Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, March 30, 2010

     1. Since times immemorial the Chalice has been a symbol of Service. The gifts of Higher Forces are gathered in the Chalice and given from the Chalice. The symbol of the Chalice has always stood for self-sacrifice. Whoever bears the Chalice bears Achievement. Each lofty deed can be marked by the symbol of the Chalice. Everything most lofty, everything for the good of humanity, should bear this symbol. The Chalice of the Grail, the Chalice of the Heart which has dedicated itself to the Great Service, is a most Cosmic Magnet. The Heart of the Cosmos is reflected in this great symbol. All images of Heroes of the Spirit may be represented as bearing the Chalice. The whole universe is reflected in the Chalice of the fiery spirit. The Chalice contains the accumulations of centuries which are gathered around the seed of the spirit. It is necessary to accept the affirmation of the Chalice as a great symbol in everyday life. Small children, and all youth, should be taught to think about the Chalice. One should understand the entire diversity of forms of the great symbol, the Chalice. Fiery World III, 49

     2. It is harmful when people envy the progress of others. When it is learned that someone has reached Our Abode because of just one service rendered to a Brother, many will think that they are also ready to render a similar service. But they forget that that service was simply the last pearl in a whole necklace of self-sacrificing action. It is difficult for people to accept that someone of ordinary appearance might carry many accomplishments in his heart. For many lives the fires of Service may have shone brightly, and who can judge the progress of the heart? Supermundane I, 64

     3. Those uninformed in Great Service may even complain of the difficulty of such an achievement. But those in contact with it already cannot conceive of existence without it. A frightful emptiness appears, it seems, when there is no application of one's forces for Common Good. Fiery World II, 247

     4. Urusvati knows the many different ways in which Service is interpreted. For some it is a life preserver, for others a millstone around the neck. Some understand the practical value of Service, but for others it is just a vague abstraction. Between these two extremes there exist many different approaches, among which people aimlessly grope.? Very few accept the fullness of Service in its vitality and its achievements. These few know how the steps of Service have been formed and are ready to carry the living word wherever it will serve the General Good. Such heroes are ready to renounce the comforts of life in order to be able to offer inspiration to others. These few realize that, in addition to making scientific discoveries, it is necessary to unearth the spiritual treasures. Urusvati is justifiably amazed to see that people enjoy the comfort of the General Good, yet do not strive to work for it. These walking corpses only prepare a grave for themselves! Where and when will they see the usefulness of the Common Good? It is service, first of all, that opens the path to realization of the Common Good. Neither garb nor ritual, but only service to humanity, is required. Supermundane II, 267

     5. The path of virtue is not a singing of psalms, but labor and service. The Call, 232

     6. I do not speak casually about the full understanding of service, which dispels the atmosphere of the commonplace and leads to the harmony necessary for the fulfillment of one's tasks. One can cure nervousness through outward discipline, but embracing service in the consciousness is the best discipline. Fire requires caution. One should develop this, and service is the measure of one's solicitous vigilance. Agni Yoga, 452

     7. How resounding are the words of the heart about hidden motives! How important it is to realize impartially the intentions of the spirit! Three traits of character will help to cognize the potentiality of motive; the trait of honesty, the trait of self-abnegation, and the trait of service. The manifestation of each trait will give the spirit the sword against egotism. Infinity II, 170

     8. The measure of service to humanity impels the spirit to means of striving. When the spirit knows the measure of tension in the name of Good, then he consciously directs his possibilities. The circle of the spirit surrounds the aura of man with powerful striving. But the sick aura and the aura surrounded by a tortuous line create corresponding saturations in space. Such auras react in a dual manner upon those around them. In identical auras they evoke an increase of negative potentiality. In contrasting auras they evoke a double striving: to smite darkness and to serve the Good. But these sick auras are nurtured by the emanations of the healthy auras. How important it is for a sick aura to be conscious of its armor! It is most important to realize this law. Evolution progresses through Light. Infinity II, 306

     9. When a thought saturates the space, its power is in conformity with Cosmos. Every rational energy reflects upon the thought. Verily, thought and consciousness bring forth all cosmic principles and creativeness. Hence, humanity must broaden its understanding and strive to the realization that each energy can receive life and form only through the impulse of thought. Thought is the mover of evolution. Each one who has dedicated himself to Service saturates everything with his fire. When a thought is straining forth with an inner fire, the centers are aflame. Infinity II, 395

     10. The Hierarchy of Service is but the fulfillment of the Higher Will. Hierarchy, 42

     11. Certainly, when the spirit is accustomed to respond in Service in conformity with higher predestinations, the link of the spirit with the Higher Will is established. Hence, one should apply one's striving to perception of the Higher Will. Hierarchy, 56

