Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, January 6, 2009

     1. By bringing happiness unto you We show Our Trust in your striving towards Good. The Call, 5.

     2. I address you, I command you, and I fill you with a desire for great service to the Teaching. But strength is found not only in trust, but in construction. Your trust makes of Me the architect. The Call, 258.

     3. You should gaze only into the future. And so it is necessary to turn to the children.?Only in them is the lawful beginning of the work. Revealing the new path, only in children?will you find the power of trust. The Call, 378.

     4. Welfare and health are found in trust. Illumination, I:VII:3.

     5. Those who trust words are either inexperienced or are not steadfast. Community, 179.

     6. When We speak about the formation of psychic energy into a conscious weapon, it may be asked, “With what to begin?” One must begin with realization of its presence. For this realization it is necessary to begin with one of the most fundamental concepts. Sometimes this unfittingly has been called faith, but it is better to call it trust. Faith corresponds to self-hypnosis. Trust conforms to self-analysis. Faith is indefinite in its essence. Trust confirms infallibility. We proceed by the path of infallibility. Community, 221.

     7. It should be understood how, in every sense, trust increases one's possibilities. But what kind of trust is the best? And what doubt is the worst? The inner trust that needs no words of affirmation is the best. The fleeting doubt is the worst. It is not the gnawing serpent of doubt that is most to be feared, because with just one achievement the serpent can be destroyed. But the swarm of small worms of doubt requires a lengthy cure. The strongest trust can be upset neither by thought nor word. It would be better to swallow a deadly poison than to remain in the illness of doubt. He who is shielded with trust needs no other armor. Agni Yoga, 236.

     8. We rejoice when We find one whom We can call “the full chalice,” for such a one can be trusted. There are many instances when, even after many signs, the ones who were called turned back. They sank into mediocrity, they decayed alive, and retreated into darkness. Agni Yoga, 496.

     9. The greatest lever of the Cosmic Heart is trust. The Cosmic Magnet likewise propels the current through trust. Infinity 1, 129.

     10. In contrast with confidence there is depression. Precisely distrust begets this awful viper. But trust awakens the most fiery, the most divine instincts of the spirit. Beings of the Fiery World can approach people in hours of trust, and the miracle of enthusiasm creates the most beautiful approaches. Trust must be cultivated, as otherwise people sink into inertia. Trust is straight-knowledge; there can be no betrayal when we know the direction of our striving. We rejoice when approaching a man who guards the fire of trust. Many beautiful creations take place when the gates of trust are open, gates purified by Fire. Fiery World II, 102.

     11. Joy at achievement is a shield of beauty. You already know how abysses have been crossed through joy and trust. Likewise one must rejoice at the next approaching achievement. Not only courage, but precisely joy makes you invulnerable. Even great achievements have been simplified through joy and trust. Fiery World II, 110.

     12. Betrayal presupposes trust on the opposite side. And the greater the betrayal the stronger was the trust. As hammer and anvil produce a strong spark, so does creative trust obtain from betrayal a fiery force. Very ancient is the history of the reciprocity of opposite principles. Along with events of beneficent significance there are also taking place monstrous betrayals. Fiery World III, 540.

     13. Complete attainment is possible only through complete trust. Only the realization of such completeness can bring one closer to achievement. It is impossible to impart from without what full trust is; only the heart can help one find this salutary path.
     The Guru is in no need of reverence, but trust in the Teacher will be the sole vital bond with the Higher World. Realizing the value of trust here on Earth, one may apply the same measure of trust through all Hierarchy. It is right that reverence for the Guru be the firm foundation of an entire people. Destruction of respect for the Guru will also be the cessation of achievements. Thus let us remember about full trust. Aum, 110.

