Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, November 20, 2012

     1. The common highway does not lead to the Holy Mountain.
     I regard an act of treason as the most heinous. The Call, 239.

     2. How to cleanse away the ulcers of thought of cowardice and treason? One cannot heal the aura with cedar tar. One must burn away the ulcers with the flame of shock, and must find courage to endure the pain. But how can courage be found in a state of cowardice? Terror shakes the coward, but for Us terror is entirely inadmissible. Agni Yoga, 39.

     3. Let us recall the qualities absolutely inadmissible in the community: ignorance, fear, falsehood, hypocrisy, cupidity, usurpation, drunkenness, smoking, and obscenity. Someone may say, “Do you wish to collect angels?” We then shall ask, “Are all those on earth liars or drunkards? We know many who are courageous and sincere.” Again they will say, “The requirements are too high.” We shall reply, “Can it be that you have only foul-talkers and self-seekers? All these requirements are frightening only for the lowest citizen, who hides his wealth under his threshold. In the Himalayas, We have long ago found people to whom the above stipulations are no bugbear.” Community, 178.

     4. We always insist that knowledge be gained through experience. We affirm how slowly abilities grow and positive results accumulate. But We consider it inadmissible that a rational person would discard opportunities for gaining knowledge. How often people base the acquiring of knowledge upon material rewards! This is the way little children under seven tend to act. Agni Yoga, 402.

     5. You correctly noted that much must be done by ourselves. Therein lies the reason why help comes at the final moment. Otherwise it is impossible to perfect one's spirit. Otherwise it would be inadmissible to stem the flow of energy if it proceeds correctly. If suicide is the greatest crime, then each severance of the striving energy is also harmful. We are here only for the perfecting of our spirits. Thus, let us not sever the life-bearing energy. The understanding of Santana is a broad affirmation of the stream of energy. Heart, 400.

     6. If each cell contains an entire universe, then the prototype of the Creator is to be found in each human being, throughout Infinity. How necessary it is to learn to reverence the Holy Spirit! One may give It the most exalted names. One may even suffuse one's heart with It namelessly, when all names pour forth as from an overflowing chalice. But defamation is inadmissible, for it severs the thread of Light. The affirmation of Guruship is necessary, as a natural step toward the realization of Agni. Fiery World I, 336.

     7. In any experiments one should not give way to excess. In general, excesses are inadmissible, they are contrary to equilibrium. Man, as a complete microcosm, must not violate equilibrium which is bestowed with such difficulty. Brotherhood, 438.

     8. Actually it is inadmissible to try to alter Karma willfully or forcibly. The Lords of Karma add each violence to the chalice of condemnation, but They can lighten Karma where perfectionment and offerings are without end. Thus do we lighten the paths to the Fiery World, when we are willing to do the best possible. It is not for us to measure what is best, but the heart's desire leads to the radiance of the gates. Restrain each thought about self, but permit the heart to lead along the shortest path. Fiery World II, 137.

     9. It is inadmissible even indirectly to violate the fundamentals of cooperation. To the concepts of cooperation should be added those of teachership, of guidance, of respect for one's fellowman, respect for oneself, and for those who follow. Precisely at present it is impossible to lessen the significance of cooperation, as a means of broadening the consciousness. One must grow to love cooperation as a pledge of general success. Fiery World II, 350.

     10. In anger and irritation man considers himself strong--this is according to earthly considerations. But regarded from the Subtle World, the irritated man is especially powerless. He attracts to himself a great number of small entities which feed on the emanations of anger. Besides, he lets down his own bars and allows even the lower beings to read his thoughts. Therefore, the state of irritation is inadmissible not only as a producer of imperil but also as a gateway for lower entities. Aum, 331.

     11. Express your prayers by devotional action. Know how to affirm the Teaching each day. Lose not one day, nor one hour. Know how to think of yourself as the creator of a whole world of action. Know how to apply all your forces to every action. Know how to bring the Teaching into every thought. Know how to array your forces as on a battlefield. Know how to feel gratitude as the union of joy and beauty.
     End with honor, because the end expresses the fire of one's accumulated achievement.
     It is a most heinous treason to know the Teaching and not apply it. Abuse of the Teaching is worse than death of the spirit, because by this act one exiles himself from cooperation and dooms himself to Saturn. Agni Yoga, 98.

