F A R - O F F   W O R L D S
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, April 5th, 2005

      When We summon to the far-off worlds, it is not for a detachment from life but for a discovery of new ways. Only in realizing participation in Infinity may one reach the upper spheres. If we trace the development of the human spirit from the very primitive forms, we will perceive that the variety of forms of the primary spirits branch out into corresponding manifestations. One may call the forms of the present day forms aspiring toward perfection. The forms of the future correspond to the far-off worlds. Having deprived itself of the knowledge of cosmic vistas, humanity has dissociated itself from the manifestations of Infinity and has lost the thread of unity with the beauty of life and with cosmic energy. This cleavage is cruel, and the lost thread turns into a thin cobweb of reality.
      We, the Brothers of Humanity, know that there exists a great unembellished and indestructible Reality. Affirm yourselves in the acceptance of the great beauty of Infinity!
      Let the far-off worlds live in the consciousness of men as a wondrous kingdom. This is just as indisputable and just as real as the fact that a growing seed gives birth to a flower. The far-off worlds are interpreted only as something illustrative of the concept of distance. But let us regard the far-off worlds–the life there is affirmed in beauty and in striving for achievement; there are the fires of spirit; there is the fire of love; there the seeming excrescences of Earth are transformed into creations of Fire. The fires of the spirit carry knowledge that the passing of the present and the striving into the better future will be the ladder upon which we shall ascend.
      We, the Brothers of Humanity, sound the summons to the far-off worlds! Infinity I, 44.

      The essence of striving to the far-off worlds is contained in the assimilation of a consciousness of our life in them. The possibility of life on them becomes for our consciousness, as it were, a channel of approach. Indeed, this consciousness must be dug through as a channel. People are able to swim, yet a considerable portion of them do not swim. Such an obvious fact as the far-off worlds completely fails to attract humanity. It is time to cast this seed into the human brain. New Era Community, 44.

      This heavenly rainbow is reflected in the drops of earthly dew. Does not knowledge of the spirit discern the light? “Materia Lucida” to the wild spirit is a curling chaos, but for the knowing spirit it is the harp of light. Like chased harp strings rush the waves of luminous matter, and on them the spirit creates mysterious-sounding symphonies. Between the worlds, thread-like, stretches “Materia Lucida.” Only enormous distance blends together the waves of threads into the vibration of the heavenly rainbow.
      One can begin to strive toward the far-off worlds by following a thread of Light realized by the spirit—this is a very scientific experiment. As has been said, small actions require assistance and apparatuses, but nothing external is needed for a great action. New Era Community, 42.

      Verily, here again currents of the Cosmos are descending upon the ready Earth; this is why the knowledge of the spirit is precious.
      Let us not forget how varied are the conditions of the Subtle World and life on the far-off worlds. From an earthly point of view life on some planets can hardly be regarded as life, but thought is already in embryonic form, and We do call such a basis “life.” Amidst the first sowing We see the Pillars of Light of the Leader, who may be Our Brother or Our Deputy. And when We proceed to the next sphere, Our Deputy may also precede Us as Our forerunner, just as did John the Baptist. Thus, on the far-off worlds, just as on Earth, Our messengers, forerunners, and Deputies exist. One can sense an entire network of relationships, and Our earthly co-workers should know that their Brothers work too in the far-off worlds. Supermundane I, 43.

      In boundless harmony is contained the whole cosmic creativeness. Only harmony can reveal to the planet the higher spheres. Only harmony can establish the chain of aspirations to the far-off worlds. The conception of the far-off worlds should be applied to all which strives toward perfection. Therefore Our harmonies are so powerful. The fire of the centers is harmony; the fire of the spirit is harmony; the fire of the heart is harmony. Infinity I, 269.

      Ancient philosophy advised thinking about the far-off worlds as if taking part in the life on them. These indications have been given in various forms. Wherein lies their essential point? They cannot be an abstraction. The insistence in the indications about such participation shows that thought about the far-off worlds has great significance. The rays of the planets are powerful, and they exert influence upon humanity. But thought assimilates powerful currents, and in the thought process humanity can profitably accept the far-off worlds. Indeed, for such perception it is needful to think of them as about something close at hand. Thought creates around itself a particular atmosphere; in it the planetary currents can be transmuted to act beneficially. Whereas, the same currents, when met with a thought of negation, will yield grave consequences. It need not be considered that one must think incessantly about the far-off worlds. What is important is to direct to them a basic thought, and it will naturally flow along in a definite direction. Thought is of two kinds: the outward and the inward. The manifestation of outward thought can be recorded on an apparatus, but the inward thought is almost undiscernible, though it shows color and chemism.
      Let thought about the far-off worlds be simple and without doubt; doubt is like a brown gas. Thus, we see that the ancient philosophy contains extremely useful indications. Brotherhood, 162.