     12. How, then, can one be affirmed in the Chain of Hierarchy? Only through the heart and endless striving toward Service, only by complete assimilation of the Plan of the Lords and through creativeness of the spirit. Thus, verily, each one on the path must accept the Service of the heart. Thus the immutability of the Chain of Hierarchy is verily affirmed. Hierarchy, 228

     13. If you want to ponder upon the Three Pearls of the World, can you feel your heart as a summit, bestowing power upon the three sacred rivers, which nurture many lands? Can you master the trinity of consciousness without diminishing one part? The spirit must be accustomed to divisibility. One can imagine amidst sloping hills a strong snowy summit, which takes upon itself all the burden of the whirlwinds. So rises an Arhat, who takes upon himself the entire burden of imperfection. As clouds hover around the summit, sometimes screening it from earthly eyes, so the wearisome burdens of the world pierce the Chalice of an Arhat. One must possess the stronghold of striving in order to nurture the rivers, gathering the whole invincible Service to Hierarchy. Why is the Service called great? Because it approaches the Infinite. This is the measure by which you can think of the Three Pearls of the World. Hierarchy, 442

     14. A valiant eye will not be dulled. A valiant eye will look into the sun of Hierarchy. Not cringing, not irritation, not profit, will be the gates to Hierarchy. But willing Service, a heartfelt veneration, and conscious ascent will bring one to the threshold of Light. Hierarchy, 460

     15. Those who enter the path of Great Service sometimes fear that they may not have sufficient spiritual reserve for constant bestowal. Truly, they know that the giving hand does not become impoverished, but it is difficult for them to apply this in its spiritual implication. But the same is also said of the birds of the heavens who have ample food for the morrow. Verily, in cooperation with Hierarchy, the spiritual store will not be exhausted. The heart that cherishes the Image of the Lord will not become silent. Thus, one need not fear consuming the spiritual store--it is inexhaustible. One can pour out these treasures--only hold tightly to the silver thread. Heart, 52

     16. Blessings to those who even once h-ave reflected over the fact that possibilities are being given them for Service. One such thought already opens the initial Gates to the Fiery World. Fiery World II, 136

     17. The path of equilibrium is attained through meditation. One should often repeat to people that reading, or even understanding, is not meditation. One must become accustomed to meditation. Cognition from without must furnish the impulse for the fiery process of meditation. Fire is the great equilibrator. Absolutely consciously must one approach the Path of Balance, where there will be no more waverings and doubts--where there will be only Great Service. Fiery World II, 411

     18. The essence of fiery advancement comes from various affirmations of spirit. The chief factor will be the development of self-activity. In self-activity will be contained love for Hierarchy; in it will be contained a feeling of responsibility and a true understanding of Service. Thus when we speak of self-activity, one should understand that it includes all qualities of higher affirmation. When a co-worker takes upon himself the development of self-activity, his field of action becomes unlimited. Hierarchy becomes the fiery impetus of all his actions. No attacks, near or far, are frightening to the co-worker, because he knows fiery service. Therefore it is so important to purify one's consciousness from selfhood. But the co-worker must be prepared to accept all difficulties, knowing that Service to Hierarchy is the highest attainment. Fiery World III, 39

     19. If people would only understand with what foundations it is possible to build a better world! If humanity would only reflect upon the concepts which permeate life! So many higher impulses could become awakened in the consciousness, so many dormant energies could act, if humanity would only accept the Covenant of Service, inasmuch as this has been affirmed by all the Higher Forces! All the fiery qualities of Service are precisely based on devotion. Verily, this quality is the basis of constructiveness. On the path to the Fiery World it will be necessary to affirm this foundation. Fiery World III, 358

     20. We should count each hour in which we have succeeded in expending our efforts in the accomplishment of our task. Service is not in furthering ordinary felicity but in bringing benefit to humanity. It may be difficult to admit individual personalities, but the face of all humanity will be acceptable. Brotherhood, 102

     21. The sword is tempered with fire and cold water; likewise, the spirit will be strengthened in the fire of exaltation and under the cold of defamations and ingratitude. One need not be surprised that vilification customarily attends each achievement. Service is attended by ingratitude. Such tempering has been observed since times immemorial, but the antithesis of fire and water is too little understood. Brotherhood, 182

     22. The Teacher impressed upon the minds of His disciples that each one must contribute to the Service of Light by personal discipline. Such an idea of service cannot be understood without the realization of goal-fitness, and such a concept can be realized only when the spirit is aware of its goal. Courage and wisdom come from the same source of goodness. Supermundane I, 175