T H E   R A I N B O W
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, May 11, 2010

     1. If we begin to decompose matter, we see that the liberated atoms begin to arrange themselves according to the basic tone, and, escaping into the ether, they form a rainbow that resounds with the music of the spheres.
     If an entire planet be decomposed, then indeed the result will be a rainbow. This can be observed in every dissolution of visible matter. Illumination, III:IV:2

     2. People will ask: “Who is greater, Christ or Buddha?” Answer: “It is impossible to measure the far-off worlds. We can only be enraptured by their radiance.” The Ray of Christ feeds the Earth as much as the Rainbow of Buddha bears the affirmation of the law of life.
     The New World will manifest the affirmation of fearless cognition. There the Images of the Teachers will enter into life as Friends. The Decree of the Teachers will be upon the shelf dedicated to beloved books.
     In the period of the abolition of money it is urgent to replace its power by affirmation of the spirit's power to help. Knowledge must finally build scientifically the bridge of aspiration towards the spirit. Illumination, III:IV:8

     3. On the path do not rest under a rotting tree. In life have no dealings with people with extinguished consciousness. An undeveloped consciousness is not as infectious as an extinguished one. The extinguished consciousness is an actual vampire. It is impossible to fill from without the abyss of the ignorant consciousness. Precisely these people absorb one's energy uselessly. As a result of being with them, enormous fatigue is felt. They must be avoided like a stench in order to bar the way to the fluids of decomposition. It is difficult to distinguish the boundary line between lack of development and extinction. But one quality will be unquestionably indicative Lack of development will or may be accompanied by the palpitation of devotion, but an extinct crater is full of cinders and brimstone. The Teaching does not refuse to expend energy on the undeveloped, but there is a degree of extinction at which the abyss is not to be flooded with a new substance. Only a cataclysm, with its terror of unexpectedness, can melt a congealed lava.
     Remember the treasure of the consciousness. Tremor of the substance of the Cosmos manifests the pulsation of the awakened consciousness. Indeed, the rainbow of knowledge flows out of the tremor of the consciousness–a visible stream from an invisible source. Community, 97

     4. What to consider a manifestation of work is a difficult question. We know that the answer is in the quality, and not in volume and quantity. But new people often do not see the quality, and for them the sign of external volume overshadows the substance. Because of light-mindedness they are occupied with blowing bubbles, and then take the rainbow of decomposition for the light of illumination. Even sufficiently experienced minds are busying themselves with mechanical calculations instead of confronting the substance. How to tell them that only quality will illumine and affirm them? Distinguish great works from corpses. Community, 185

     5. We welcome all who approach to be of use to the Teaching, but We rejoice at those who have made the Teaching their life.
     Those who strike at the Teaching will be stricken in return. But how can harm and defeat be distinguished from usefulness and offering? You cannot know the dividing lines of all the ways of thinking in the world. Bearer of happiness, where is thy distinguishing garment of happiness? What light kindles the rainbow of radiance? Only in the Chalice are collected the kernels of true knowledge.
     Furious attacks will only strengthen you on your path. Agni Yoga, 631

     6. How powerfully the spirit of the Agni Yogi creates! So many strivings are affirmed by the Carrier of pure Fire! So many possibilities are awakened! Each pure thought creates an apparent zone of light in space. Like a purifying fire burns the pure thought of an Agni Yogi. Into this zone various cosmic rays are attracted. Hence, space has its rainbow-like zones. Thus does the pure fire of an Agni Yogi create. Infinity II, 215

     7. Learn not to count days and not to notice years, because there is no difference when you are in the great expanse of Service. One should learn to feel oneself beyond trivial usualness and to adhere in spirit to the manifested world of Beauty. Let us proceed together to where there are no boundaries or end, where one can transform each beneficent gleam into the radiation of a rainbow of blessings to the worlds.
     Through devotion one can reach all gates. Let us not forget this even for a moment. Precisely, let us be filled with the smile of devotion, and let us bless the daily routine. Each breath of Ours contains a wondrous substance for the worlds in formation. Ponder upon the treasures which are given to us and which belong to the One who brought us a tear and a drop of sweat for our liberation. Let us also daily thank the Highest One. Hierarchy, 177

