Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, May 12, 2009

     1. Let us imagine the Earth crammed with wireless stations. But a few of them will be of very high tension. Only these few will direct the life of the planet. Exactly so do there exist spirits of high intensity who have fully charged their accumulators in past incarnations. Their characteristic feature will be a firm consciousness of the indissolubility of their inner ego, whence is born the concept of the higher freedom. And to the station of high tension is adjoined a network of smaller stations which receive its continuous waves. Thus does a spirit of high tension nourish its surroundings; it is analogous to a solitary tower reigning over the space. That is why people are attracted from early childhood to such magnets, even overburdening them.
     Achievement is not renunciation; it is containment and movement. Thus, when I say, “he who has renounced,” it should be understood as, “he who has contained.” It is impossible to present the substance of renunciation, because beside it nestles prohibition. But containment emphasizes conscious understanding.
     And how did the Great Mother renounce the worlds? In that She contained the greatness of the structure of the future, and henceforth nothing could hinder the growth of the spirit.
     Loyalty is a quality of the spirit of high tension, and the evincing of containment makes true achievement a joyous acquisition. Thus can the achievement be developed, for a luminous attainment brings forward a following one.
     Holy Heroes have been represented correctly as sailing in a boat. Thus does the wave of world energy carry along those who have entered its current....
     It is easy to adhere to the world current through faithfulness. We are striving only toward joy. Illumination, III:III:2

     2. Certainly, when the battle proceeds, the creativeness of the forces is strained, and each loyal action adds a strong link to the chain of defense. Each heart manifesting devotion to Hierarchy serves as a smiting flame against the enemy. Therefore, only a pure striving to Hierarchy assures a right decision. Thus We conquer. True, when the battle is tense, there are many desiring to harm. Yet the plan is invulnerable, and only the evidence of complete striving to Hierarchy gives victory. Hierarchy, 148

     3. Each shattering of the foundation spoils the entire web. Striving loyalty is needed like oil for levers. For Us it makes no difference why, despite loyalty, something is not done, but We often see how an already ripe chemical reaction is dissolved. Thus, one should sharpen the blade of the glaive, because success is not farther away than the length of a spear. Guard the concept of Hierarchy. Hierarchy, 254

     4. Urusvati knows how many subtle feelings and influences fill one's life. Imbalance, that dreadful scourge, is the obstacle to appreciating and understanding life's precious gifts. After millions of years of evolution humanity is still ignorant about the art of achieving harmony.
     What then do we see in this age, so proud of its discoveries? People reject completely all that is beyond the earthly realm and become victims of destructive imbalance. They forget their immediate responsibility toward Earth and begin to wander in a fog of abstraction, and if they meet those who have attained harmony, they despise them!
     We should not attribute such hatred only to the forces of darkness. Many highly regarded citizens are the very ones who hate all that is harmonious, because they detest the idea of the unification of the mundane with the supermundane. Darkness has loyal co-workers among unbalanced people. If you see attacks upon useful undertakings, look attentively and you will see that the persecutors have not even the slightest degree of harmony within themselves. Study them and you will observe the inadequacies of their reasoning faculties and learn how to resist their trickery. You will learn when it is possible to remonstrate with them and when, because nothing can be accomplished in this life, a change of sheaths will be necessary. Yes, yes, yes, harmony itself is often understood as an abstraction! Supermundane II, 345

     5. There are many signs by means of which one may form an opinion as to the loyalty of a disciple. One sign is the persistence being exerted by the disciple on all the paths—when a disciple manifests his firmness amid storms and whirlwinds, when amidst plots and showers of stones he is not afraid to continue the designated path. Another sign is the invincibility of his faith, when the path indicated by Hierarchy is the only one. Also, in seeking signs of fidelity one should observe how the mutual relations are developed. One should understand how important is a manifest nucleus of two or three co-workers fortified by a fiery esteem for Hierarchy and for each other. By these signs may a fiery loyalty to Hierarchy be determined. Loyalty between friends, co-workers, is a pledge of devotion to Hierarchy. A nucleus of two or three friends, co-workers, can manifest the strongest support for great works. You have spoken correctly about merited favoritism, which We call the bonds of spirit and heart. Thus is affirmed the chain of loyalty which inevitably leads upward. On the path to the Fiery World one should recognize the beauty of loyalty. This wonderful path excludes that active poison which We call spiritual bribery and spiritual corruption. These ulcers are incomparably worse than physical ulcers. Thus, let us esteem loyalty on the path to the Fiery World. Fiery World III, 80

