Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, April 22, 2008

     1. Likewise, the meaning of solemnity is rarely understood. One may think that such an exalted state occurs by chance, but in fact it is achieved as the result of profound and penetrating reflection, and when it grows stronger one finds oneself well established in a new state of consciousness. We do not value ephemeral flashes, but do value the inextinguishable flame. Supermundane III, 455.

     2. Moreover, people ought to re-examine verbal concepts. Today it is timely to speak about solemnity, however many will mistakenly understand this beautiful concept. For many, solemnity is festival indolence, an irresponsible walking about and uttering of outworn words. In reality solemnity is an exalted offering of all one's best feelings, it is a tension of all superior energies, a contact with the approaching Gates. Aum, 523.

     3. You see how powerful is solemnity. You see how, precisely through solemnity, one can attain. Therefore, not only must you advise solemnity but demand it as salvation. We have but begun the path of solemnity. If you succeed in pursuing it, you will see miracles. Already for a month We have been on the solemn ascent. Despite the battle We gather in solemnity. We have rejected everything planted in malice and have collected the manifested store of good. Above all achievements of the heart, solemnity radiates. We sound the summons toward it, We indicate it! Heart, 491.

     4. Preserve solemnity. Surround yourself with solemnity when you think and speak about the Brotherhood. Thought about Brotherhood is in itself a great communion. Thought that is pure and clear will reach its destination. But where words about the Brotherhood are dragged in the dust of the bazaar, do not expect a harvest. The whirl of curses will not be stilled; cognition of the forces of nature is not obtained amidst revilements. Long since did We discourse about co-measurement. Each concept requires its proper environment. Because of this, seek for the reason why sometimes a concept is exalted, while at other times it grows faded, becoming frippery. Harmonious discourse about Brotherhood will give an unprecedented upliftment of the spirit if it be truly harmonious. Thus, let us apprehend all the qualities necessary for approach to Brotherhood. Once again let us confirm that a mood of solemnity will be the best guide to Brotherhood. The meaning of the word mood indicates that it is not external but internal, in a concordance of all the strings of the instrument. Such clear concordance is rarely realized. At the crossroads people shout lustily about Brotherhood, but any discipline seems to be a compulsion. Only solemnity helps one to utter with dignity the beautiful word, Brotherhood. Brotherhood, 602.

     5. True solemnity is built in the highest tension. Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end, but precisely the beginning, precisely determination and progress on the way to Light. Hardships are inevitable, as the wheels of striving. Terrible pressures are inevitable, otherwise the explosion is weak. But can joy come through levity? There, there is only lust, but joy is in the victory of spirit. The victory of spirit is in the assertion of unalterable principles. When the Banner of Peace is being unfurled one can be filled with solemnity. Heart, 71.

     6. Solemn love will lead to the highest worlds, other types of love will not find their way in the Fiery World. But the solemnity that I am trying to impart to you guides one to the most fiery waves of attainment. Not simple is bliss, which reveals itself amidst solemn devotion, yet the armor of solemnity is beautiful. Heart 449.

     7. Hygiene of the heart is predicated upon good deeds, but in the broadest sense. Thus, good deeds do not include the encouragement of treason and malice, and the countenancing of false prophets, imposters, cowards, and all servants of darkness. Good deeds do not include heinous negligence and deliberate concealment. Good deeds aim at the well-being of humanity. Thus, the heart acquires solemnity which is like the harmony of the spheres. Heart, 467.

     8. You know how greatly We oppose any conventional habits, yet one must discriminate between habit and immersion in saving grace. As an example, solemnity combines in itself ecstasy and ascent and a defense against evil and the turning toward Hierarchy. Thus solemnity is a salvation, but it must be absorbed and maintained. In the midst of disintegration and destruction can there be solemnity? But for a solemn consciousness destruction does not exist. It is immediately canopied by a cupola of re-creation, in all its beautiful subtlety. Thus, the reflection of solemnity is justly considered luminous. Before a journey one must take stock of all provisions. Our friends bring to the travelers the best flowers. Solemnity blossoms in purpleCthus, we gather the garlands of the heart. Heart, 525.