      The new must be seen as urgent and useful. Inapplicable abstractions have no place. We are weary of air castles. Even the far-off worlds must be mastered in their physical reality. Agni Yoga, 20.

      I realize how difficult it is for the hungry one to wait for his soup to boil, but it is necessary for the dangerous microbes to perish. While preparing ourselves for space, let us gaze into the far-off worlds. Let us feel ourselves as participants with them. The link with them makes the densification of the astral, or subtle, body more achievable, and the sounds of the far-off worlds may soon be discerned. Connections of the far-off worlds with the physical body will be possible in the approaching future. Agni Yoga, 112.

      Urusvati knows that astronomy is meaningless without knowledge of psychic energy and the subtle body. In discussing the far-off worlds, one should abandon earthly measurements.
      One can be drowning in astronomical calculations, yet be no nearer to the far-off worlds. Even spectrum analysis depends for accuracy on many conditions, and mechanical apparatuses are useless in communication with the far-off worlds. Of the billions of heavenly bodies, only thousands can be located, and even the most powerful telescope will be as naught when confronted with Infinity.
      Nevertheless, let us treat each scientific task with respect, but we must add psychic power to our knowledge. Observatories should retain reliable clairvoyants. Mechanical and psychic processes should be united, and we should not be annoyed if the indicated cooperation requires thorough coordination and supervision to guarantee accuracy. Supermundane I, 235.

      The course of the luminaries and the Highest Reason govern all cosmic dates. Hence, when humanity rejects the possibilities sent by the Cosmic Magnet, destruction ensues. The planet is covered with the emanations of these unaccepted transmissions; hence, all creative tensions are not expressed according to predestination. All inharmonious processes are thus generated in space. Hence, it is so imperative for humanity to be imbued with the currents of the great spatial transmissions; only thus can the link with the far-off worlds be established. Infinity I, 312.

      The anguish of the heart over the far-off worlds creates a special type of anguish. Hearts that have been tested many times cannot be confined to a fixed earthly aura. And their experience indicates how the Teaching summons them to the expansion of understanding. But nothing will erase the memory of the far-off worlds in those who have approached them in the fiery body. As countless as the stars, as inexpressible in words, is the memory of the far-off worlds. So, too, the heart will not forget about the silver thread, which is like a ladder to Infinity. The earthly body cannot withstand many fiery revelations. But the same thread of the heart retains the consciousness of the far-off worlds. Heart, 252.

      Urusvati knows how much people prefer to strive toward the far-off worlds rather than attend to their earthly problems. The reason is clear—Earth-dwellers bear no responsibility for the far-off worlds, but the duties of everyday life impose many burdens. Few people want to understand that the reality of the far-off worlds will be revealed only to those who deal successfully with earthly conditions. Supermundane III, 459.

      At times it is useful to sit calmly, directing one's spirit to Infinity. It is like a shower from the far-off worlds. We ourselves must attract the currents, otherwise they may glide by without leaving a trace. Thought attracts positive currents like a magnet and repels negative ones like a shield. Fiery World I, 344.

      Verily, a feather falling from the wing of a small bird produces a thunderclap in the far-off worlds. New Era Community, 43.

      The Thinker was concerned that His disciples should understand that universal humaneness radiates even in the far-off worlds, and that everyone is a citizen of all the worlds. Supermundane II, 373.

      The Thinker often directed people’s attention to the far-off worlds. Though He fully realized the small place occupied by Earth, He would never belittle the beauty of His birthplace. Supermundane II, 280.

      The far-off worlds are our manifested path. The far-off worlds are our enlightenment. The far-off worlds are our vistas of the mighty vision of the Mother of the World. The human spirit seeking expansion finds the manifested far-off worlds. Let us say that the unattainable may become attainable and that privation may become wealth. Therefore, let us direct our will to Infinity, in all its beauty. Infinity I, 61.