T H E   U N I T Y   O F   E X I S T E N C E
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, April 8, 2008

     1. A great Oneness reigns in Cosmos as a powerful law. Only those who adhere to this law can verily take part in cosmic cooperation. The Oneness of substance in everything urges humanity to creativity. When the consciousness draws from the treasury of Space, the Cosmic Magnet is under tension. The manifested treasury contains the expression of the energy imbued by the Oneness. Therefore each seed of the spirit must feel this Oneness. Each seed of the spirit belongs to the Cosmic Oneness in which all cosmic creativeness is comprised, Humanity deprives itself in departing from this truth by setting up a law of separateness. Immutable is the law of the Oneness in infinite diversity!
     Only by this law can one build, because when attraction is creating, the power that lies in the action is Oneness. The creativity of Cosmos is boundless through this Oneness! Infinity II, 48.

     2. The spirit convinced of the existence of the far off worlds creates a universal concept. Likewise is man convinced of the necessity of realizing the chain of existences. When everything has been absorbed from the planetary existence, then whither may one strive?
     The forms of existence are repeated and the diversities are great. But existence cannot be completed in, nor confined to, one planetary life. As the abode of the spirit, as a new world, as an indescribable cosmic beauty, Infinity calls. When this call is understood, then can Space assume the beauty of the Infinite.
     Even planetary life may express a wondrous Sacrament when progress will bring close the understanding of the higher principle of harmony. When life on the planet is illumined by beauty, then the psycho life of all that exists is filled with infinite beauty. Wondrous, limitless existence on the far off worlds is conditioned upon the attainment of beauty. A grasp of the principle of relativity may show to what extent the attainments of the higher spheres differ from a planetary existence. Infinity I, 98.

     3. Through affinity, the spirit retracts within itself all joy and reflects a whole rainbow. Cosmic affinity predestines a merging for every atom. But the higher law, the sacred law, is not for many. On the far off worlds, in the process of higher functions of refined organisms, this Sacrament is affirmed by the law of Cosmos.
     The vibration of the seed of the spirit guides the affirmation and, I shall add, unerringly. The beauty of union affords to thought the way. In the seed of the spirit lives the realization of beauty and knowledge. The nature of the higher union vouches for better worlds. The very best picture of earthly welfare is but a pale shadow in comparison with the joy of cosmic union.
     The greatest creativeness can be made manifest when sound can radiate and color can ring out. Then can the spheres resound in a higher harmony. This Sacrament will evince the highest principle. But the spirit aspires, and the principle will be but a higher cognition. Infinity I, 83.

     4. A concordance of actions is called a real union. Cosmic Union will direct all creative forces in the future; this is the principle upon which the new manifested world will be founded.
     The concordance between new planets stands as the pledge of the future. The principle which will be set into the foundation of the structure will be the principle of the whole creative life. Concordance of the spirit will be expressed in the entire scope of life. When the far off worlds will begin to live, then the highest principles of Cosmos will find application. Even upon Earth one may find a weak accord of affinity and establish the striving toward a successful result. Attunement of the spirit affords the needed harmony. As the affinity between elements is indispensable, so is the concordance of spirit the mother of creativeness.
     A great page in Cosmos is the concordance of spirit! Infinity I, 93.

     5. The incompatibility between spirit and matter compresses itself like a rushing vortex. When the spirit is burdened by contacting imperfection through the shell, it begins a battle which discloses this imperfection. The shells that impede the spirit are like encumbrances obstructing the path. Truly, encumbrances! The cosmic creativity incessantly clears away strivings toward darkness. Humanity's chief lack, lack of understanding, lies in this expressed disharmony. When the spirit and the shells which clothe it will be in harmony, humanity will come closer to the cosmic union. Thus, when the striving to the fiery process will be assimilated a new step will be affirmed. The striving of humanity to the manifestation of imperfection is developed upon the principle of light mindedness. Speaking of the highest harmony, it is said that Cosmos creates upon the principle of unity of life. Therefore, one may attain only through unity. Thus, the Infinite summons spirit and matter. Infinity II, 72.

