Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, October 8, 2013

     1. It is necessary to investigate the undeferrable. It is needful to preserve personal enthusiasm. Community, 74.

     2. People will forget rest, and will begin to rave in their folly. There is too little imagination, too little understanding, too little knowledge, too little sense of co-measurement, no beauty, no achievement, no desire to renounce comfortable habits!
     Be prepared also to see comical figures. One must know how to lead. One must, one must, one must!
     If you but knew how often We have to praise sand-piles, calling them castles. Of course, We rejoice when the builder is aflame with enthusiasm at the praise and is ready to erect new piles. Keep this in mind. Illumination, II:XI:3.

     3. Humanity has often needlessly remade its garments. It either shortened them to an extreme, or lengthened its already dragging trains. Sleeves trailed on the ground or disappeared entirely. Either the upper part was exaggeratedly large or the lower part was made immense. As if it mattered in what style of sleeve one seized one’s neighbor by the throat! The change of fashion was in vain.
     Let us take things as they are. Let us remember not to destroy enthusiasm, no matter whence it comes. Let us not hide the truth, but let us find a place for each exaltation. Can exaltation hinder great measures? Everything will find its place. To build upon exaltation is easier and more lasting. As does love, so also does enthusiasm kindle the fires. Let us gather all those who carry the fire, and remember how precious is each spark. Light and darkness—let us not forget anything created of Light!
     We offer life-givers from the plant kingdom, but do not reject all that lies ignored within yourselves. Agni Yoga, 426.

     4. Fundamental and irreplaceable is the element of fire. Similarly without substitute is psychic energy. The most self-sufficient, the most refined, the most upthrusting energy is the true Daughter of Fire! Not without reason do We call you to the Fiery Conqueress. Every manifestation of enthusiasm precipitates a particle of the treasure. Each exaltation before nature and Beauty gathers the seeds of light and creates a ray of victory. Long ago I said, “Through Beauty thou hast Light.” Is it possible that We say this only to give pleasure? Each Indication has undeniable and urgent importance. Thus, enthusiasm will be the shortest way to the accumulation of psychic energy. Agni Yoga, 546.

     5. Thoughts sent into space attract kindred thinking. How should one act if one's broad views do not achieve their goal? One must expand them still further. Beyond the boundaries of hostility lies the field of friendship. The traveler must know the geography of this domain.
     Is attainment possible without exaltation? Is self-sacrifice possible without joy? Is courage possible without enthusiasm? Thus point out and remind others about these easier and more immediate ways to gain psychic energy. My Hand points out the treasure to the seeker. Agni Yoga, 547.

     6. Shamed be the land where teachers dwell in poverty and want. Shamed be those who know that their children are being taught by a man in want. Not to care for the teachers of its future generation is not only a disgrace to a nation but a mark of its ignorance. Can one entrust children to a depressed man? Can one ignore the emanation created by sorrow? Can one rest ignorant of the fact that a depressed spirit cannot inspire enthusiasm? Fiery World I, 582.

     7. In contrast with confidence there is depression. Precisely distrust begets this awful viper. But trust awakens the most fiery, the most divine instincts of the spirit. Beings of the Fiery World can approach people in hours of trust, and the miracle of enthusiasm creates the most beautiful approaches. Trust must be cultivated, as otherwise people sink into inertia. Trust is straight-knowledge; there can be no betrayal when we know the direction of our striving. We rejoice when approaching a man who guards the fire of trust. Many beautiful creations take place when the gates of trust are open, gates purified by Fire. Fiery World II, 102.

     8. Let us look at those who come demanding only the new. Take one who so demands but who is even ignorant of harmonization of the centers—can he possibly be given the new? Take one who lacks enthusiasm—can he be given the new? Take one who is ignorant of joy—can he be given the new? Fiery World II, 303.

