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A G N I   Y O G A

Part II

Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, February 14, 2006

      The creation and its creator represent one and the same great spatial force and are mutually attracted through the creative impulse. That spirit which enriches the space with his creations prepares companions for himself, and they mark that boundary of life beyond which he can begin a new step. Activity is our eternal and most faithful companion, and we cannot hide from it because of the preordainment of our karma. The creator and his creations are manifested as perpetual achievements in the Cosmos. Infinity I, 63.

      The manifested psycho-spiritual thought of Cosmos is the guaranty of creation throughout the entire limitless life of Cosmos. In all manifestations of the spatial organisms, search not only for the impulse but for the attraction of psycho-life in the atom. Then you will discern not one world alone but all the limitless worlds of Cosmos. We shall find the meaning of all the surrounding worlds and of the Supreme Reason.
      All cells exemplify not only the process of growth but the existing psycho-dynamics of Cosmos. Man and his progeny reveal the same psycho-dynamics, diffused throughout Cosmos. When those who know the principle of psycho-dynamics will realize that, in order to continue the propagation of mankind and the generation of the sixth race, it is necessary for humanity to advance in psycho-dynamics, then access to the cosmic energy may be gained. Affirmed principles of life and motion carry with them the concept of shiftings and succession which leads to Infinity. Infinity I, 64.

      Is an aimless existence possible when nature has its destination? Can dissolution be the destination of man when even the lowest elements have their sequentiality?
      The existence of an object created by human hand can be ended, but a creation of the Cosmic Mind, in its goal-fitness, is illimitable. The steps upon which humanity must stand in Infinity are filled with cosmic reflections. Man is summoned to reflect the Universe. Man is summoned to the affirmation of the cosmic heights and to the expression of cosmic fires. Progressive steps are provided for striving to the higher worlds, but people accept existence as an aimless transit. The visible evidence may be reflected in the assertion of illusion, but cosmic vigilance whispers to the heart of man, “Created are we, and creation is our destiny!”
      The sequence of actions and the sequence of manifestations of cosmic fires of creativeness are the testimony of the symbol of Infinity. Infinity I, 84.

      Our task is to establish the harmony of existence and the creativeness of the infinite Cosmos. The world, in all dimensions, is developed by conditioned human thought. Cosmos indicates a different direction. Human creation has little resemblance to the creation of Cosmos. We bring to man the understanding that his task can proceed in full rhythmic accord with cosmic creation. Infinity I, 90.

      For an Arhat, annihilation does not exist. Cosmic creation knows no annihilation. The Mother of the World knows no annihilation. But only regeneration will create that precious chain which extends endlessly. In calling the yielding of the lowest to the highest “transmutation,” We wish to affirm the human consciousness in the process of advancement toward Infinity. Infinity I, 115.

      The Cosmic Magnet is reflected in everything existing. Gravitation collects those particles of the creation of Cosmos which in turn reflect the cosmic magnetism. The whirl forges the contacts wherever the psycho-dynamic force is affirmed. Wherever the attraction weakens, severance results. Like an explosion, these breaks disperse the parts which belong to one element. The cosmic magnetism gathers nations, gathers races, gathers parts of the world, gathers aspects of evolution, gathers arcs of consciousness, gathers manifestations of all attractions. At the root of all vital manifestations may be discovered cosmic magnetism, and even behind the karmic law stands the Cosmic Magnet. The very thirst for existence is conditioned by the Psycho-magnet of Cosmos. Infinity I, 120.

      Cosmic attraction directs most clearly the movement toward evolution. In the wake of the propelled impulse is that spiral which cannot but evoke a reverberative force. And the thrust of the spiral depends upon Spatial Fire. The manifestation of cosmic attraction, affirming the questing force by the current of positive magnetism, at the same time generates the negative magnetism; the one beginning is to be found in the entire Cosmos. The Cosmic Magnet, evincing the one great and eternal Law, gives to the world the image of limitless creation. Hence, the world may follow this Law.
      The advance of world evolution may be regarded as the expression of the Cosmic Magnet. Creation can progress with the Cosmic Magnet. Infinity I, 134.

      Cosmic creation collects those aggregates which can be confirmed as a potential of the highest essence. The essence of the higher force is evinced by every intense spiral movement and in each expressed and concordant combination. The Cosmic Magnet can assemble the properties of the elements which belong to one nature-element. The Magnet cooperates fully with the elements, manifesting exactitude in the collecting of energies. When you see formations of life which do not manifest beauty, know them to be manifestations of opposition to the Cosmic Magnet. Correspondence between form and striving is ordained by Cosmos; hence, it can be said that the approaching time and the pull of the Magnet will bring forth new forms. Infinity I, 141.

      Immutable is the law manifested by Cosmos. During creation, an interchange of energies takes place. To nature and to the spirit of man may be assigned one and the same page, that of striving toward creativeness. The power of creativeness cannot develop in Space without the factor of consciousness. And consciousness, progressively gaining power, assumes the mastery over resistance. The Cosmic Magnet can attract toward a consciousness of the creative Fire all that which is akin. The Cosmic Reason creates as a laboring builder. And man must serve Cosmos similarly. Man knows what an impetus the Infinite Reason imparts to the current of life. Infinity I, 147.

      The analogy between creation and creator is so clearly apparent that it is impossible not to draw a connecting line. When primitive man revealed the power of his spirit, all the images of his creativeness were expressions of his essence. True, this essence is expressed at present also. But the spiritual step in the progress of man heralds the approach of an affirmed advancement toward the higher spheres, and so fiery is the striving that it leads from the visible to the invisible. Thus, the analogy will always determine the course of evolution; the Universe responds to the Cosmic Magnet. Infinity I, 179.

      The most efficacious magnet is the attraction through rays. The creativeness of the spirit is based on attraction by rays. The rays of the Cosmic Magnet and of true striving can create the most refined energies. Creation through rays transmutes forms into higher forms. Infinity I, 265.

      The pull of evolution gathers energies which strive toward the Cosmic Magnet. The creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet is revealed as the Will of the Highest Reason. The fusion of aspiring energies by the Will provides the creation in the forms of the intensified Fire. Infinity I, 378.

      In spiritual striving, the greatest task is the creating of men. Man's material form does not answer the whole plan of evolution. The creation of the human form is regarded as the highest cosmic task. When the whole of mankind will comprehend that tension of the creativeness of spirit must be expressed, the planet will advance. Only the acceptance of the manifestations of spirit as the basis can propel the entire stream of humanity into the direction of Light. Upon the spiritual plane all the subtle manifestations of Materia Lucida may be applied. Matter has definite physical limitations, but the forging of the spirit is so powerful that even a coarse envelope may be transformed. Infinity I, 387.

      Thought is the basis of creativeness. It can be visible and measured. One has to regard thought as the creation of independent action. From this understanding issues a correct attitude toward the consequences of thought. It is often asked why We do not cut off the consequences of a thought. But thought is a newborn entity of the spiritual plane. Notice, thought is not an abstraction, not a substance, but an entity with all the signs of a self-sufficient existence. Hierarchy, 211.

      The Alexandrian philosophers used to say – Do not criticize the World, for it was created by great thought. The creation is not at fault, but our conception of it is. Fiery World II, 192.

      The Thinker spoke of the role of thought in all creation, but this simple affirmation was rejected by people who had made up their minds not to accept the power of thought. In this way the Teacher suffered greatly for thought. Supermundane I, 182.