     14. The significance of certain moral concepts must be examined not only from the spiritual standpoint but also from the scientific. I take for examination the concept of trust -- even among primitive peoples the concept of trust was regarded as the basis of communion. In antiquity people already understood that such a concept had a special significance. Only later, through development of hypocrisy, did people begin to assume a false mask, thinking that it is possible to deceive the inner consciousness. But through the development of scientific methods it is possible to verify the value of true trust.
     Let us take the conversation of two people. If there is mutual trust, the radiations will be excellent and will even improve from the combining of energies. Now let us observe if one of the two is a hypocrite, or if they mutually distrust each other, the aura will be repulsive, with black and gray spots. Moreover, the two hypocrites will do mutual harm, and there will be no better hotbed for the germination of their diseases. More than that, space will be infected from such a wrong employment of energy.
     Consequently it is not enough to understand trust as an abstract moral concept. Trust should be valued as a salutary means. Aum, 362.

     15. On the paths to the Brotherhood let us fortify ourselves with trust. We are not speaking about some sort of blind faith but precisely about the quality of trust. It must be understood that our qualities are the habitat for vitamins. The quality of mistrust or doubt will be deadly for the best vitamins. Why saturate ourselves with manufactured vitamins, when we ourselves prove to be the best producers of them, and of the most powerful ones? Brotherhood, 13.

     16. Faith corresponds to self-hypnosis. Trust conforms to self-analysis. Faith is indefinite in its essence. Trust confirms infallibility. We proceed by the path of infallibility. Community, 221.

     17. Can faith and trust replace the force of muscles and nerves? Indeed, life itself confirms this truth, but what faith and what trust! Man should not affirm that his faith has limits. Love has no limits, and likewise faith. No one will dare to say that faith can be manifested no further. Many will be indignant at the statement that their faith is insufficient, but at some time they will comprehend how much they could have increased their energy.
     Brotherhood is a School of Trust. Brotherhood, 540.

     18. Urusvati has sensed Our vibrations many times. She knows how varied they are, and that the time for their application is also variable. The vibrations can be pleasant, but may at times be difficult. And when there is full trust, their intensity can be increased.
     The Thinker said, “Trust is the most reliable weapon. But where is the limit of trust? Man knows that trust is limitless.” Supermundane II, 436.

     19. One can instantaneously begin to radiate the beautiful purple rays of trust. What a powerful defensive net it is! We often speak of friends, but We always mean true friends. Friends can be light-minded and careless because of lack of faithfulness. When We value something greatly, We guard it. Thus, let the bedrock of trust and the mountain of faithfulness stand firm.
     The Thinker said, “I will go now to the bazaar. Will someone cheat me? The cheat does not know that he gives me admission to the best shore of the River Styx.” Supermundane III, 619.

     20. I have no objection to my letters being read, with the quotations from the books of Living Ethics, to pure souls who possess an open consciousness. For my heart also longs to share the treasure with everyone able to appreciate it. However, one should be most cautious in the distribution of the entrusted seeds of the Teaching, and one should always apply the Indication "He who has discovered a precious formula will not shout it through the open window, for the harm would be greater than the benefit.” I myself was much at fault in the beginning as regards cautiousness, and even now, by nature, it is rather difficult for me to keep anything concealed just for myself. That is why I understand so well your desire to share with others, to give them hope and joy. But personal experience and black betrayal gradually teaches us to be more cautious. Yet even now, at times (though only partially), I disregard the wise warning “Know how to safeguard that which is entrusted,” a warning that is given to everyone who enters the path of the Teaching of Light. The most difficult trial for me is to live among people and not to trust them! But we must go through this as well. One should learn not to overburden others with excessive confidence and, at the same time, to be free of dreadful suspiciousness. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 18 June 1935.

     21. Worst of all are those people who cannot trust, and know not the power of trust--they are passing shadows! Agni Yoga, 140.

     22. Lord of the Seven Gates, lead us sunwards who have passed through the midnight. Thine are our arrows, O Lord. Without Thy Command we shall not enter the city of rest. Neither an hour, nor a day, nor a year will arrest our way; Because Thou, the most speedy, holdest the reins of our horses. Because Thou also didst pass this way and give Thy patience as guarantee. Tell us, Keeper, whence flows the stream of patience?” “Out of the mine of trust.” Agni Yoga, 117