Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, May 08, 2007

     1. When times are difficult repeat: “Nevertheless, I am going into a Garden of Beauty. I fear not the predestined gates. Why is the shield above me? To safeguard me. If new dams arise I shall cross them, because I do not fear!” Illumination, I:VIII:1.

     2. It is of great value to approach the highest ways without being a medium and without renouncing the earthly life. Where there is argument, where there is fear, where there is the germ of prejudice, there it is difficult for the white flowers. Simply, simply, simply, applying love, courage and readiness. This is no time for inflated bubbles; out of place is conceit, especially when compared with Christ’s washing of the fishermen’s feet.
     In simplicity of life, in realization of the dignity of service to the New World, love for the worthy opens the Gates. Illumination, II:IV:1.

     3. A kind of fear has girdled humanity with various artificial circles. Now it is time to put aside conventional formulas. It is time to meet with awakened spirit the manifestation of Earth and Heaven. It is time with open eyes to tell to the brood of the elements: “I do not fear you! You cannot impede the way pointed out to me.”
     It is time to say to the Light: “I come as thy helper, and to the sun itself I will stretch out my hand. And as long as the silver thread is intact, the stars themselves shall be my armor.” Thus simple is the way ordained to man. And finally the idolatry of symbols will be erased by the ray of Light. And We shall be permitted to be not Gods but Co Workers. Illumination, III:I:10.

     4. We drive out all fear. We throw to the wind all the many colored feathers of fear blue feathers of frozen terror, green feathers of trembling betrayal, yellow feathers of secret crawling away, red feathers of frenzied heart beat, white feathers of reticence, black feathers of fall into the abyss. It is needful to repeat about the multiformity of fear, otherwise there remains somewhere a small gray feather of complaisant mumbling or even some fluff of hurried bustle, but behind these will be the same idol of fear. Each wing of fear bears one downwards. New Era Community, 41.

     5. Precisely, without fear and as much as possible doing things oneself. Correct is the manifestation of personal responsibility. Neither miracles, nor quotations, nor actions; but affirmation strengthened by personal example. Even a mistake in daring is more easily remedied than is abject mumbling....
     Take notice, there has been success only where there has been complete courage. Small doubts create a slavish timidity.
     Precisely in the days of grave sickness of the planet it is important to be filled with courage. By groping one does not pass, but the sword can cleave the harmful veils. Very grave is the moment, and it is necessary to intensify all courage. New Era Community, 48.

     6. Our condition for the coworkers is a complete desire to apply in life Our fundamentals, not in theory but in practice.
     The Teacher bears the flame of an unquenchable achievement. The Teaching is interrupted neither by weariness nor by distress. The heart of the Teacher lives by achievement. He has no fear, and the words “I am afraid” are not in His vocabulary. New Era Community, 65.

     7. The acceleration of dates is necessary; otherwise ignorance will become solidified. All ulcers have been crowding upon the threshold of the New World. The whirl has swept up heaps of rubbish. Knowing how to face courageously the abominations of ignorance brings about unusual measures. Finally, one should know how to point out the merit of useful people. Why should able people perish amidst chains or prejudices?
     Children must be asked whether they can stop fearing to appear absurd in the eyes of the crowd. Are they ready to give up personal comfort for the sake of the New World? It were best to put the questions sternly, for the manifested flame does not fear the wind.
     Devotion carries over the abyss, but the palpitation of sensitiveness must give wings to this devotion. New Era Community, 96.

     8. I believe everyone can read Our books. I do not see any among those who approach Us who are afraid. Test people’s fear. Show them frightening masks, then smile with understanding when their hearts tremble. Where is their trust in the Teacher? Where is their understanding of where power lies? One can distinguish Our people at the first call. Like deer will Our own hasten. I know no fearful mask that can turn them away. Agni Yoga, 84.

