T H E   P O W E R   O F   T H E   H E A R T
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, February 21, 2012

     1. The spirit imbued by fiery striving manifests a drawing power for all vital impulses. As each energy reaches its identical element, so also the spirit of the higher Agni Yogi reaches the hearts of those striving to Truth. Thus, each energy of the heart molds people. The lever of the heart sets all the strained strivings. This is why people are attracted to the fiery heart of an Agni Yogi. Thus, the power of the heart affirms the manifested striving of an Agni Yogi. The creativeness of the heart can bring the pledge of Light. I so affirm! Infinity II, 238

     2. All religions have introduced special movements and positions of the body that aid the accumulation of the energy and impel one to the Highest. When following Us, achievement may be arrived at through the saturation of one's heart, without fatiguing movements. He who succeeds through this means has an advantage, because the source of the heart is inexhaustible. The Image of the Lord, impressed upon the heart, will not grow dim and at any hour will be ready to help. This way of the heart is the most ancient, but it requires a considerable expansion of consciousness. One should not speak of the heart from the very first conversation, for then one may over-burden it aimlessly. It is likewise aimless to speak of love if the heart does not yet contain the Image of the Lord. But the hour strikes when one must indicate the power of the heart. I advise addressing oneself to the heart, not only because the Image of the Lord is already close but for cosmic reasons. It is easier to cross an abyss if the link with the Lord is strong. Hierarchy, 85

     3. People think in vain that a High Spirit becomes insensitive to minor treasons. On the contrary, sensitiveness grows with purification of the heart. Of course, parallel with this, the power of the heart also increases, but sensitiveness still cannot avoid being poisoned by the surrounding malice. Thus, the path of purification cannot be called obtuse. One must realize how much easier of access is the purified heart. Therefore, among the questions of the Mysteries there was one: “Canst thou cast out the fear of pain?” The heart knows the pain of the world, but it also knows the superterranean rays. It is not easy to make these rays evident, but on the other hand, the scientists can cognize special cosmic rays that gather around a purified heart. Not without reason is the purified heart called a summit. Thus, the purified heart can be utilized for many experiments, but of course such a precious vessel should not be broken. It can be said that the karma of the destroyers of hearts is a very heavy one. Heart, 533

     4. Fear and irritation are called the gates of darkness. The servants of darkness dispatch fear first of all, in order to confound the spirit. Each conjuration may comprise danger inasmuch as during the conjuration terror may penetrate--thus the most precise magic may be turned into the utmost danger. Hence one must lean upon a more certain means. An educated heart will first of all eradicate fear and recognize the harm of irritation. Thus the heart is that armor of Light which will put to shame the cunning of darkness. As is ever asserted, the heart is constantly ready to smite darkness and bridle chaos. It is especially sad that many do not desire to think about the power of the heart. Thus, they not only cause themselves dejection but bring harm to their near ones. Each treasure unrealized merges into Chaos, thus strengthening darkness. Heart, 558

     5. Verily, the unyielding, never-deviating power of the heart creates the tempering that is befitting for the Fiery World. Not a spasmodic, convulsive striving, but the flaming heart leads the consciousness along the path of the highest worlds. Let us dwell in solemnity. Heart, 456

     6. The attraction of the magnet of the heart acts powerfully at a distance. These currents awaken resonances in conformity with the force of the sending. Indeed, one must resound correspondingly to the extended thread. The creative power of the heart is unlimited and immeasurable in its might. Aspiration toward the awakening of energies refers to the most essential principle of the development of creativeness. The development of this lever requires a fiery consciousness. Thus one must understand the urgency of such development of the heart. On the path to the Fiery World let us be affirmed upon the understanding of the lever of the Fiery Heart. Fiery World III, 375

     7. A conscious consideration of the force of one's own radiations can produce considerable saturation. A spirit striving for conscious application of its radiations must intensify the manifested power of the heart, for this sunlike source can reveal all paths. Conscious affirmation of radiations is indeed applicable when all higher fiery energies of the heart are kindled. On the path to the Fiery World let us affirm a conscious attitude toward the radiations of the heart. Fiery World III, 392

     8. We know about the limitlessness of self-perfectment, therefore the spirit who has fallen to the level of the Prince of Darkness could hardly have had all the needed qualifications for perfection. When a spirit attains the realization of the potentiality of his limitless power and immutability, when he masters many cosmic mysteries and forces and knows that he can become a creator of this or that world, when he realizes the ignorance of the masses that surround him, then, indeed, a tremendous power of the heart is required to resist many temptations, and, first of all--pride of spirit. One should always remember that not a single human feeling disappears; on the contrary, all feelings grow without end, and must therefore be transmuted into higher perceptions of good or they may become more refined in evil. Letters of Helena Roerich II, 27 November, 1937

