Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, January 25th, 2005

      All manifestations of energies are creatively saturated when the impulse which moves them issues from the source of the heart. That which in the Cosmos is considered to be the true impelling force, in the laboratory of the heart is called striving. That which in the Cosmos is called the Source of Truth, in life is called sincerity. Fiery World III, 207.

      Acceptance of the commissions of the community is shown by certain signs. Let us look at sincerity and pity. Sincerity is nothing but the shortest attainment. Vainly do sentimental people load sincerity with romantic tatters. Sincerity is a concept real and invincibly acute. That sincerity is similar to a properly directed spear thrust and is not a diffused goodness can be shown by example. Each doubt lessens the power of the blow. Therefore, for Us sincerity is the shortest attainment. New Era Community, 134.

      Man prays for forgiveness, yet fails to alter his manner of living. Man bewails his misfortune, but does not abandon a single habit which brought him into his state of sorrow. Just praying for forgiveness has no meaning if it is not accompanied by reformation of life. It is not sorrow but hypocrisy when the Higher Wisdom is burdened by self-pity. Equally meaningless is enforced prayer. As long as people do not comprehend the significance of the link with the Higher World, they only blaspheme by the insincerity of their prayers. One cannot lie before Truth, nor conceal anything in the face of all-pervading Light. Moreover, why conceal that which is sacred and justified by the heart? The bond with the Higher World will be attractive when the heart affirms its own judgment. Aum, 47.

      The least insincerity in devotion and in one’s acceptance of the foundations of renewal can affect the state of one’s health. Such insincerity can nest deeply in the crevices of the consciousness. Insincerity is exceedingly contagious, affecting the emanations of others.
      If people could realize the harm they bring to themselves and others by halfway decisions! They may cleave the consciousness and bring on its death. As often happens, illness begins unnoticed and a fatally dangerous operation then becomes inevitable. Thus does human downfall result from the bite of the tiniest adder of insincerity. One must warn, but one cannot change others. A steed jumping the precipice cannot be halted. Agni Yoga, 116.

      Among the manifestations which are particularly harmful for ascent may be noted half-way service. It is impossible to advance without casting away this terrible half-wayness. It must be remembered that, having once chosen the Teacher, the disciple must always act with an understanding of all the harmful effects of half-wayness. Not only is an obvious betrayal (against which one can openly fight with a sword) dangerous, but these pernicious burrowings of half-wayness are so harmful. One must direct the consciousness of people along the path of honesty. People must understand that the most important thing is the honesty of Service. How can one affirm the growth of the spirit, how can one prove devotion to Hierarchy, how can one purify the consciousness? By observing this one law—honesty of Service. Fiery World III, 8.

      Good deeds are like different flowers in a meadow. Among the healing ones there may be others which are quite brilliant but poisonous. Among the wonderful manifestations there may be found extremely deadly ones, but only by experiment is it possible to make a just selection. Insincerity contains a destructive poison. It can be observed that a construction built upon falsehood degenerates into hideousness. Much is being spoken about good deeds, but they must be truly good. Let people search the depths of their hearts as to when they have been good. No mask can conceal the ugliness of a skeleton of falsehood. Let us not condemn, for each one has already condemned himself. Brotherhood, 111.

      It is necessary for each community member to know the technique of battle, and particularly it is important to distinguish pseudo-members and to expel them beyond the wall. No length of beard, no counting of chains, no lameness, no assurances, no casual signs are of value as testimony. Only full consciousness, clear in its daily vigilance, sincere in sleep, can present the countenance of true longing. Often sleep is more sincere than wakefulness. Each sincerity has the right to be armed. And an unalterable command both engenders and smites. New Era Community, 186.

      One must observe in a simple manner the different ways in which psychic energy is manifested. It can be either a liberator or an enslaver, depending on the impulse that directs it. For its direction no special formulas are needed; only sincere striving is necessary. But recognizing sincerity is not easy, because what people call sincerity is often quite a different quality. They can justify any wrongdoing as having a sincere motive. But where is the self-denial that purifies the action? Evil is connected with hypocrisy and the personal ego.
      No magic formulas are needed; the purifying of consciousness alone will propel the psychic energy in the right direction. Agni Yoga, 483.