     9. Every striving in awareness of the future leads to creativity. So many beginnings array themselves upon the face of the Earth. How many unprecedented perturbations are being experienced by our planet! Only the spirit knows how to be affirmed in the orbit of the Cosmic Magnet, and it is thus that the fiery impulse in an Agni Yogi is asserted. The tension of the centers then is in direct ratio to the basic attraction. Thus are the centers drawn into the orbit of the Cosmic Magnet; and the attraction and harmony bring everlasting solemnity. Thus is Our creative drive affirmed. Of course, only spiritual attraction can intensify concordances. Therefore, the spiritual bonds are most strongly interwoven in the great march of the Cosmos. Thus do We construct Our steps. Infinity II, 426.

     10. It should not be thought that, in his consciousness, an Arhat could lose sight of the Guiding Will even for an instant. He proves to be a simple mortal, if he does not always solemnly bear the chalice of achievement. The power of His heart becomes dormant as soon as He ceases to feel the Hierarchic thread in His hand. In this realization of constant vigilance lies the uniqueness of an Arhat. When I speak of vigilance, I am teaching you the fundamentals of cognition. But this solemnity is not easy in the confusion of the atmosphere. To be strivingly vigilant is not easy when the dust of decay is whirling about. One cannot exact the same demands when the earth is convulsed. Indeed, only an Arhat can save humanity in the confusion. Fiery World I, 196.

     11. Solemnity should be proclaimed when Infinity is realized. Some are surprised at the fact that the book Infinity was given before succeeding books. But how would it be possible to understand Heart , Hierarchy , Fiery World , and Aum if the concept of Infinity were not sent in advance? All the aforementioned concepts cannot be in a finite state. Man cannot assimilate any of them, if he does not breathe in the call of Infinity. Can the human heart be considered as a lower material organ? Can Hierarchy be located in a limited space? The Fiery World begins to shine only when its flames flash out in Infinity. If Aum is a symbol of the higher energies, can they possibly be limited? Thus, let us pronounce Infinity with solemnity. Brotherhood, 296.

     12. One should not laugh at Fire being the higher element. Easy laughter and jests only demoralize one's consciousness. Finally one loses sight of the boundary at which solemnity and striving begin. Fiery World I, 266.

     13. Pythagoras forbade all raillery among his disciples, because it, above everything, disturbs solemnity. He who greets the sun with a hymn does not notice the small spots. In this command is contained the affirmation of the Beautiful Let the dark ones retain for themselves the fate of mockery. Those who need jesters will leave no memory of themselves among the wise. His insistence on the solemnity of hymns reveals Pythagoras as a Fire-bearer. Let us take an example from such Fire-bearers, who have traversed their assigned earthly path in beauty. Fiery World I, 358.

     14. Sometimes in the hour of danger the Teacher gives protection, taking the danger upon Himself. He covers, as it were, the massed darkness with His hands. At such times one must observe particular caution. A powerful tension is near. During this time it is best to feel a special gratitude to the Teacher. Above all, this feeling, coupled with solemnity, preserves harmony and the right vibration with the Teacher. The shield of Light is not always at one's disposal. The ignorant assume that the world owes them a living, but the rational know how difficult it is to build out of chaos, and so bring their stone for the structure. Fiery World I, 393.

     15. You think correctly about gratitude. The best expression of gratitude will lie in the realization of the greatness of the Mission. The Service is so great that each step already constitutes an achievement. Each day, with each thought, something significant is done. A great manifestation gives rise to innermost solemnity. In this solemnity there is also expressed gratitude. Solemnity is one of the best magnets. Hence, let us think about the greatest, for by this measure all else can be covered. Fiery World II, 465.

     16. People can refine earthly conditions. The way lies not through riches nor power, but through the tremor of solemnity that is within reach of those chosen sensitive ones. Each such higher tremor is in itself a victory over the flesh. Aum, 154.

     17. Before cosmic dates there may be the sense of pressure and even painful sensations, therefore We advise the developing in oneself the feeling of solemnity. We call this feeling Awings.@ The rays of achievement will not shine without solemnity. Affirmation also needs solemnity. Such an entry to the Temple will be most befitting. Let us fill the heart with solemnity. Aum, 579.

     18. Let us manifest solemnity. Let us not add confusion to the tension of space. Let us not exhibit restlessness when it is necessary to foresee actions. Let us not be covered by a cloud of dust when what is needed is a clear horizon. Let us speak a word of love as a strong shield. Aum, 590.