when this realization occurs, but it does take place and is of help to mankind. Do not think that such mental work is available only to special beings. Everyone can develop the imagination, but certain conditions must be observed. It is good when one imagines the beautiful, but if ugliness is evoked, incalculable harm will result. Therefore one must think beautifully. For this excellent images are offered by nature, but if someone is incapable of contemplating the beauties of nature, he can immerse himself in beautiful works of art, in which the creators have expressed a synthesis of all their observations of nature. Supermundane III, 602

     17. Urusvati knows that there is much confusion about the meaning of imagination. People wonder that if the imagination is so necessary for progress, how does one account for a malicious and ugly imagination? This perplexity is justified, and it is necessary to know that there are indeed many kinds of imagination. It is not easy to help a person whose imagination is malicious, for such an imagination can be quite powerful. One can help only by directing him toward the beautiful. Only in this way can the malicious imagination be overcome, but it is very difficult and requires much time. The malicious imagination has persisted throughout time. It is firmly rooted and has survived the ages, as have so many human habits. Humanity’s traditions of thinking are influenced by society, thus making it difficult for the individual to examine habitual tendencies. Such people are unable to even begin to think about the Supermundane, a realm that cannot be approached with malice.
     We have watched many strong individuals who were possessed by an evil imagination. They bring much harm, and their imagination is often much stronger than that of good people. The treatment for such people is similar to that for alcoholics. It is difficult in both cases to apply mental suggestion, but it is important to provide an approach to the Beautiful, which melts away the ice of evil. Supermundane III, 655

     18. Urusvati knows the value of pure imagination, for its neighbors are enthusiasm, exaltation, and other helpers of the ascent. Purity of imagination must be especially stressed, otherwise even criminals will think that their imagination has value.
     It would be wrong to assume that quality of imagination is formed by itself and does not need cultivating. This is a big error! All such faculties must be developed. Imagination must be nourished by the best examples of self-sacrificing heroes. All the highest aspects of humanity must be taught, and also the many achievements that can be found in nature itself. That is why the natural sciences must be taught Let children understand that great ways are open to them, and in improving themselves they will ask about the Supermundane World. People often destroy their own possibilities by limiting their thinking. For instance, they think that their thoughts and words disappear into space--an error! For all is transmuted, and nothing disappears. For the development of imagination it is necessary to recognize this omnipresence. Supermundane IV, 742

     19. Urusvati knows the power of creative labor. We need not repeat about the value of physical creativeness; this has been sufficiently proved by the process of evolution, but people do not fully understand mental and spiritual creativity.
     People will say, “It is not bestowed upon us to become creators.” Yet, at the same time, they themselves, not noticing it, create beautifully, psychically, and such creativeness is necessary for their progress in the Supermundane World. Therefore, We affirm the art of the imagination, which facilitates progress in the highest realms. Supermundane IV, 827