T H E   P L A N
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, February 8th, 2005

      The Brothers of Humanity outline the plan for human evolution, working with cosmic energies and in conformity with all courses of the luminaries. Revealing all the chosen ways of progress, We, Brothers of Humanity, confirm the best interweavings. The attraction of the Cosmic Magnet can effectuate Our manifestation and direct humanity in ways of the radiance of Materia Lucida. Thus, the Brothers of Humanity are those Propellers of evolution who teach humanity the conscious attitude toward the Karma of the planet. Therefore, one should understand that there is a uniting power in operation between all manifestations of the Cosmic Magnet. Thus, let us regard the Brothers of Humanity as the link binding us with the universal manifestations. Thus, let us accept the Covenant of the Lords! Infinity I, 303.

      How, then, can one be affirmed in the Chain of Hierarchy? Only through the heart and endless striving toward Service, only by complete assimilation of the Plan of the Lords and through creativeness of the spirit. Thus, verily, each one on the path must accept the Service of the heart. Thus the immutability of the Chain of Hierarchy is verily affirmed. Hierarchy, 228.

      Regarding the infallibility and movability of the plan, these conditions are especially difficult to coordinate, although their boundary is clearly defined by the understanding of the ray of solar consciousness. In order to carry out the plan in life, one must be ready with movability every hour.
      How many times, having started out for Egypt, have We found Ourselves in Mongolia? How many times, having found a manuscript, have We locked it up again? How many times, having begun to erect walls, have We reduced them to rubble? How many times, having turned the steed homeward, have We again rushed it into the darkness of the night, lest, by sleeping overnight at home, We should deprive the plan of immutability? The seeming changeableness is no more than the vibration of life. The ways to the guide-posts of immutability vibrate and billow like waves.
      Affirming the plan, Our whole being is ready for the shortest way. Having just donned European attire, We are ready to fetch out the Mongolian kaftan. Having just decided upon a dwelling place, We are ready to depart. Such mobility can be born only from the realization of the immutability of the plan.
      Our way is not that of an eternal wanderer but of a hastening messenger. The immutability of the plan illumines the consciousness with the manifestation of forces. We shall cross all the suspension bridges if the light of the plan is clear. One should so well understand the immutability of the plan that nothing can obscure it. That plan is immutable which is useful to all.
      We do not see those to whom the plan of the New Country is not beneficial, and therefore we walk with sharpsightedness even in the darkness. If the teacher says: “Rush across a current!” —it means that the footing is foreseen, but let the foot not miss the stone.
      One will start to build a bridge, the second will hire a swimmer, the third will sit down to await shallow water, but one will be found who will weave the silver thread of the spirit and cross upon it without the burden of the body, because I will take his load upon Myself.
      Thus, under one roof live immutability and movability—two sisters of achievement.
      A beautiful striving brings one to the Highest Light. Illumination, II:VI:17.

      It happens that the most indisputable plan may be subjected to impediments. It will be asked how to find a solution without excessive expenditure of energy. There may be a change in the substance of the plan, or in its dimensions, or in location. To alter the plan in its essential nature is equal to betrayal. Curtailment of the plan in its dimensions is equal to short-sightedness. Our solution will be in a shifting of place, so that new conditions will still more enhance the basic significance. We do not approve of the principle “to fight and perish.” It is more courageous not to lose one's forces and to conquer. But for this is needed full realization of the soundness of direction and the invincibility of tension.
      We love arrow-shooting. The unwavering tension of the bowstring precedes the flight of the arrow. Space sings, and the spiral drawn into action increases the usefulness of the particles of matter. Thus new armor is being forged.
      How fortunate it is if a new place can be found which enhances the potential of the preceding one. Do not limit a plan by deciding upon one place only—the essence of the plan is important. Community, 239.

      We rejoice especially when the magnitude of the Plan is being garbed in simplicity. Remember, simplicity possesses the power of attraction. This magnet corresponds to the new abode. Illumination, III:II:1.

      Each thought put into action is a contribution to the fiery creativeness. Each fulfilled thought is linked to Our actions. How carefully must the disciples examine the quality of their thoughts! Has not the worm of egoism, or conceit, or the manifestation of self-love hidden somewhere? The ability to admit this honestly is something that each spirit must develop within himself. Only thus can one fulfill one's mission in the Plan of the Lords. Agni Yoga, 661 / Hierarchy, 44.

