E V I D E N C E   A N D   R E A L I T Y
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, October 22, 2013

     1. Does he feel the difference between the evidence and the reality; and can he realize the community within his consciousness? Community, 209

     This is the question that the Master asks Himself about His disciple’s comprehension

     2. Indeed, the battle is against the evident. Reality is not the obvious. The evidence presented by outward signs does not represent actuality...
     Not long ago We spoke about the defense of reality... Indeed, as We say, the Community battles for reality. You have another kind of ally: those who strive for the truth, for whom evidence is nothing but an unclean glass. If chemical and biological evidence is complicated, then still more complex is the evidence of the planes of structure of life and actions. Without the development of consciousness we shall dwell in a continuous mirage; as in catalepsis, we shall be twisted in frozen terror.
     Begone, Maya! We wish and shall know reality! Community, 206

     3. Let us turn once more to the mirage of Maya. Clearly there will loom before you the evident futility of working upon humanity. How obvious are the traits of mutual abasement!...This mirage of evidence clouds the horizon of reality. But as the white elephant of Maitreya reality marches on.
     When falsehood and self-conceit apparently rule, then indeed there has arrived a great turning point in evolution… If Maya does not furnish the negative evidence, how then can flash forth the sword-blade of positive reality?
     Each evidence must serve unfailing reality.
     Let your friends enlighten their consciousness with the lightning of reality. Let us turn no more to the mirage of Maya nor dream of quenching thirst from its illusory lakes. Manifestation of evolution is immutable. The consciousness of immutability will illumine your path! Community, 258

     4. That a situation is without solution is only imagined by those who would rely on other people rather than upon the power of their own thought. Grief experienced by others flows like the ripples of a stream; but the images of Truth, which you call ideas, rule the karma of the world. It is astonishing to see how images of Truth participate in the spatial battle. While the multitudes disintegrate in a blind fury of ignorance and betrayal, the thoughts of Truth weave their heavenly nests, which for real evolution are far more vital than any worship by entire nations.
     You understand both the work of reality and the work of Maya. Spatial thought is reality, while what people generally pay attention to is Maya. Bear in mind that each of Us could grieve over the low level of those on Earth; but this would have no effect on the evolutionary plan because it is thought that creates. Images of Truth provide to each body, whether it be evolving or disintegrating, new possibilities for flight to higher spheres. Each Teacher of life bases His power only upon images of Truth, and creates the future by His thought, not by the consciousness of the crowd.
     The ashes of past fires may dim the vision, but the fires of new images of Truth glow in the Infinite. When we have transcended the narrow boundaries of ethnicity and nationality, is it not all the same to us which planet is nurtured by spatial thought? The only important thing is that the thought be filled with a realization of the Common Good. Then the crosscurrents of nations will not distract the eye that is directed toward the inevitable evolution. Agni Yoga, 122

     The Master offers to us a marvellous description of the power of thought in space. Not all thoughts have this power: the Teaching reveals to us that there are different levels of Thought. It’s very important to become aware of this fact, in order to distinguish between them.
     The worst prejudice is to think: “Space is empty!”

     5. The Thinker said: “No one should think that the space around us is empty. On the contrary, we can feel with our hearts the presence of various beings.” Supermundane I, 97

     6. He to whom the Heavens are empty has an empty heart. Supermundane III, 491

     7. It is not easy for man to detach himself from his earthly solidity and realize that the most important place is not here on Earth but in what he perceives as a void. Supermundane I, 69

     8. The Void is the treasury of the Beginning, yet you feel the path of the Beginning. Illumination, I:V:2

     9. People who circumscribe themselves by the evident, and who sense only the obvious, limit their world. The visible does not lead to Infinity. Infinity I, 74

     The Master asks us: 10. Whither may one direct thought? Whither to project the will? Toward space, whence comes the life-giving energy. Let us strive toward it. Agni Yoga, 503

     11. Every epoch has its Call, and the calling foundation of the New Era will be the power of thought. That is why we call you to understand the great significance of creative thought, and the first step in this direction will be the opening of consciousness, freedom from all prejudices and from all tendentiousness and forced concept. Letters of Helena Roerich I, Letters to America, 1929

     12. Reality and illusion will begin to appear to humanity as issuing from one source when we understand that the life-giving vessel is one. The Universe becomes devoid of all reason with the adoption of the concept of separation of the invisible world from the visible one. If we assume that our path is a casual one, with a void beyond, then our imagination is very poor indeed! Illusion is that which does not exist; and the concept of reality must be expanded. All lives and all propagates. Space carries your engenderings. Let us utilize the entire creative force of Space!
     An imaginary fixity, with a void beyond certain boundaries is termed "oasis" by Us, as it contains the spring of your wisdom. Verily, one may term most irrational the illusory concept of void! Infinity I, 16

     13. Each outer form distorts reality. One can strain to be alert, so as to diminish the degree of false perception, but everything seen, every reflection, every thought, projects its illusory color. Agni Yoga, 74

     14. There is no judging more erroneous than that based on apparent actions. Looking at only the evident, people lose the thread of reality. Usually, any teaching that leads to a source of reality is called dreams by people. Most people see life as being without any sign of new beginnings, and see only the evident decay. Thus, one can be completely immersed in the idea of decomposition and easily overlook the valuable new beginnings. New beginnings are wisely hidden; otherwise natural catastrophes would destroy the seeds of new possibility. Agni Yoga, 22

     15. The spiritual principle precedes each action. There can be no bodily action without an antecedent spiritual fusion. Thus, whoever denies the spiritual principle thereby divests his actions of meaning. Evolution cannot continue if the primary motive force is repudiated. The Dark Age has among its characteristics the denial of principles and fundamentals. Yet precisely such darkness is transitory. Man must prepare himself for the acceptance of Light, and, lest he become like a mole, he must realize within himself the essence of Light. When I speak about the highest communion, I first of all propose that you understand reality in all its infinitude. Aum, 68