      Is it possible to want to have false thoughts? When the day of photographing the aura comes, many will attempt to replace their habitual thoughts with something more beautiful just invented. Indeed, people know how to shed simulated tears. Petty cunning individuals will try to conceal their essential natures, but the film will prove to be quite revealing. A remarkable experiment will take place. Hypocritical thought will only make the picture worse, spattering it, as it were, with dark spots. Thus, new cunning will not be successful. Sincere, inherent thought produces clear rays. The needed sacred aspirations will have clear colors. Fiery World III, 498.

      Striving toward the Light cannot be extinguished if a man is searching sincerely. We know the secret places of the spirit, and the froth of life will not stop Us. A temporary obscuration does not mean that a man has fallen off. It is necessary to know how to distinguish the character of these manifestations, their transitory nature; thus is it possible to discover and preserve useful people. Therefore Our selection is often surprising. The main thing is to distinguish the real from the superficial. Brotherhood, 390.

      Every illusion can be made real, for it carries a seed of reality that can be enhanced and revealed. Illusions should be regarded as fireflies. Who would want to extinguish something that brings light?
      Know how to smite the darkness of hypocrisy, but let each petal of sincerity live. Agni Yoga, 252.

      In Agni Yoga, even the most abstract concepts become tangible and real. Sincerity, usually called honesty, becomes irreplaceable. Test the quality of sincerity in communications to far distances; and then observe the difference when personal feelings of impatience or irritation are allowed to intrude, or, worse, preconceived ideas or deliberate distortions. These deprive the result of its value, and can cause irreparable harm. But true sincerity is a purifier, bringing about a crystal clarity, which enlightens the consciousness just as fuel gives flame. Thus, one can contribute to success by applying what is called honesty. Agni Yoga, 556.

      The entire world is divided along a boundary line between individual and general welfare. If we act within the sphere of the general welfare with sincere intentions, then in support of us stands the entire reservoir of cosmic accumulations. Illumination, III:V:11.

      Someone may say, “I address myself with all my strength to the Lord, but it does not reach the Lord.” Ask, “Was it sincere?” This quality of invocation is as necessary as Light. Each one may cast his eye into his heart and inspect the small corners of a decrepit world. Without sincerity there will be no current. Therefore strain all your forces and elect pure striving of the heart. Hierarchy, 141.

      Each thought put into action is a contribution to the fiery creativeness. Each fulfilled thought is linked to Our actions. How carefully must the disciples examine the quality of their thoughts! Has not the worm of egoism, or conceit, or the manifestation of self-love hidden somewhere? The ability to admit this honestly is something that each spirit must develop within himself. Only thus can one fulfill one’s mission in the Plan of the Lords. Agni Yoga, 661.

      As I have spoken about the relationship of the new to the old, so do I also speak about the correlation of the inner to the outer. Formerly, people were taught lying and hypocrisy and received praise for insincerity, but now such subjects have been abolished, for these qualities have become innate. Actually, it is necessary to pay attention to the tragic discord between the inner and the outer. Is it possible to expect special mastery of the lofty energy in such destructive disharmony? People are reaching such a degree of torpor that they cannot even imagine that man can bear within himself both enemy and friend in continuous conflict. It is impossible to possess power when on the face is a mask and in the heart, a dagger. Impossible is successful growth if the entire organism finds itself in a constant state of disunity. We have spoken about unity in order that each one shall understand it, not only in relation to his near ones, but also in regard to himself. Such inner disunity is in itself dissolutive and self-devouring.
      In the discourses about Brotherhood, it is not without reason that unity is so often called to mind. The meaning of this quality must be profoundly understood. Brotherhood, 453.

      Let us not pass over even a single expression of life by silence. Let us summon the heart as a judge; do we sincerely entrust our possessions to the Teacher? We may utter beautiful words yet desire the reverse in our hearts. Thus, let us not be like the old ones, let us quicken with the heart the language of the Subtle World; people call this conscience. Heart, 282.

      Let us also affirm ourselves in the thought that we shall establish friendly relations with all people. One of the conditions of existence is sincerity, or, to use another word, heartiness. If this foundation is not sufficiently developed, one can strengthen it by turning to the heart. Heart, 595.

      Indeed, We value sincerity above everything. The word which does not contain the affirmation of the heart is void. Only the potential of spirit can give power to creativeness. Thus, every thought bereft of this wondrous fire is deprived of life. Hence, each thought intensified by the heart is revered by Us. Infinity II, 337.