Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, December 6, 2011

     1.The law of the chain of Hierarchy is most firm and is strictly maintained by the White Brotherhood. Nobody can avoid the nearest link because this link has been created by long approach and by the accumulations of thousands of years. Therefore, let us firmly hold the nearest link, so that we do not lose union with the whole chain. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 7 January, 1931.

     2. One should not regard life upon the Earth plane as unreal or less real than the other worlds. Only the earthly existence provides the foundation for our further perfection and conscious existence in the Subtle World. Only here, in the laboratory of this life, can we acquire new stimuli and energies and immediately transmute them into higher accumulations for the further existence in the Subtle Worlds. Verily, conscious life on Earth guarantees the reality of life in other worlds. Precisely, there is a complete correspondence in the Cosmos. Therefore, the broader, the deeper our earthly consciousness, and the finer our sensations - the brighter and more beautiful for us is the reality of all the other spheres. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 8 August, 1934.

     3. And is it possible to suppose that one can acquire the synthesized consciousness just in one life unless it was previously accumulated by the spirit during aeons of time by stubborn labor for the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and experience? Indeed, synthesis is the most difficult, the rarest, and the greatest achievement. Verily, this is the crown for those who are completing their earthly path. One may talk of synthesis, but to realize it completely is possible only if one possesses the great accumulations which inevitably raise one above the crowds. Therefore, there will always be leaders, as nothing can be entirely leveled out, especially consciousness and thinking. However, the leaders of the future will be selected not by the irresponsible masses but, verily, by the Hierarchy of Light and Knowledge. And much hard labor will have to be performed in order that the consciousness of humanity may be raised for the acceptance of this leading principle of the whole Universe. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 10 October, 1934.

     4. Urusvati knows how many misunderstandings there are about the concept of sudden illumination. In their conceit people often think that they are already illumined when they have only experienced the most fleeting moment of exaltation. True illumination results only from lengthy, inner work. Such inner work builds upon past accumulations and is sometimes unconscious, yet it does exist and makes illumination possible.
     Illumination must be understood not as a fortuitous flash, but as a new degree of consciousness. Often people do not realize that this advance can come unexpectedly, as if it were the result of an accidental event. Supermundane III, 455.

     5. Urusvati knows that the human consciousness is formed from subtle accumulations. It will seem almost too simple if We tell you that each incarnation, like a medicine, is intended to cure a particular unhealthy feature of the individual. The color white may seem equally simple, yet it contains in itself all colors. It may astonish you to observe succeeding incarnations that are extreme opposites, yet without sufficient polishing a precious stone has no luster. Thus, everyone should remember how difficult it is to deepen the consciousness.
     It is especially lamentable to see how some lightminded people in their conceit imagine that they have achieved the goal. One can read many books, but mere reading is not assimilation. We advise you to observe the manifestations of nature, in which is revealed the complexity of existence in its entirety. Man seldom utilizes the accumulations from past lives. … The Guides whom man meets in the Subtle World advise him to free himself as soon as possible from his own creations, but if he is full of earthly limitations, he will reject the advice. Therefore, it is of paramount importance during one’s earthly life to cognize this subtle existence. Supermundane I, 223.

     6. How little do people reflect upon those fundamentals which are shown to be the foundations of construction, whereas this process is a most essential one. Into the foundation of construction is laid a most substantial and steadfast affirmation. Of all the supports the most fiery one is the magnet of the heart. To exclude it means to leave the structure without a soul, for the magnet of the heart contains all the cosmic saturations. The magnet of the heart is the synthesis of all subtle energies. The magnet of the heart consists of the accumulations of thousands of years; in it is expressed Karma and attraction. Just as it is impossible to replace the sun, so also does the heart remain a powerful creator. Thus on the path to the Fiery World it must be especially remembered that the fiery magnet of the heart is the basis of construction. Fiery World III, 372.

     7. For better assimilation of the higher energies of the supermundane spheres it is necessary to spiritualize the centers. Departing from the earthly sphere, the spirit must be cleansed of lower emanations…. It is very distressing to carry things which were not previously overcome, and which in the Subtle World have become a burden. Most painful of all is the perception of one's own coarseness. Even in the lower, underground strata is felt the weight of one's own crudities. Often there are heard wails from the supermundane strata which are the appeals of the spirits not yet cleansed of this burden. It is reprehensible to litter the Subtle World with the same lightmindedness as the earthly one. And coarse accumulations form, as it were, unerasable layers which are always visible. Thus, spiritualization of the centers is the way of ascent into the Higher Spheres. This reflection is indispensable on the Fiery path. Fiery World III, 84.

