Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, April 28, 2009

     1. It would be unwise to put stress upon only one group of nerve centers. The foundations of life are manifold, and its refinement should have no limitations. Imagine the variety of impressions that strike your consciousness in the course of just one day! Varied are the precipitations and the rhythms, and the ordinary person becomes a co-creator of many events. Even if he does not notice these intense currents, they do exist. Therefore, we should approach the foundations of life in all their multiformity.
     Joy cannot be just one joy. There are innumerable joys, and each of them touches upon a particular combination of nerve centers. People should think more about rhythm and multiformity. Supermundane II, 333

     2. Also let us rejoice at such a path. Let the thought about transformation of the heart be a source of joy. Many sorrows and difficulties come from egoism. Many horrors arise from egoism. Many obstacles originate in egoism. One should cease to think about limitations. Since the fiery seed is bestowed, one should rejoice that we carry so great a pearl because of the trust of Hierarchy itself. Fiery World I, 607

     3. If a man says, “I have done all within my power,” do not believe him. He is excusing himself, while at the same time setting limitations. When a man imagines that all has been exhausted, precisely then he loses the key to the saving gateway. Often through ignorance or indolence people renounce the best solutions. How often have We spoken about the inexhaustibility of heart energy, but man himself can bury it and deprive himself of the best possibility. By its very nature a statement that all forces have been exhausted is conceited. Is it not self-pity that suggests giving up and washing one's hands of a situation? Often man pities himself and closes the access to Higher Forces.
     When people will realize the correlation of energies, they will discover the stronghold of their own invincibility. Aum, 274

     4. Many dragons stand guard to impede each advance. Multi-colored are these monsters! Among the most repulsive is the drab dragon of everyday routine. It would make an empty grey cobweb of even the most lofty communion. Yet even in everyday life people know how to preserve the freshness of renewal. People wash themselves daily and find themselves refreshed before the next task. Likewise, spiritual ablutions should not become dusty drudgery....
     Since Infinity is, the spirit of man has no single commonplace instant. Joy can be born of a uniqueness of sensation. But lofty communion cannot become something ordinary. Boredom is not in Infinity, but in human limitations.
     Do not permit the gray dragon to triumph. It is not really strong, and its repulsiveness is only in the ugliness of habit. Where filth and ugliness have been eliminated, the gray dragon cannot exist. Thus the conquest of daily routine is reverence of the Higher World. Aum, 319

     5. There are scientists who boldly insist that in all Infinity there is no life except on Earth! It is not enough to call such a claim impertinence: only the crudest egoism can bring forth such an ignorant concept. These scientists make no effort to examine the conditions that exist in Cosmos, and base their judgments upon their own very limited observations!
     True science does not prescribe limitations. It is especially distressing that in an age of the expansion of thought there can be such stagnant and stupid pride. What other words can we use to describe the attitude of those who affirm that even Infinity is subject to their judgment? Such people cause great harm because they impede the potential for broadened thinking.
     Many so-called phenomena are being observed on Earth. Unusual human abilities are manifesting themselves and are beginning to be studied. However, as soon as negation and prohibitions appear, obstacles to evolution are created. Truly, free will can cause disasters.
     The Thinker taught about the harm of limitation. Supermundane II, 273

     6. Urusvati is outliving her inherited burden. Humanity should study the foundations of heredity. But this will be possible only when science is liberated from superstition and limitation.
     Many accumulations have piled up on man. Heredity of one’s personal incarnations, heredity of the clan, heredity of one’s people, supermundane heredity, and also the many influences of accidental encounters, which imprint themselves on the psychic nature and change it.
     Indeed, scientists of limited mind can observe heredity only within the context of the family; in other words, within the most narrow limitations. They occasionally do observe those inherited traits that may appear even after several generations. But they cannot make the more sensitive observations, because they do not believe in reincarnation or in the Supermundane World.
     It is impossible to properly observe man within these narrow, ignorant limitations, but one may hope that science will free itself and will achieve true insights....
     The Thinker reminded, “Liberate science, hasten to remove its fetters.” Supermundane IV, 929

     7. To a certain degree, the difficulty of understanding is due to the limitations of the earthly language. All the symbols and higher concepts are conventionalized to an absurd degree. When man observed something beyond the limits of daily life, he began to speak of it in vague and unusual terms, which meant something entirely different to his neighbor. To this were added the anomalies of sight, taste, and hearing, resulting in a complete Babel. When man attempted to express the supreme Hierarchic Concept, he tried to string together the best syllables and only achieved extreme confusion. Notice that everyone who speaks about a transcendental concept meets with the most surprising explanations. People frequently speak about the same thing, but in such different terms that there is no possibility of reconciling these concepts with words. Then, do not tire yourself with argument, but remain silent in cordial solicitude. Let the fiery energy work, it will know how to find at least a narrow entrance. Thus, in all circumstances, remember that you possess a store of the all-pervading energy. Fiery World I, 43

     8. The Teacher who has not overcome intolerance cannot mold the future. The Teaching is given for the future. The spirit cannot advance without forging perfectionment. Thus, it is possible to command the attention of listeners, but it is far more necessary to arouse a movement forward. The Teacher does not forbid reading different books. Everyone who fears puts limitations on himself, but the leader summons to a broad cognition. He will not restrain one from good in all of its aspects. This liberality of spirit is indispensable. He who does not even wish to listen is already afraid of something. Thus, the fiery condition requires broad gates and the speediest of wings. Fiery World III, 560

     9. I consider it possible to direct children from their earliest years to a realization of the Higher World....
     The surmounting of limitations is possible only through the broadening of consciousness. One needs to know how to cautiously approach the heart of humanity through expansion of consciousness. Already many boundaries are being erased, but for such new paths a special love of mankind is required. It is necessary to cultivate this quality along with purity of body and spirit. Let hygiene of the spirit have a place in the schools, then lofty communions will become the best hours. Aum, 166

     10. If you notice an excessive concentration upon physical yoga in someone, remind him again about the undesirability of such a limitation. Say again that the steed that knows and performs many exercises is not taken for a speedy message. Thus, do not fall into the limitations of the body.
     Every bodily accumulation also results in a new limitation. Only the spirit knows no limits, and the teaching of the future will be based upon the conquest of the spirit. The bodily yoga must be transmuted into subtle fires. The bodily yoga cannot lead toward unification with the Subtle World; in it the heart does not hold an exclusive position. But the subtle transmutation will endure only through the heart. It preserves that fire-aptitude which is the only condition for transmutation. Heart, 287

     11. Consciousness grows by synthesis, it cannot move forward in a narrow manner. Advancement of the consciousness will proceed from the center encompassing successive circles of new understanding.
     Likewise, sendings to scientists will not be materially narrow; they will impel the thought toward an expanding horizon. The mind will act as a scabbard for the flaming sword. Thus, tasks with a broad range are presented from the Higher World. Earthly limitations reduce supermundane thought to the human word, yet in the depths of the consciousness is preserved the imprint of the heavenly hieroglyph. Aum, 88

     12. An open heart is a victory over earthly limitations. Some will say it is too late for us to transform our hearts. They prove their ignorance with such a notion. They do not understand that the word “late” must be banished from their dictionary. Life is limitless and uninterrupted, and it is never too late for any achievement.... Only the basest savage refuses to think about the future. Supermundane IV, 932