Part I

Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, February 22nd, 2005

      We give the book Infinity.
      Is it worth while to speak of Infinity if it is unattainable? But it does exist; and everything great, even if invisible, compels us to think about the ways to it. Thus, even now let us ponder about the ways into Infinity; for it exists, and it is terrifying if it is not cognized. But even in the earthly life one can approach and can temper the spirit toward acceptance of the unfathomable.
      A great deal remains unknown to us, yet we do overcome our ignorance. Thus, even if we do not understand the meaning of Infinity, we are able to realize it as something unavoidable and therefore meriting special attention. How else may we temper into commensurateness our thoughts and actions? Verily, by comparison with Infinity we realize the scope of our grievances and triumphs. Infinity I, Preface

      Accept in spirit the concept of Infinity. Affirm Infinity in your consciousness. Apply all thought on a broad scale. This lever of the Fire of Space is manifested everywhere. Throughout the limitless consciousness the Hand of the Lords acts; apply likewise your striving. Where does the Fire of Infinity not live? Is not the concept of the Creator affirmed by straight-knowledge in the spring of eternally flowing love? To us is manifested the symbol–the spring of love. Is there not boundless labor in Eternity and in the works of Cosmos? Is not the eternally living seed of Our striving implanted for the help to humanity?
      Eternally moving, eternally striving, eternally aspiring to the heights, eternally manifesting vigilance, affirming Truth, manifesting the radiant thread of the Mother of the World by the armor of infinite beauty, assailing the darkness of ignorance, promising to the abode of humanity the glory of the stars–thus walk, saying, “World, I wish to accept all thy gifts; I wish to fill to the brim the chalice of attainment; I wish, O Lord, to drain the chalice of the Wisdom of Thy Covenants!” Infinity I, 7.

      It is especially difficult for humanity to understand the relationship between quality of labor and infinity. The average man assumes that a higher quality of labor leads to the finite. For him quality is inextricable from finiteness, which We call deadliness. It is quite impossible to explain to the average man that higher quality aspires on into infinity. Precisely in the endlessness of higher tension lies the discovery of knowledge. One must find courage to labor for Infinity.
      One can develop within oneself a continual learning, which is important not as a cataloguing of facts but as an expansion of consciousness. Illumination, III:VI:16.

      It is impossible to glut oneself with knowledge; incalculable are the ascents of creativeness. In this infinity lies the stimulus of eternal labor. The worker may be saturated, and the watch is for him just the joy of conscious vigilance. One's being quivers in spirals of light, and light rings out.
      Indeed, creativeness is diffused throughout all labor, and some sparks of great “Aum” direct the current of life. That manifestation of creative power forms the nodes of evolution, and through it is fastened the thread of the Mother of the World, fastened in a labor of eternal action. New Era Community, 224.

      Reflect on the manifestation of thought. Realize its omnipresence and rejoice at the laboratory of thought that, from the mineral cell up to the Infinite, links all kingdoms. The magnetic wave, the electric spark, and thought—these three voyagers greet those who strive into the Infinite. Agni Yoga, 80.

      Reconciling the idea of the finiteness of the universe with that of the principle of infinite space is one of those problems that the pupil alone must resolve. This is called Summa Summarum. To help the realization of these concepts of space, We set milestones, but the realization itself must be achieved independently. This corresponds to the degree of “Lion of the Desert.” It demonstrates the freeing of oneself from Earth and earthly possessions. This achievement is required for an understanding of the spheres as separate.
      Clinging to the idea of the Infinite alone will not bring concrete results. Similarly, attachment to the finite alone will be demeaning. Only the reconciling of these opposite principles will bring a correct understanding of cosmogonical matters. Thus one can make calculations of the finite without demeaning the grandeur of Cosmos. Agni Yoga, 91.

      The growth of consciousness is accompanied by attacks of anguish, which are truly unavoidable. A growing awareness of the differences between the conditions of Infinity and those of earthly reality cannot but provoke the sympathies of a fair consciousness. There is no way to Infinity without a sensitivity to one's surroundings. Be assured that the greater the consciousness, the greater the anguish. Agni Yoga, 568.

      I advise that the Teacher’s Name be held up as a shield. Not a symbol, not an illusion, but a chain of consciousness provides the current of invincibility. We do not know the end of this chain, and you do not know its beginning. It is like a serpent stretched from the depths of Earth into the infinitely distant spheres.
      The mountain of the Mother of the World does not know its summit. Shall we fear it? Shall we be terrified at its unapproachableness? Or shall we rejoice that Amrita is inexhaustible? Amidst all the world's measurable concepts, the Incalculable radiates its light. Shall we be displeased by the coolness of the far-off wind that comes from Infinity? In the sweltering barrenness, let us not turn away from a life-giving stream. Agni Yoga, 620.

      I shall say that you can become participants in the evolution of Cosmos. You can master the inheritance of the ages. You can manifest understanding of Infinity. You can improve the fate of the planet. But let the fires be set aflame! Do not extinguish the sacred fire of spirit. Do not reject the Hand.
      Illumined by the radiance of the Mother of the World, our physical existence is seen to be but a grain of sand. But the cumulation in the Chalice is like a radiant mountain! Agni Yoga, 640.

      A concept completely foreign to that of Cosmos exists in the human consciousness–the concept of the void. How can the labor of evolution, the fiery construction of your planet, be limited by void! It is not difficult to understand that the very smallest beginning is conceived within bounds. Then why not admit that it is boundlessness that permits the manifestation of physical changes? Could one diminish this manifestation? The concept of Boundlessness does not mean complexity; simply picture the earthly undergoing transformation into a higher state. There is no limit to upward striving. It means that the idea of continuity in everything and in all dimensions is not complex. Do not limit the manifestations! Infinity I, 3.

      Upon the evolutionary path energies strive toward the process of perfection. The manifestations of forms, being subject to the impulse of evolution, fuse in space. In this impulse there is a conscious process. The creativity of the Cosmic Magnet proceeds by way of conscious perfecting. Only by way of the higher process may one approach the creativeness of cosmos. How, then, is it possible not to accept progress by way of perfecting? When the spirit is aware of an infinite path, each movement should breathe with striving. Infinity II, 30.

      The presence of striving affords a powerful flux of attraction. Only these processes give rise to the manifestation of life. Constant striving into a higher sphere produces the tension of reality. The unalienable attraction of the Cosmic Magnet sustains humanity on its path of evolution. The countless courses of reality are confirmed by the law of Infinity. Infinity II, 36.

      Cosmic balance demands striving toward limitless perfecting. Hence, when the spirit of humanity cooperates with the Cosmic Magnet, it is itself drawn to that boundary which will assist it in striving into the Infinite. Thus, beyond the wall of its contentment, humanity prepares for itself the boundary of Cosmic Justice. Infinity II, 54.

      The law of shifting creates by gathering particles which pertain to a new cosmic combination. The pull attracts all free energies to where the particles are being directed. Hence, each new step constitutes an attraction of the Cosmic Magnet. The spirit choosing its path is indeed attracted to its seed, thus consummating a cosmic and predestined path. Hence, Our law proclaims, “Strive toward the highest!” Infinity II, 97

      When a man is attracted by the Cosmic Magnet, all universal laws support this choice of the spirit. Hence, attachment to the Cosmic Magnet separates the spirit from the narrow understanding of the Ego. Thus, the circle drawn by the Cosmic Magnet establishes life upon the principle of General Good. Only the higher striving leads to universal energy. The urge of personal cravings does not bring one to the universal energy. Only the realization of the Cosmic Magnet will reveal the path to Infinity. Infinity II, 149.