     6. I call to mind a tale heard by Akbar. A sovereign asked a sage: “How do you tell a nest of treason from a stronghold of loyalty?” The wise man pointed to a crowd of gaily dressed horsemen and said: “There is a nest of treason.” Then he indicated a solitary wayfarer and said: “There is a stronghold of devotion, for solitude can betray nothing.” And from that day on the sovereign surrounded himself with fidelity.
     The Teacher has accepted the full measure of faithfulness. My Hand is the hand of the wayfarer as fire in the darkness. My Shield has the tranquility of the mountains. I know, I know, how straitened it is for My Community. The revelation of the bases of construction is manifested in quietude.
     Understanding of matter can grow only where treason is impossible. Fiery World III, 80

     7. Gratitude is one of the main qualities of justice. Without justice one cannot reach the path of Great Service. Therefore, in pointing out the necessity for the realization of gratitude, We only assist the Great Service. How beautiful is gratitude! It so easily kindles the fire of the heart, and, as if in the presence of the Image of the Lord, it fills the spirit with nobility. The ingrate is, first of all ignoble. We term nobility the benevolent accumulations from former lives, while upon Earth nobility is considered only according to one's birth. One should especially develop gratitude, because gratitude is the sister of loyalty. It is necessary to realize how difficult it is sometimes for the Teacher to combine the best possibilities. One must know how to assist by the fire of one's own heart. Hierarchy, 182

     8. Urusvati can reconcile adamantine loyalty with flexibility of thinking. “Always at the ready,” says flexibility. “I will not betray,” asserts loyalty. To many people, such concepts as flexibility and loyalty seem to be incompatible. Fanatics of loyalty consider flexibility of thinking to be treasonous, and those devoted to flexibility believe that an immovable idol can never lead into the future.
     But the Yogi understands the value of both flexibility and the Adamant of loyalty. The Yogi’s equilibrium helps him to look forward, clearly and vigilantly. He is sufficiently acquainted with the Supermundane World and knows how necessary flexibility of thinking is in that realm. Yet, the Adamant of loyalty preserves for him his destined place. The elevated nature of a Yogi cannot manifest without the reconciling of such opposites.
     People often fear precisely those concepts that are the most important for them to grasp. So many harmful misunderstandings destroy achievements! People will have to understand the idea of Great Unity!....
     The Thinker said, “Guard the Adamant of loyalty in all ways.” Supermundane IV, 926

     9. Urusvati knows the true meaning of faithfulness. Adamant—thus was called this quality of loyalty in ancient times. Loyalty, steadfastness, and unwavering determination build a stronghold against doubt, wavering, and treason. Radiant faithfulness is a wonderful manifestation. Yes, yes, yes, it is time for people to learn about clear imprints produced by their emanations.
     Initial experiments performed in the study of emanations have produced discoveries that have already attracted inquiring minds. At present, when scientific instruments have been refined and enhanced, scientists should without delay continue with further experiments. The significance of the study of emanations is enormous. The New Era is in need of affirmation of subtle energies.
     Similarly, medicine will progress when people understand how beneficial positive emanations are, and how harmful are the emanations of malice. The fact is that emanations do not perish, but saturate the surrounding space. People search afar for the cause of epidemics, but they should look within the human organism. The quality of emanation also has great significance in the Supermundane World, where the subtle body brings with it its own, customary emanations. The individual there can be a creative Magnet, but can also be a repulsive monster. It is not easy to rid oneself of ugly accumulations. Therefore it is wise to surround oneself with a salutary light. But, for this, one must first of all accept the Supermundane World and strive to it in full faithfulness.
     The Thinker advised, “Remember that loyalty is a reliable shield.” Supermundane IV, 858

     10. The victory of loyalty is assured.
     Looking afar, you will see the near at hand. The Call, 429

     11. It is said: "It is necessary to acquire the regal mind." Therefore, be kings of thought and spirit. Be the most devoted, the most ardent executors of the Will of Hierarchy; accept every indication with all your heart. Devotion and loyalty are the highest qualities; therefore, they are so condemned right now. Only loyalty creates; but the world is moving toward destruction, and that is why the subverters immediately banish this fundamental and constructive quality. Loyalty is the quality which adorns everything great, or rather, without loyalty there is no true greatness. Therefore, let us manifest this creative power in all our thoughts and actions. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 29 May 1931