     9. The best definition for the harmonized aura is a subtle combination of energies. In this constituency can be found all creative energies, because when the aura is harmonized all the subtle ingredients can be held in conjunction. The harmonized aura unites the unified consciousness and the unified heart. In each tension of harmonization a particular current can pass without any injury when the forces of the poles are identical. The same law is applicable to sendings, for the sender and receiver must conform to one and the same vibration. Therefore the factor of the heart is so important. And if it is possible to act mentally at a distance, then the power of the heart is incomparable, for the heart can awaken all the dormant energies of remembrances and accumulations of the past. Thus is it needful to understand the power of the heart as a manifestation of the Fiery World. Fiery World III, 389

     10. Urusvati knows the real causes of self-debasement. A yogi does not succumb to self-deception. Beginners will ask, “Where is the boundary, where is the foundation, where is the correct decision? What helps a yogi to find true reality and not sink into mirages of the imagination?” You already know what science calls intuition. Some scientists devote much attention to intuition, and do not deny that man, when in a state of nervous stimulation, can come to a correct decision.
     Now, let us imagine a yogi, who has intensified his nervous sensitivity and raised his consciousness to reach into the Supermundane World. He will not use conjectures of the mind, but will listen to the voice of his heart, an antenna that receives the waves of direct communication. The stronghold of the yogi is not in the brain, but in the heart.
     Science is as yet unable to understand the true value of the heart. The ancient world often referred to the power of the heart, but the rational mind insisted that the brain was preeminent, and thus impeded the surest striving. Until recently the heart was thought of as almost magical, and the conventional scientists stood aloof from such beliefs, so as not to be seen as dreamers. A whole dictionary could be made out of proscribed, but valuable concepts. Let us wish that the scientists become more free.
     The Thinker said, “What can be colder than an extinguished hearth? What can be deader than a silenced heart?” Supermundane IV, 912

     11. In remote antiquity people understood both the physical and the spiritual power of the heart. The strongest prayers rose from the heart, but in later times the spiritual significance of the heart was minimized and the heart came to be seen as just a physical organ. And soon the attention of people was drawn to the brain, and the heart was thought of as a secondary organ. People forgot that the heart is the sower, and the brain is the tiller and the reaper. No one would expect a harvest from an unsown field. The heart cannot produce supermundane seeds if the consciousness has lost its understanding of the Supermundane World. It can be understood that the highest degree of power will not be manifested if man does not evoke it consciously.
     An understanding of the importance of the heart must develop in the immediate future. The brain should be studied, and its relationship to all aspects of the heart’s activity. We do not limit the study of the heart to the point of view of psychic energy. Science should use many approaches, and then a broad understanding will be achieved. Indeed, all brain activity, the entire nervous system, and all secretions of the glands will be studied as channels from the one source, the heart.
     Nothing should be demeaned, yet man must remember where lies the center of his being. Let us not disregard the scientific achievements of different nations, ancient as well as modern. Old attainments must not be treated with contempt, because in them can be found glimmers of truth.
     The Thinker said, “The heart is the wizard; the heart is the prophet; the heart is the supermundane messenger.” Supermundane IV, 819

     12. The concepts about the will must be firmly realized and distinguished. The will of the brain has become the citadel of the West, whereas the East has maintained its stronghold in the heart. In suggestion, the Western hypnotist uses the will, straining the centers of the extremities and eyes; yet this emanation is not only rapidly depleted but brings fatigue and, primarily, acts only over very inconsequential distances. In transmissions of the will spatial attainment is impossible; but the heart of the East does not need any tension of the extremities, does not needlessly exert the energy, but sends out its thoughts without any limits of place. The suggestion from the heart, as a natural channel for communication, does not bring harm to the one who suggests or to the receiver. The Western method is always apparent externally, but the Eastern act has nothing external about it; quite the contrary, the transmitter does not look upon the receiver, for he has the image of the destination in his heart. There are numerous advantages in the heart activity, but to encompass it, it is necessary primarily to realize the significance of the heart. The power of the heart conquers absolutely everything. The heart may know the significance of far-off happenings. The heart can soar, fortifying the needed links. The heart can unite itself with the far-off worlds. Test it by the transmission of the will alone and you will realize the difference in the will of the heart. Maitreya's is the Age of the Heart! Only with the heart can one evaluate the treasures of Maitreya! Only with the heart can one understand how greatly all acquisitions, all straight-knowledge are needed for the future. Heart, 74