     9. He who would swim must dive fearlessly into the water. And he who has determined to master Agni Yoga must transform through it his entire life. Why do people think they can begrudge to the Yoga a portion of some idle hour, while giving the rest of the time to impure thought? Truly, all actions must be infused with purifying one’s fiery striving.
     Recall how I began with you the attainment of Agni Yoga. Similarly, lead your disciples into the domain of the mastery of the Fiery Yoga. Like sculptors, begin to shape the different surfaces of the raw matter. Suddenly and continually strike sparks of the fire of life from the surface of chaos. As the play of the Great Mother gathers power in the spiral turns of the energy of Fohat, thus fearlessly offer to people a complete – more complete than expected – understanding of the whole of life in the realization of the Infinite. Do not be concerned with the rising and falling of the spirit. These are only turns in the spiral of motion. Far worse are a continuous inattentiveness and self concern. Agni Yoga, 163.

     10. The path to Yoga is open only to the one who recognizes that his knowledge is insignificant; who seldom thinks of the distinctions bestowed upon him by others; who has not taken part in any wrongdoings of religions; who, remembering about reincarnation, does not overvalue his earthly bloodline; who can yearly repeat the planting of his garden, smiling at the storms that undid his past labors; who has lost the ability to slander; who has aimed his striving search toward the Invisible Supreme; who has rejected the companionship of all betrayers of Truth; and who has encircled himself with purity of thinking, which produces an invincible aura.
     Truly, I say, the Agni Yogi must receive his merited place on Earth and above, for he has enveloped himself in the subtlest element. And when the coward cringes, the Yogi girds himself in fiery armor, for he is without fear. Agni Yoga, 182.

     11. He who fears for his life cannot be a hero. And he who pointlessly wastes his life will not be a hero. The hero carries the vessel with care, ever ready to offer it for building the future world – as in everything, the weighing of opposites. A yogi will understand this. He will understand the value of restraint, yet will never be satisfied. The hero is truly insatiable for achievement and hungers for action, yet is ready at any time to restrain himself. He acts for spirit, but does not detach himself from Earth. Unstoppable, never retreating, he will not abandon what he has begun, and will not initiate any action that is less than selfless.
     Let us manifest the consciousness that is able to distinguish between self concern and concern for the General Good. Fine is the borderline between self gratification and labor for the evolution of the world. Agni Yoga, 261.

     12. Although much is spoken about obstacles, little use is made of them. Understanding how to make use of obstacles infuses joy into one's work. But as soon as an obstacle appears, people usually begin to think of their own feelings, forgetting the advantage that has been offered to them. People prefer that everything be done in a usual way, by conventional means. But We prefer unexpected actions and equally unexpected results. People are happy when the occurrences in their lives are the most ordinary, but We wish them greater success than this. Teach them to weigh the real harm and the usefulness of what occurs. It is difficult to send currents of unusual success to people when they prefer to avoid unusual ways. We all know people who live in self satisfied comfort. If they could only know what they lose because of their ease! People want to preserve all their petty habits, forgetting that the habits of the spirit follow from the habits of the body. The spirit weakens, and begins to fear courageous action. Thus, people become commonplace, with the same conventional joys and sorrows.
     Let us learn to rejoice at obstacles, knowing that the welcomed obstacle can be used to speed success. .... Often we see the great obstacles, while overlooking the multitude of small ones that lie within sight. After all, a small, unnoticed scorpion strikes just as poisonously as a large one. An eagle eye is needed, not so much to discern the mountain as to see the smallest grain of sand. Agni Yoga, 262.

     13. Think about the meaning of danger. So called danger is nothing but fear for one’s present condition. But if we know that every condition is created by the consciousness, which is inalienable, then there can be no fear for one’s well being. The dangers that one customarily fears are dispelled by a broadened consciousness. Therefore, the growth of consciousness is the essential foundation for progress. Then there will be no dangers, there will be only obstacles. Overcoming obstacles is a means for the developing of energy. If the mountain is perfectly smooth, one cannot ascend to the summit. Blessed are the stones that tear the sandals of those who ascend! Assure yourself, therefore, that dangers do not exist. Agni Yoga, 406.