C H O O S I N G   T O   F O R G I V E
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, May 1, 2012

     1. Urusvati understands the harm in not forgiving. Such feelings can only fester under earthly conditions, since in Our life, with its awareness of former existences, feelings of rancor become impossible. In each life one finds many occasions for malice; to accumulate them throughout one's lives would create a long black tail that drags and impedes. With such an appendage one cannot advance! Supermundane I, 75.

     2. In the Cosmos there is a perpetual struggle between manifested chaos and the unmanifested. It is the struggle of the Forces of Light with the dark forces. Christ Himself actively resisted evil, if we decide to believe the Gospel. Let us recall how he drove the merchants from the Temple, and all his severe accusations against the scribes and Pharisees. Would we accuse Him of contradictions? And again, if we try to read objectively the words which are attributed to Christ, we shall see a Teaching which is severe in its mercy. Therefore, the words "resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also:" I accept from the point of view of karma. If this law of Karma, "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth," is inevitable and exact justice, it by no means follows that we ourselves, personally, should attempt to fulfil it in this way. If we do so, we shall never emerge from the magic circle of karma. Indeed, we must forgive our personal enemies, as who knows but that the blow one receives is a return blow, well-deserved under the law of Karma? By returning such a blow with another and with a feeling of revenge in our heart, we do not outlive this karma, but we continue and even intensify it in the worst way for ourselves. Moreover, by forgiving our enemies we decrease the amount of evil in space and become immune against many blows. Similarly, let us understand the words "Love thine enemies...." However, with all this, we must resist evil, if we do not want to be entirely overwhelmed by it. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 26 May 1934.

     3. Teach others by the example of manifested deeds,
           but condemn not those still in darkness.
     Many there be still ignorant - forgive them,
           for their spirits slumber. The Call, 26.

     4. One must forgive people their failure
           to understand.
     Good people are often guilty of faulty judgment.
     It is essential to be lenient with beginner’s mistakes. The Call, 414.

     5. Let us recall what is said in Brotherhood, paragraph 445: "Around the concept of forgiveness there is a great lack of understanding. One who has forgiven someone assumes that he has accomplished something out of the ordinary, whereas he has merely preserved his own karma from complications. The forgiven one thinks that all has been ended, but, of course, karma remains ahead of him. True, the forgiving one did not intervene in the karma of the forgiven one and thus has not made it more burdensome, but the very law of karma remains with both participants. The Lords of Karma can alter this to a certain extent if the fire of purification flashes out brightly, but such a flame cannot easily be set alight. Great sacrifices have been performed for the kindling of the fire. One must revere the memory of such self-sacrificing deeds. Beauty lives on in such calls. Neither time nor human confusion can stifle the calls to self-sacrifice. The Teachings of Brotherhood also tell about the same thing. It is beautiful that even now the concept that has existed throughout the ages is not forgotten. Let us not reject even a little understanding of the supermundane path." Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 11 June 1937.

     6. Every incarnate man is surrounded by both friends and enemies. Without fail, the many cares and hatreds of former lives gather around one. Supermundane I, 84.

     7. “For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned…” Prayer of St. Francis

     8. “…and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” The Lord’s Prayer

     9. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule

     10. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:39

     11. You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:43

     12. "Recognize that your neighbor feels as you do, and keep in mind your own dislikes." Sirach 31:15

     13. Mercy is not an easy concept, and only the very far-sighted can scrutinize the effects of it. When magnanimity prompts, “Let live!” this verdict will not be difficult. Perhaps, precisely in this hour destruction might have been approaching, but the far-sighted one understood that the positive is greater than the negative. For the near-sighted such mercy is unfitting, but for the far-sighted it is as an arrow into the target. Brotherhood, 86.

     14. There is no salvation surer than that through devotion. One can forgive much where there is unswerving devotion. The man who is devoted in heart can be relied upon. It is cause for rejoicing when Hierarchy is upheld by devotion. At present it is especially needed. If yesterday's confusion seemed enormous, what can one say of tomorrow's? I have already prepared you for the growth of Armageddon, and you know that the black wings of darkness will not withstand the Fiery Sword. Be not astonished - the Battle increases! Fiery World I, 605

     15. Undoubtedly, there are cases when a dark spirit directs black thoughts toward a pure spirit and receives a return blow. But in such a case he punishes himself, for what can be done if the luminous aura does not accept the projected poisonous gases? We and our friends have witnessed many times such return blows, but I can assure you that in no case was there the slightest desire to return the blow. Forgiveness is a primary quality of the true Teacher. He can be indignant but will never send consciously a deadly arrow. Only the Great Teacher, the Lord of Karma, has the right to send consciously a fatal Ray. Thus, the Teacher is one thing and the followers are something entirely different! Therefore, let us treat such stories with caution. True, the evil will of any strong person can bring some harm if one's aura is weakened by fear or disease. The best panacea against such poisonous arrows is devotion to the Foundations of the Teaching, love of Hierarchy and complete serenity. We must accustom ourselves to the idea that we are dwelling in a poisoned atmosphere, in which numerous poisonous arrows are flying about, and that only our heartfelt bond with the Forces of Light helps us to preserve our protective net. But if we ever doubt the power of the Hierarchy, or if we allow faint-heartedness in the face of the enemy, we paralyze immediately our emanations and thus destroy the protective net woven out of them. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 24 June 1935.

     16. History makes note of all pseudo-prophets and imposters. But all spiritual imposters and false sources have not been sufficiently pointed out. If into the basis of the State could be put the spiritual principle, it would be possible to follow all the pernicious effects of false sources. One may understand the records of darkness to include all the false sources and the evil intentions of the imposters. With justice it has been asked, “Why disparage the Higher Teaching?” There is only one answer - the imposters live in Maya. And in order to secure a grain for the Common Weal, a manifestation of tolerance is needed. With sorrow do We issue forgiveness to these imposters, for they live in Maya and they will depart into Maya. This is also true with regard to the distortion of Sendings. Fiery World III, 11.

     17. Learn to sharpen yourself in quietude, by uplifting
           your spirit to the Almighty Eye of the Universe.
     Friends, Our answers are ready; but let the stream of
           Karma flow. Answers given too soon will, like a dam released, cause floods.
     Strive for unity of spirit.
     By pure thoughts strengthen the harmony of your spirit,
           that the Blessed Ones may reach you.
     The Light will fill your aura - guard it. The Call, 58

     18. Think of the stars that always give their light to humanity.
     Be like these stars and give your love, wisdom, and knowledge to others.
     Only when everything is given can you receive.
     In My Name do you work; do not forget that.
     Mind it particularly.
     Wherever you go take My Light with you.
     Of what use is a messenger who hides himself behind impassable walls?
     The Teacher is with you, and you must be in harmony with your followers.
     Harmony, harmony, harmony.
     Do not regret your path; forget worldly pride and be open towards the New.
     Behold! The Call, 323.