Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, January 19, 2010

     1. Friendliness is not an affable grimace. Friendliness must be understood as a feeling coming from the heart, devoid of hypocrisy. There are many errors concerning the concept of friendliness, for people have become accustomed to deceive even themselves. But since the quality of friendliness is indispensable for the Fiery World, it must possess genuine honesty. First of all, Fire does not tolerate fluctuations. Hence, one must understand the quality of friendliness in its entirety. Friendliness should not be considered as some sort of achievement. One should not give praise for the quality of friendliness, for it is inseparable from an expanded consciousness. How is it possible to imagine the transformation of the Fiery Mist into a whole beautiful world, without having the strength to purify one's own thoughts from small splinters? Let us realize how petty these splinters are! And it is not difficult to rid oneself of them; one has only to uncover them in the consciousness. Let us not be afraid that people in general cannot return to friendliness, there is enough of it in each of us, therefore, let us assume the same thing about the others. But let us not make of this fiery quality, weak will, subserviency, and pitiful hypocrisy. Fiery World I, 138

     2. Urusvati knows the true meaning of friendliness. The luminous emanations of friendliness are a good guide on Earth and also in the Supermundane World. Sincere friendliness is especially needed in the Supermundane World. The energy of thought and the evident emanations exclude any possibility of deceitful intent. In earthly life friendliness creates new possibilities. A friendly glance at one's enemy is not a sign of weakness, but, on the contrary, a sign of advantage.
     People should be educated in the realization of the benefit of friendliness. The full value of this quality may not be understood quickly, but undoubtedly an elevation of consciousness will take place. Once again, during this education the harm of hate and revenge should be taught. This is particularly needed now, when malice and hatred are enveloping Earth with a ruinous shroud.
     Do not think that these reminders are simply abstract moral precepts. The planet is ill, and people add to its destruction. Therefore, let us gather every grain of friendliness. Let us fill space with transmissions of friendliness. We do not know who will be reached by our sendings of kindness, but they will carry with them a pan-human benefit.
     The Thinker advised, "Send out thoughts of kindness. They will reach their destination." Supermundane IV, 845

     3. Urusvati knows the true meaning of friendliness. In his very nature, a Yogi is friendly. He examines every human manifestation thoroughly, and if he finds a particle of good in it, he bases his judgment on that particle. But if the Yogi senses just cosmic rubbish, he will sweep it away, knowing that this kind of decay can be transformed only by fire. A Yogi understands that it is impossible to judge anything correctly by its changing state. It must be examined in its various stages of manifestation, prior to forming any judgment as to its essence.
     Understand that this is the basis of friendliness. It is better to err on the side of good than to judge harshly. But the heart of a Yogi will not be deceived; his sensitive vibration will make no mistake in recognizing cosmic rubbish....
     The Thinker asserted, "Maintain friendliness as a torch in the darkness." Supermundane IV, 855

     4. People are unaccustomed to being united for Good. They look upon Good as a prime pretext for disunity. One can regard the entire illness of our planet as the result of the complete discord among those who could have united their forces for Good. It is most deplorable that even in a temple the hearts of men are not transformed for cooperation. Thus, let us ponder upon each act of friendliness, which is already a spark of cooperation. Fiery World I, 657

     5. I beseech you to find the courage to defeat the main inner enemy--disunion. Everybody patronizes it, but the overcoming of this enemy would secure victory. Let us tell ourselves that hypocrisy is impossible among co-workers, and let us practise tolerance and friendliness, which is really not so difficult if the heart burns with striving toward our Teacher. But everybody, without exception, should do it. Let each co-worker apply all that has just been said to himself first of all; let him not discard it as something which concerns his neighbor and not himself. Frequently, the one who really should pay attention selfishly blames everything on his neighbor. But the wise and true disciple will apply everything first to himself, not to others, as otherwise how can he perfect himself? Letters of Helena Roerich I, 29 December, 1932

     6. Some time ago I thought that the endless calls for unification would be properly understood. I was hoping you would understand that friendliness is important, not when your authority is accepted and when your vanity is satisfied, but rather when you have to give in, in many things, for the sake of successful cooperation.
     Heartfelt words are being written, but you should show friendliness and attentiveness in action--words are like running water. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 10 November, 1932

     7. Who would choose decay for himself? At present all events are happening with such fantastic speed that it is impossible to remain on the first steps. It is said, "We cannot suggest strengthening by force. Neither can we save from leprosy by force, nor can we hold back from imperil. Friendliness cannot be achieved by force. You cannot rudely compel the heart to grow, but the beautiful garden will grow only through beautiful deeds..." How can I expect that the desire of my heart, intense and passionate as it is, will reach your hardened souls, your clouded consciousnesses? It is dreadful to think that the ranks may thin out and someone will remain utterly alone, that the greatest privilege of the approach to Light can be given up for the sake of disgusting selfishness, this eternal enemy of Light!... Apart from personal destruction, inner disharmony may result in the destruction of the whole work! The terrible danger is that instead of concentrating on the most essential--on our cultural construction which holds us all together--we shall become accustomed to concentrating on trivial matters, disagreements, offenses, envy. How can we guard all our positions? How can we expect to be successful? Will not friends run away from us if they sense the polluted atmosphere? Letters of Helena Roerich I, 17 November, 1932

     8. I am so concerned that you should not lose a single opportunity for manifesting friendliness. The best fuel should be preserved for the fire of the heart. The store of friendliness generates true compassion, which is directly opposed to the cruelty of fanaticism.... It is precisely fanaticism which has shaken the most beautiful Teachings and corroded the seeds of love. One should carefully prepare everything that can facilitate the access of Agni to one's heart. Fiery World I, 661

     9. Gossip for gossip's sake amongst the co-workers is an awful thing. But a teacher should be able to discriminate between mean, ignorant, idle talk and that which is more serious and requires his kindly, heartfelt interference. After all, confessions arise from the necessity of the soul to rid itself of all the accumulated energies that hinder progress. Better to confess to a teacher than to strangers. From experience I know how terribly difficult it is to guide people, and what diverse methods one has to apply to keep in accord with the consciousness and character of each individual. But in most cases,friendliness and warmth of the heart bring the best results. Thus, do not be afraid to listen. This will not be an encouragement of gossip and slander but, rather, a psychological operation on those who trust you, or a mental prophylaxis for them. In many cases you will find the needed explanation and give a warm, encouraging word; and in other cases you will find the words of severity that are necessary. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 18 April, 1935

     10. It usually happens that a Great Spiritual Toiler does not know his true co-workers; only rarely can he send them his greetings from afar. Therefore you do well in your writings to point out about sending greetings over far distances. This is expressed friendliness and the kinship of souls. Fiery World I, 639

     11. One must have before oneself the Image of the Hierarch, in order to find in all cases a basis of friendliness. One must know the Fiery Sword of the Archangel, in order to know the boundary of justice. Who can say when all measures of magnanimity are exhausted? The Hierarch alone can take upon himself such a decision. Fiery World II, 89