      What is Tactica Adversa? The Great Minds, before carrying out a certain plan, foresee and take into consideration all the worst possible circumstances and conditions with which they may have to deal. Thus, when both the active ill will and the wavering free will of the fireflies, or the “lukewarm” ones, have been taken into account, there can be no failure. The plan is then fulfilled regardless of any circumstance. The evil ones and the dark ones, while thinking that they construct a prison, actually build a temple. Verily the Jinn build temples. Thus, we can say, Praise to the enemies. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 16 April 1936. 4.

      Urusvati knows the preordained plan. Following the plan is like guiding a fragile boat through boulder-strewn rapids. The boat must proceed in its indicated direction, and deliver its load to the proper destination; but the riverbed changes constantly, with dangerous rocks continuously shifting. While guiding the boat the helmsman must at each moment find the safest course.
      Those living near the shore rejoice, thinking that the boat is proceeding happily to its destination. They say, “The helmsman knows the way.” They do not see the dangers averted by each move of the rudder. The helmsman cannot escape into a quiet backwater, for then there would be no way to proceed. Much must be sacrificed so as not to lose the right direction. The river spray blends with the helmsman’s sweat, but for the onlookers this struggle is no more than a merry race.
      All of this applies to understanding preordained plans. Few understand the needed intensity of focused vibration. Everyone sees the future according to his own habitual way of thinking, and in the same way sets his goals, without foreseeing the dangers, and unaware that any exist. He insists on circumstances being as he imagines them, and does not realize the dangers he can cause. The onlookers unwittingly confuse the helmsman with their intrusions. Yet, the more dangerous the situation, the more carefully the onlookers should behave. Truly, very few can fully understand preordained plans wisely, and without self-interest. Supermundane III, 666.

      Urusvati has explained to many why We are called “The Invisible Government.” Truly, everyone to some degree feels that there is somewhere a focus of knowledge. Where there is knowledge there is also power. Not without reason do some people dream about Us, although others hate Us and want to destroy Our Abode.
      Those who observe world events may perceive something higher than human logic. Even some who are devoted to Us have accused Us many times of delay and indifference, but that is because these hasty accusers have seen only part of the events. They could not possibly know their causes or effects, or be able to compare the attendant circumstances. They could not foresee exactly when decisive blows had to be struck. Who, then, can know the Plan and the steps leading to it?
      Because of their partial understanding, people insist upon their own ways, but Our disciples will never forcibly hinder the decision of their Teacher. They understand how to harmonize their free will with Our decisions. One must possess great equilibrium to understand the wisdom of Our Guidance without crippling his own free will. We care a great deal about such balance. The best leaders of nations had this balance, and it was therefore easier to send them Our decisions.
      The “Green Laurel” about whom you have often spoken could combine leadership with sensitivity to the Counsels of the Brotherhood. He accepted the directions of Saint Germain with full confidence. In this lay his success. Perhaps Saint Germain came especially to prepare this future leader.
      All over the world one can find established landmarks of Our Guidance. Some enlightened people accepted it, but some poor parodies of monarchs rejected Our Counsel and thereby plunged their countries into calamity. But even these situations We turned to good. You are acquainted with Tactica Adversa.
      One may recall an arrogant monarch who, before the Great War, received Our warnings, but preferred to lose his throne by rejecting Our Advice. Likewise, another head of state did not want to listen to Our Ambassador and preferred to plunge his country into confusion.
      It cannot be said that in ancient times Indications were given more often. Now also many such Counsels are given, but as usual the ear of humanity is deaf.
      We stand vigil the world over. Supermundane I, 25.

      I have said, I say, and I will say, “Help build My Country.” And remember this Our request not in warmth and abundance, but in the cold and in moments of hardship.
      It has been told that there will be instances which require courage, that there will be sharp precipices which can be crossed only in the Name of the Teacher.
      They will say, “It is warm by the fire.” You will answer, “ I hasten into the cold.”
      They will say, “Fine is the fur coat.” You will answer, “Too long for walking.”
      They will say, “Close the eyes.” You will answer, “Forbidden on watch.”
      You can cross the bridge with invincible strength, and at the moment of weariness remember Our request, for the Plan is as beautiful as the radiance of elements. Illumination, II:IX:6.