A U M   A S   T H E   P O W E R   O F   G R A C E
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, March 17, 2009

     1. Assemble the most unfortunate ones, the most obscure young students, and reveal to them the gift of power to endow humanity. Advise them to write the statutes in the Temple. It is long since the world has witnessed assemblages in the Temple. Christ will bestow His Grace upon the attaining ones. We wish to see the Temple beautiful and alive. And no one shall expel those walking to Light, but ruin awaits him. Miracles will be received upon the tablets of knowledge.
     Let each one who is illumined by spirit walk boldly into the Temple. Our Path leads to the transformation of Earth into a palace. Illumination, II:I:12

     2. Drops of Grace fall into the chalice of heart's joy. Could there be a greater joy than that during the fulfillment of a Mission of the Brotherhood? Thus must it be understood for those who go forth or remain guarding the Ashram. Very important is the vigor which grows out of the Power of Grace. Fiery World II, 393

     3. A man cannot spend his life without experiencing, though it be but once, the warmth of the heart. Indeed, this will be a fiery sensation, but when it is encircled with a luminous diadem and rainbow, it is then merged with the higher energies.... But in a lofty state the spirit can nevertheless experience the rays of Grace.
     Let people not complain, but live more purely. Aum, 5

     4. Aum is the power of Grace. Already in remote antiquity people realized Divine Omniscience as an all-pervading energy.
     Is not then a thought from Infinity a great miracle! Aum, 13

     5. A single vision of the distant worlds is enough to transform one's entire life. To understand even a particle of life in the other worlds is to acquire a vivid remembrance forever. Such an approach is already an illumination of the consciousness. Aum is the power of Grace, and help is at hand for each one ready to set sail from the shore of the flesh....
     Some know the music of the spheres and the song of space. Few have approached this step, nevertheless these transfigurers of life do exist. Let us guard such heralds of the far-off worlds. Aum, 18

     6. In order to begin goal-fittingly the sounding of Aum, one should be permeated with a reverence for the greatness of creation.
     Thus, the concept of the power of Grace will be a beautiful gift. Only the best striving receives its recompense. The criterion of the best is understood as conformity with the Highest Principle; a cord will be stretched from one thing to another—left untaut the string hangs loose in space. Aum, 23

     7. Only the power of the sounding of Aum can bring harmony amid the discordant vibrations. Even the power of Grace cannot act in full measure if on its way it must be expended toward the dispersion of evil. It is imperative to warn humanity against all sorcery. Aum, 28

     8. No faith has ever demanded the building of temples. They have arisen gradually, as a manifestation of reverence. The original Covenant has always been spiritual and full of directness. Only later has the law of spirit been subordinated to earthly codes. How many of the best wings have been singed by earthly fires! One should surmount all codes in order to fly upwards strivingly. Therefore, let the sacred consonance, Aum, fill the heart with Grace as in the best days of humanity. Aum, 31

     9. Lenience is one of the qualities of the Higher World, therefore each one in turn must show this quality wherever there is a spark of good. Let people not weary of seeking this power of Grace. Thus in eternal vigil one may take upon oneself the service of the Higher World. One must not pride oneself on such distinction; no particular pride is fitting, but a special joy is permitted. Aum, 87

     10. It is useful to consider communion with the Higher World to be as necessary as pure air....
     Let us realize that the Higher World can transform even the composition of the blood. Let us not think that such reactions are supernatural, on the contrary, they are most natural. When a man returns from the pure outdoor air he emits a fragrant odor. Equally fragrant is the consciousness over-shadowed by Grace. Aum, 89

     11. Urusvati knows that before great calamities there may be either dark and threatening manifestations, or light and beautiful ones, when nature becomes especially attractive, as if offering its last smile. The Thinker called this "the magic of nature." He said, "Everything is so beautiful at such a moment, like a consolation for our yearning hearts. Darkness and storms can be signs of coming minor misfortune, but for great calamities nature puts on her best garments, as if to console. This magic of nature is like a balm that soothes the traveler.
     "I do not fear the thunderstorm, but I tremble before the beauty of Cosmos. Could it be that I am seeing it for the last time? Must we overcome our trembling before the grandeur of the Universe? But how otherwise shall we perceive the far-off worlds? In the late hours of the night we soar into space, and when we return our earthly sheath seems too tight for us. May we not be fooled by the magic of earthly nature; it is but a drop in the ocean of Infinity. When we are oppressed, we should think of Infinity."...
     The Thinker said:..."A strong spirit can give part of his energy. This can be called a sending of the ray or a sending of energy. It provides an intensification of power that broadens the consciousness. It does not depress, but deepens straight-knowledge. In some people a natural keenness can be sensed. They themselves might have accumulated it in their former lives, but it also could have been sent to them as Grace."
     If we discuss the far-off worlds we must accept the idea of distant influences. A strong spirit, while in the far-off worlds, may be filled with a desire to increase the work for good, and thus will send a particle of his energy for the inspiration and daring of those on Earth. Supermundane, 191

     12. The time is coming when all treasures in man’s possession should be recognized. A true science, devoted to the study of the primary energy, must be accepted. People know about the salt that permeates the oceans, but they prefer not to acknowledge the energy of space. We call it psychic energy, but other names can be applied to it. Perhaps you have heard about grace? It exists, and its essence is nothing else than psychic energy.
     Terms for psychic energy can be found in the various languages of the East, but their meaning was much distorted. We call on scientists to acknowledge the fundamental principle of energy—the foundation for all teachings.
     We do not deny, We do not destroy—We construct in accordance with the mental condition of mankind. Each century brings its own conditions, which cannot be ignored. Often the Great seems to become obscured, and waves of destroyers engulf it. These signs must be observed closely, for they too contain within themselves the steps for the future. Evolution must be loved in all its stages. Eternal change is the basis of life. Supermundane IV, 724