     8. Let no one think that without the energies of the heart he can comprehend help, cooperation, and Hierarchy. Neither the mind nor intellectual erudition will enlighten where only the tensity of the heart can kindle the rainbow of complete comprehension. The shield of heart-comprehension is most lasting. The sword pierces suffering, but the heart is the stronghold of the hero. To you, the keepers of the Stone, only heroism is befitting. Only unwaveringness and courage befit you. The ecstasy of a hero comes again with the tension of the heart. Hierarchy, 436

     9. The fiery path should be understood as the path to the Sublime. Not words, nor fear, nor habit, but communion of heart is the most immutable and most eternal manifestation. Thus the rainbow bridge will bring that shore closer. How many controversies there are, concerning that shore; but it exists, and one must find the path to it. Not the withered leaf of autumn, but the flaming heart shall cross all bridges. He who does not think about the inception of the fire of the heart does not know the upward path; he does not want to see it in a radiant light. Heart, 256

     10. Now let us turn to the second sign of the Triune name, to the Primary Cause —Light. People have so confused the concept of Light with lightning that they cannot imagine Light as energy. Let us not look into that Infinity where thought and Light and all that exists merge into unity, but according to the earthly understanding let us apprehend Light as a salutary energy, without which life is impossible. Light is the most pervasive messenger of salvation. One can distinctly comprehend a difference between utilitarian fire and cosmic Light. Not fire, but radiance surrounds each living being. The benevolent thinker is surrounded by a rainbow, and through his light brings healing. So many times We have foretold the future of these radiations. We have said that with such a criterion the very structure of life will be transformed. One may rightly call Light the principle which leads to regeneration. Thought and Light are so closely linked that thought may be called luminiferous. Aum, 143

     11. One person is concerned only about the quality of food; another tries to avoid foul language; another attempts to avoid irritation; a fourth avoids fear; but such useful details are nevertheless separate levers—none by itself will lift the entire weight. One needs to delve by degrees into the synthesis of the Teaching; only the rainbow of the synthesis can bestow advancement. If someone notices that one aspect has taken possession of him, let him diligently repeat also the other parts of the given indications.
     We give much in a veiled form and gradually bring realization nearer to people. Let man not be afraid, but draw near until he assimilates the rhythm of the entire mosaic.
     Thus, an approach to the synthesis teaches one to make use of all the details. Aum, 497

     12. It has been said that virtue has a rainbow aura. The rainbow is the symbol of synthesis. Is not virtue revealed as a synthesis of qualities? In each ancient symbol can be found an unquestionable truth. People have understood that virtue is not simply the doing of good. They have distinctly known that only consonances of tensions of the best qualities provide the synthesis of ascent. They have known that only the motive will be the affirmation of virtue. No outward actions can testify to the intentions. Experiments with psychic energy will reveal to what extent action is to be distinguished from motive. Brotherhood, 63

     13. A high spirit does not resist moving naturally into a new life. It rejoices at the possibility of self-improvement, and actively seeks more difficult tasks in order to test its renewed consciousness. The high spirit strives to a difficult path, while the weak one clings to laziness and cowardice.
     People come to Us only by difficult paths. Not one Brother, not one Sister can be named who did not come by a difficult path. Each One could have chosen an easier path, but did not in order to hasten the ascent. One can imagine the atmosphere that is intensified by such labors! The vibrations are so powerful that they cannot be endured by those unaccustomed to them. Joined with the power of the vibrations the unified tension radiates brightly to form a beautiful rainbow.
     The atmosphere of Our Abode radiates in this way. Supermundane I, 83

     14. Urusvati knows the power of creative labor. We need not repeat about the value of physical creativeness; this has been sufficiently proved by the process of evolution, but people do not fully understand mental and spiritual creativity.
     People will say, “It is not bestowed upon us to become creators.” Yet, at the same time, they themselves, not noticing it, create beautifully, psychically, and such creativeness is necessary for their progress in the Supermundane World. Therefore, We affirm the art of the imagination, which facilitates progress in the highest realms.
     However, dreaming should be benign, and should not be self-serving. It should not promote ugliness or cruelty.
     Let one’s imaginings be beautiful. Let them create a better future for humanity. Let them create heroic images. Let them penetrate into higher, Supermundane Realms. Let them lead one to know the Higher Beings. Only Thus can one’s efforts be fruitful. They will strengthen one’s consciousness as a creator, and will produce precious vibrations for the Common Good.
     Thus every thinking being can participate in the great universal creativeness, and the humblest co-worker can help create a rainbow bridge to the Supermundane World.
     The Thinker affirmed, “Create in the heart and fill the World with beautiful harmonies.” Supermundane IV, 827