     6. The Cosmos is strained in the blending of its parts. So powerful is the principle of blending that it may be stated that the most powerful lever is the principle of unity. Magnetization through the spirit expresses the decision of the Cosmic Will. Only the creativity of spirit can truly be called the creativity of Eternity. Thus, the creative seed of the spirit strains each striving cell. The spirit determines the chain of lives; thus, the cosmic union is so powerful. Hence, the affirmed union is constructed upon the attraction of the spirit. Yes, yes, yes! According to cosmic law the principle manifested by the spirit gathers those seeds which respond to the attraction of the Magnet. Infinity II, 73.

     7. When humanity will come to understand the Cosmic Oneness, the cosmic construction will be affirmed. The chief task of humanity is to unite the world of matter with the world of spirit. The demarcation line between the spheres is very sharply drawn; hence, the correlation of the predestined with the mechanical world in which men are submerged is rare. When the planetary consciousness is directed toward unification of all factors, the manifestation of cosmic shiftings overtakes all spheres. Hence, the planetary consciousness establishes the cosmic energy. The striving of an Agni Yogi and the work of the centers help to determine the cosmic consciousness. Therefore, the most important affirmation of the energy is the broadening of consciousness. The creativeness of Our Brothers is directed toward the development of cosmic consciousness in humanity. Therefore is the cooperation of the centers so affirmed by Us.
     Verily, We value the transmuting power of the fires! Infinity I, 360.

     8. The great law of the oneness of life unites all Being. The oneness of life in Cosmos is expressed by the fiery impulse. The psycho dynamics is asserted as the unifying force of the Cosmic Breath. The creativeness of this power is evident in the tension of forms. The currents of psycho dynamics guide all that exists, as does the Spatial fire. The Cosmic Breath generates forces for the process of creation of forms. Be ness, in its boundlessness, may be affirmed as Infinity. The currents of all energies, when conjoined, provide the formula of the Cosmic Magnet. The one life in its manifest power sets up the chain of manifestations which are linked together. The endless interlinking process is confirmed in the tension of creation. The binding element of life is the principle of the Magnet. In all things may be found the evidence of its inexhaustible power. Infinity I, 266.

     9. One may regard a chain of incarnations as a sequence of separate lives, but it is better to look upon the entire chain of incarnations as one life. Truly, life is one; from the moment of mastering the human consciousness, life with all it involves does not cease, and the surrounding cosmic currents evoke the same sensations in all phases of life. This is one of the most binding conditions of life, proving the innate oneness of all principles. One could call the time of incarnation a sleeping dream or a waking day, depending on one's point of view. In the past perhaps it was a sleeping dream, but in the future it will perhaps be an awakening. This depends upon the success of one=s evolution.
     One can observe the way in which, in every life, over many centuries, similar vibrations provoke similar sensations. These observations are useful in learning to understand the wholeness of life. If people could grasp the wholeness of life, they would sooner learn goal fitness and responsibility.
     In the most ancient scriptures the day and night of Brahma are indicatedCthis seems to explain the various states of life. But after Atlantis a wrong understanding of death appeared, and earthly life was locked in a shell of narrow mindedness. Denial replaced knowledge. However, the day and night of Brahma exist in everything, even the throb of the pulse. First, the intervals of the pulse; then, the intervals of the body's sleep; and then the intervals of the physical and subtle states; and so on, until the pulse of Manvantara.
     Man must transform his consciousness, including himself in the unbreakable chain of consciousnesses. The path of expanding the consciousness provides a higher level of understanding of each step of life. This creates the unusualness of which We already have spoken. This unusualness is truth! Agni Yoga, 450.

     10. All that contributes toward accomplishment of the task of humanity's advancement in the chain of evolution coordinates its earthly direction with Infinity. The task suggests that creative thoughts be applied toward discoveries in the realm of Space. Great is the loss when designs force the closing of that which induces the perfecting of all forms. Only when the evidence of all spatial riches will be realized will it be possible to give perfection to our earthly forms. Be ness was affirmed before its full realization by humanity, and all forms of life were then in varying stages. There are as many stages in Infinity as there are steps of consciousness. All things are interrelated. All things are mutually attracted and everything is reflected in the depthless ocean of creativeness.
     The spirit able to assimilate the highest on the planet and cognizant of the incompleteness of one life is an eagle spirit, soaring unfettered in life, in the sun of knowledge above the desert.
     It is given to the spirit to know the cosmic fires! Infinity I, 26.