     8. Mastery of thought is a fiery action. The concentration of thought and its projection is a fiery action. But a far greater fiery energy is demanded for liberation from a thought. We have read about great saints who scorned earthly luxury and freed themselves of earthly accumulations; but, first of all, they had to conquer their own thoughts. Through long tests they learned to summon thought and to dismiss it. When We speak about mobility, it is necessary to have in mind primarily mobility of thought; and such meditation is useful on the path to the Fiery World. Fiery World II, 382.

     9. Thus, the entire psychology of existence will be changed. You are already able to understand the absence of boredom, even were you to find yourselves in inaccessible caves. You already know the absence of fear, although you are in the front rank of Armageddon. You already know patience, even in the midst of the world's tempest. Thus, many characteristics already enter your life, carrying with them a succession of indestructible accumulations. This is the inception of true wealth. Heart, 434.

     10. With sufficient accumulations one can attain the state of highest consciousness instantaneously. But in the midst of work let us not look for the highest measures. The human spirit advances slowly, let us remember this. Hence, patience alone is not sufficient, let us apply joyous patience. Let us even consider that each instantaneous illumination is not applicable, and in this way we will become convinced of the need for timeless labor in the education of the heart. Heart, 581.

     11. Imagination is the result of the accumulation of experiences. This is sufficiently known. But there may be vast accumulation, and instead of imagination there will nevertheless be evidenced only lustful desires and irritation. Affirm that imagination cannot form itself without the participation of the heart. Hence, inner or outer creators will be those who have wisely correlated the accumulations with a manifestation of the fires of the heart. Thus one should tell all children in all schools, in order that not even one tenet of the Teaching might become abstract…. All the forces are signified in the flaming heart. Heart, 196.

     12. Only the foolish fall into despair. Every hour brings its lesson, and therefore one must be grateful for each experience. Night permits observation of far-off worlds and remote distances. Likewise, each hour of the day is filled with possibilities for observation. One must be grateful for such accumulations. Science seeks a solution in the glands, but does not yet dare to think about the fiery energy. Fiery World I, 394.

     13. Resurrection of the spirit, what a sublime concept! It should be understood as the call of Beauty…. Man does not study the depths of his heart, whereas so many great and powerful formulas can be found in the depths of the heart! But people dodge each suggestion of introspection, revealing nothing of themselves but the surface, and suppressing such a multitude of accumulations of various spiritual experiences! Resurrection of the spirit must be understood as a most vital law. Certain images of great Spiritual Toilers reveal this great law of resurrection of the spirit. Resurrection of the spirit can manifest its power as a Fiery Call! Thus must one understand the transmuting Fire. Fiery World III, 142.

     14. The formulation of the principle of goal-fitness is very instructive. If humanity in its striving would manifest greater cognizance of this, our planet could take a new step. Humanity lives on, continuing in this lack of goal-fitness, and the results engendered are so multiple that the human spheres are dark. The period of subterranean explosions is in correspondence with the supermundane accumulations. The countries which are shrouded in clouds of uncomprehension of the Cosmic Magnet, exhibits manifold signs of perturbations. The knowledge of the Chalice very often brings anguish. Indeed, the planet is bathed in human tears. Thus, the Cosmos strains the centers of an Agni Yogi; the subtleness of the organism manifests a responding vibration. Thus do We serve Cosmos. Infinity II, 318.

     15. What might is contained in the creativeness of the heart! All cosmic tensions can be discharged by a light-bearing ray. How can one melt a projected arrow? Only by a smiting ray of Light. Therefore, the smiting ray of Light must penetrate into all arising difficulties. All the dark corners where ignorance is hiding must be illuminated. All erections based upon ignorance and cleavage should be demolished, because they do not further the growth of the construction. When We construct We manifest pure striving. All harmful accumulations of which humanity is unaware breed impediments to evolution. Thus, the smiting ray of Light will illumine all dark corners. Infinity II, 356.

     16. In assimilating the cosmic fires the entire organism is regenerated, and the alien elements are eliminated by its own flame. The armed spirit conquers by its own striving; therefore, the manifestation of Infinity indicates the all-pervading Fire as the ordained healing sign. To each one is entrusted the finding of the path to the higher sphere; but when humanity thinks that the work designated for the transmutation of the spirit and of all accumulations can proceed from without, then the lever of Cosmos will devastate the accumulation. Only by one's own hand, only by one's own will, only by one's own striving, only by one's own work can the spirit become a conscious co-worker of the Infinite. Infinity I, 33.