T H E   G U I D I N G   H A N D
(Selections from the Agni Yoga Series
from White Mountain Education Association Meditation Monthly International, April/May, 2013)

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, December 17, 2013

     1.The Hand of the Teacher reveals the power of the rays. Comprehend their salutary light.
        M. fills your being with the power of calmness.
        And when the stillness of harmony embraces you the force of your arrows will increase. The Call, 112

     2. I bring joy of spirit.
        My Hand is over your pure thoughts.
        M. teaches you to beseech the Holy Brothers to show you the steps of the higher path. The Call, 162

     3. As often as Karma permits, My Hand removes the dangers from your path.
        Earthly ways obscure the view of the mountains, yet you shall reach them. The Call, 131

     4. The Guiding Hand hovers over your spirit,
        And like a pilot steers it through waves and seasons and elements.
        Therefore must Our disciples be able to hearken to the breath of life of every day. The Call, 281

     5. Thus, let us courageously meet the inevitable trials, and let us nurture the spirit through communion with seekers of Light. Events are ripening, one may expect many changes. But if we serve the great Light, the most destructive wave can only bear us upwards. Let us, therefore, in complete confidence in the Leading Hand, create the light-bearing work. Letters of Helena Roerich II, 24 September 1935

     6. For the spirit overburdened with yesterday's remains is laden with a massive weight. With such a burden one cannot ascend the Mountain, one cannot pass through the Gates of Light, one cannot become associated with the luminous Future. Thus, if the Church Fathers summon into the past, the Servants of Light summon into the future. Awakening of consciousness, clarification of the Teaching, and summons into the future will result in a great regeneration of thinking. On the path to the Fiery World, My Guiding Hand shifts energies. Fiery World III, 264

     7. My Hand is above only the steadfast ones.
        Weakness and light-mindedness foster treachery. The Call, 384

     8. My Hand will not tire to lead, but you do have to walk, each one with full strength. It is correct to apply one's strength to the difficult, because everything easy is incommensurate with the future.
     What does a mother say to her son upon his leaving for war? “Know how to defend thyself.” Thus, My warriors also must understand how to fight single-handed.
     The chain of the circle may facilitate, but resourcefulness is tested when one is left to oneself. Illumination, III:III:14

     9. How can one come close to the Source? How will the higher understanding be affirmed? Only by the law of Hierarchy. The Guiding Hand is the Uplifting Hand. The Indicating Hand is the Hand revealing the path to the Highest Law. Thus is created the great step of the law of Hierarchy. Truly! Agni Yoga, 654

     10. Whither can the spirit direct itself without the Guiding Hand? Where can the eye and the heart turn without Hierarchy, when the Giving Hand of the Hierarch affirms the flow of destiny, and when the Hand of the Hierarch directs one to the best manifested date, and one becomes familiar with even the highest energies? Therefore, the seed of the spirit becomes imbued with the Cosmic Ray of the Hierarch. Since the most powerful principle contains in itself the potentiality of fire, the pure Fire of the spirit of the Hierarch is affirmed as the highest principle. Thus shall we remember our spiritual Leaders. Thus shall we revere the Law of Hierarchy. Agni Yoga, 668

     11. The principle of Hierarchy is the most powerful of all principles leading to the broadening of consciousness. Each manifested shifting is created by the principle of the concept of Hierarchy. Where can the spirit direct itself without the Guiding Hand? Where can the eye and heart be directed without Hierarchy, when the bestowing Hand of the Hierarch affirms the direction of destiny? Infinity II, 148

     12. The center that lights all beginnings of Our Works is based upon the law of Hierarchy. The impetuosity of creativeness is founded upon the center of Hierarchy. How obviously humanity deviates from the higher path and higher striving! He who is afraid of the manifestation of the Teacher will remain an ignoramus. He who rejects the Leading Hand will forever remain in error. He who is afraid to lose his individuality does not possess it. Thus one should ponder upon the great laws of Hierarchy. Hierarchy, 167

     13. Truly, the disconnection of the chain of Worlds is frightful. No one thinks on a cosmic scale, but one should think about the paths of subtle advancement. One should constantly keep in one's consciousness the fact that thought does not cease moving forward if one's thinking has been carefully guarded. And the union with Hierarchy means that one is not left to advance alone. In reply to the question-are we not abandoned, I answer--Verily, when our hearts are linked to Hierarchy we shall not be abandoned. We can advance in the Subtle World when the Guiding Hand is not rejected. Fiery World II, 334

     14. It may be understood that the Teaching about Guides has a great importance in all faiths. People must realize that to them is given the possibility of passing through the melee and through all straits with the help of the Higher Guides, but that they must not reject the helping Hand. One must come to love the Guide with all one's heart. Not by earthly means does the Guide bring help--therefore one must be sensitively conscious of this fiery thread. Throughout one's entire life can be seen the wonderful protection, if one's eyes are opened. Fiery World III, 569

     15. We apply the highest measure of caution so as not to subject Our co-workers to unnecessary danger. But one can imagine how difficult it is at times to protect those who rush into danger, indignant at the Guiding Hand. Thus Our atmosphere is saturated. Only the cooperation of the Subtle World enables Us to expand possibilities. Supermundane !, 63

     16. Of course, Guidance must be recognized in spirit and heart, for the acceptance of the Hand of the Lord is alone insufficient without devoting the heart to the Lord. One must understand that law which unites the Teacher with the disciple, because without the manifestation of complete attachment to the Lord there can be no bond. A full acceptance of Guidance means a conscious relationship, for one must understand and feel in the heart the warmth which arises from the depths of the spirit. It is especially necessary to feel and to learn to discern that by which the nature of the Lord is linked with that of the disciple. Thus, one must remember that vibrations and Karma are as connecting links on the path to the Fiery World. Fiery World III, 106

     17. When We speak about Our Inner Life We primarily want to impress upon you the diversity of conditions that surround you and Us. It is an annoying fact that people fail to understand that we are all surrounded by the same currents of energy. Only when you realize this will you come close to Us. This closeness will evoke reverence, or in other words, acceptance of the Teacher. Alas, it is seldom that the Teacher is accepted. At times people may feel sparks of devotion, but such flickering will only irritate the atmosphere. We do not speak about Our authority, but about the principle on which harmonious communion can be built.
     The Thinker insisted upon respect for the Teacher. He said, “In the dark of the night one should look for the Guiding Hand. The Voice of the Guide is a joy. But this devotion should continue not only in the darkness, but also in the sunlight.” Supermundane II, 358

     18. By your actions should you show reverence for the Guiding Hand.
        You can increase your strength by embracing Our Shield.
        Arriving at the crossroads, take only the new path. The Call, 387

     19. Courageously accept vigilance, and strong faith in the Leading Hand will carry you over any and all abysses. Courage, courage, and again courage--is today's dictum. The feathers of fear pull us down, whereas the wings of courage carry us over the abyss. Thus, let us be inspired by the beauty of courage and by the power of faith in the luminous future. I send joy to you, but this is a special joy, it is the joy of difficulties. When we shall learn not to be frightened by difficulties, we shall come close to the bearing of achievement. Letters of Helena Roerich II, 22 July 1935