     12. Rendering the planet healthful rests in the hands of all humanity. First of all, it must be understood that man makes healthy not only himself but also all his surroundings. In such a realization there will be contained true humaneness. Such a feeling cannot be commanded. It must come independently out of the depths of the heart.
     Let the madmen not be surprised that We give so much attention to improvement of health. It is inadmissible to be an egoist and to think only about self. In both thoughts and actions we must spread abroad concern about better earthly conditions. Let us not hide ourselves in the folds of our mantles when it is necessary to exert all keenness and good will toward humanity. Brotherhood, 211.

     13. In great storehouses many remarkable objects can be found, but experts and investigators sometimes prefer to search among small unknown repositories, and such quests yield irreplaceable discoveries. And so in everything, one should make broad surveys in order not to lose new and precious cooperation. It has already been pointed out that the hundred-thousandth one is bringing useful stones for the structure, yet it is inadmissible to jostle a burden-bearer on his difficult path. One should not suspect or upbraid him. Brotherhood, 349.

     14. Joint brotherly service can begin when mutual recrimination has been abandoned. Discussion is not condemnation. There may be brotherly actions which are not immediately understood. It is possible to make inquiries about reasons, but it is inadmissible, through ignorance, to utter condemnation which is like a sharp knife. Brothers so respect each other that they do not suspect unworthy action on the part of a brother; they comprehend any situation and ponder how to render assistance. In such cooperation there will be not the slightest compulsion. Brotherhood, 436.

     15. Urusvati knows that any act of negligence toward higher manifestations is inadmissible. It would seem that this warning should be quite clear, but it is often misinterpreted. People argue about the nature of higher manifestations, and claim that such manifestations are so rare that one does not encounter them in earthly life. Thus, they attempt to free themselves from the obligation to pay attention to higher manifestations in the midst of earthly life.
     But those who are wise know that higher manifestations do indeed occur in the very midst of earthly existence. They understand that everyone, during a moment of inspiration, is already in a supermundane state, and can experience precisely those sensations that are linked with it. Every such state is a supermundane experience. It makes possible clairvoyance and clairaudience, but only when one acknowledges these latent abilities. Supermundane III, 516.

     16. The abode of Agni is opened not by reasoning but by the harmony of rhythm. Precisely as a vessel sometimes is opened not by force but by rhythm. Only the true rhythm carries us forward and preserves us from delay. Yet we know all the detrimental result of delay, as in movement, so also in spirit. It is inadmissible to have a broken rhythm, at times retarded and at other times accelerated. Thus an enormous and useless expenditure of energy takes place. He will not retreat who has begun to advance in fiery rhythm. Precisely this rhythm saves one from sorrowful ponderings and leads one forward in spirit; therefore let us not limit the effectiveness of the rhythm by external motion only, let us introduce it into spiritual life. Fiery World II, 17.

     17. The very austerity of labor can acquire a beautiful meaning by the elimination of all coarsening effects and the introduction of the concept of cooperation. It must be remembered that coarseness is contrary to all laws of nature. Every coarse action creates such a hideous vortex that if people could but see it they would certainly be more careful in their conduct. The karma of coarseness is extremely heavy.
     With broadening of consciousness people become especially sensitive to any and every coarseness. Thus, one may be assured that coarseness is most inadmissible. Brotherhood, 58.

     18. Let us practice severe discipline of speech. Let us consider every word and remember that “the consequences of a word cannot be destroyed even by an Arhat.” Let us broadly apply the indication that “each word should be like a ray of light and not a nail in the coffin.” Know in your spirit when it is goal-fitting to tell the truth, even if it is bitter, and when it is better to be silent. But flattery and exaggeration, as well as belittling, are inadmissible. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 3 December 1930.