     9. You have heard that a person suffering with defective speech suddenly was able to deliver a beautiful inspired address. The personal will alone could not achieve this, there was required the participation also of another energy. Someone has sent His Shielding Force. It may be that such a Force will cure the defect forever. It is possible that the nervous spasm may depart forever if the same degree of enthusiasm which filled the speaker when he rendered the beautiful speech can be retained. Let him observe the rhythm of his heart. Let him remember how his successful speech, which so inspired his listeners, was harmonized. To retain the manifested harmony will already be an achievement. Many examples may be cited when the rhythm of psychic energy uplifted a man and helped him surmount all nervous spasms. Many cases may be named when people, under the influence of higher energy, forgot forever their defects. Aum, 565.

     10. On the paths to Brotherhood self-renunciation also will be needed. It is most likely that many will find such a condition difficult to fulfill. They do not realize how often people manifest this quality even in everyday life. In each inspiration, in each burst of enthusiasm, self-renunciation infallibly will be included. One should very precisely perceive the significance of words. Brotherhood, 18.

     11. Urusvati knows that tolerance is a fundamental necessity for evolution. Every sign of tolerance must be valued. We, Ourselves, could not help people without the highest degree of tolerance. All one's inner fire of enthusiasm must be used for the Common Good, for dull indifference is most deadly. Supermundane II, 381.

     12. Urusvati knows that the quality of action depends upon one’s enthusiasm. Now we must ask whether there is a clear understanding of what is meant by enthusiasm. We are not speaking about desire, or striving, or inspiration.
     We know that enthusiasm affects and ignites the aura, but scientists still do not know which nerve centers become most active during such bursts. This state of enlightened tension can arise during any labor. The ancients called it a divine greeting, for it alone could endow every task with the radiance of perfection.
     One could say that striving toward perfection is a form of the highest creativity. But striving alone is insufficient, and We emphasize that each task must be performed with enthusiasm. The finest craftsman knows that the quality of all levels of work can be continually improved. We can say the same about Our labors. But without enthusiasm, the rhythms of Our work would be disrupted. Supermundane III, 461.

     13. Urusvati knows the qualities needed by those who desire to cognize the Supermundane World. They must understand its reality. They know that they must continue forever to learn. They realize that each human action attracts dwellers from the Supermundane World who are consonant with it. Some who think of themselves as seekers do not understand how deeply these qualities must become rooted in their nature. They are ready to chatter about the reality of the invisible worlds, but do not even trouble themselves to think about and imagine the grandeur of the Infinite. They do not desire to constantly learn, and the honor of being a disciple is not recognized by them. They will not accept as true that each of their thoughts evokes a multitude of invisible entities that can be helpful or harmful, depending on their thinking.
     Such people do not accept scientific analogies. To them the statement that space is full of life means nothing. They deduce nothing from the fact that every day science brings new discoveries. One should not respond to these discoveries with denial, but rather with positive enthusiasm. People who do not accept reality deprive themselves of the most enlightened joy.
     The Thinker used to say, “Where is the school that can teach people joy?” Supermundane III, 600.

     14. Urusvati knows the true meaning of enthusiasm. This beautiful concept proves the communion that exists between the Higher Worlds and the forces of the human spirit. Those who deny the existence of the spirit and the soul should not use the word “enthusiasm,” yet they love to repeat it, not really understanding its meaning…
     It would seem that scientists should seek and not engage themselves in negativity. Enthusiasm must descend upon the consciousness of a scientist, and he must evaluate its significance. However, by denying the guidance of Supermundane Forces, the scientist weakens himself.
     Enough has been said about the conscious creativity that brings clairvoyance and clairaudience, but to achieve these one must first understand what kind of powers he will manifest and what kind of Cooperation is ready to help him. Only then can true enthusiasm be affirmed.
     The Thinker advised that even in daily life one should not forget about enthusiasm. Supermundane IV, 849.

     15. My friends, please realize upon what firm ground you are standing when you are defending all the achievements of culture. Therefore, keep high your spirits, and find the necessary fiery words! Do not forget that only enthusiasm, faith, and ardent striving can inflame and inspire the spirit of people whom you contact. Kindle the creative fire in your hearts. I am sending you a command: “Attack as if pursued by fire.” Letters of Helena Roerich I, 3 June 1931.
     16. Raj-Agni—thus was called that Fire which you call enthusiasm. Truly this is a beautiful and powerful Fire, which purifies all surrounding space. Fiery World II, 22.