E N D L E S S   G R O W T H
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, October 23, 2012

     1. …but there is limitlessness in everything. Supermundane II, 427.

     2. For evolution a constant renewal and broadening is required. It is correct to think about the spiral, because eternal growth affirms infinity. Creativeness is intensified in continual renovation, and infinity shines truly by the creative power of diversity. Fiery World III, 78.

     3. Only mental work broadens our consciousness, thereby linking us with the far-off worlds and the whole cosmos, and turning us to the joy of infinite perfectment. Precisely, we should cultivate in ourselves the joy of endless perfectment. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 11 October 1935.

     4. Thus, all of us are guilty for ourselves and others, for we cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of humanity and from the Cosmos. Verily, the Cosmos is in us and we are in it. But only the realization of this unity makes it possible for us to join in such an existence. The fundamental problems of the meaning of our existence were resolved long ago, but people do not wish to accept this, for no one wants to take RESPONSIBILITY for each thought, each word, and each deed. And we shall return to Earth until we fulfill this accepted responsibility -- by perfecting ourselves, Earth, and also all its surrounding spheres. After concluding our earthly perfectment, we shall cross in a glorious radiance of manifold Beauty to the far-off worlds, the next step of evolution upon the ladder of infinite perfectment. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 7 October 1935.

     5. There is infinite perfectment in Cosmos, based on the law of goal-fitness and the leading Principle of the Hierarchy of Light, or Jacob's Ladder! Were it otherwise, chaos would have devoured the Universe long ago. Indeed, everything positive is in the leading Principle. There is not such thing as eternal damnation, nor is there eternal bliss as it is understood by the majority. There are only periods of this or that duration in full conformity with the accumulations of the spirit. In Cosmos there exist only perpetual movement and diversity. Beautiful is the path of limitless perfectment! Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 10 December 1936.

     6. We know about the limitlessness of self-perfectment, therefore the spirit who has fallen to the level of the Prince of Darkness could hardly have had all the needed qualifications for perfection. When a spirit attains the realization of the potentiality of his limitless power and immutability, when he masters many cosmic mysteries and forces and knows that he can become a creator of this or that world, when he realizes the ignorance of the masses that surround him, then, indeed, a tremendous power of the heart is required to resist many temptations, and, first of all -- pride of spirit. One should always remember that not a single human feeling disappears; on the contrary, all feelings grow without end, and must therefore be transmuted into higher perceptions of good or they may become more refined in evil. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 27 November 1937.

     7. Relativity and imperfection will be distinctive characteristics of each life; but precisely these open the doors to the future. People who set up obstacles for themselves by thinking that they are imperfect thus demonstrate their finiteness, in other words, their unfitness. Finiteness is impermissible in the process of motion. Only the process of perfectment amidst the fiery whirls affirms the true path. Heart, 245.

     8. We rejoice when We see in others the ability to connect to the future. Such striving is like the hoisting of an anchor, which permits one to set sail to the salutary shore. Striving into the future is at the Foundation of the Brotherhood. Events follow a Plan, and one must cognize the structure of the Universe in order to become accustomed to Infinity. One cannot fall permanently in the Infinite, for an infinite future will always permit one to find progress. Supermundane III, 529.

     9…The light of Fohat is comparable to that emanating from precious crystals. Nurturing the psychic energy, Fohat paves the way to the far-off worlds, whereas Materia Lucida weaves the strengthening of the consciousness. One strengthens, the other leads into the limitless ocean of perfectment. These are the wonderful gifts of Great Aum! Agni Yoga, 144.

     10. Whither should man strive? Whither should the accumulated forces be directed? Whither will perfectment lead? Is it possible that the manifestation of a mighty existence can simply disappear? The spirit must acknowledge that through its strivings it lives not for one life-round but for a cycle vouchsafed by Infinity. It is too great a struggle for one life. The scope of the abilities of man is too great for them to be exemplified in one lifetime.
     The beginning and end are fused and serve man as a point of support. When the spirit is liberated from life, he assimilates the entire substance of that life. Strive to reach the understanding that the end is the beginning. Thus is Infinity attained. Infinity I, 149.

     11. When the far-off worlds spread out before the human consciousness, new dimensional concepts appear. When one can perceive even on our planet forms created by the finer energies, how is it possible not to manifest understanding of refinement of forms? Continuous perfectment directs itself toward Infinity. Thus, the rhythm of perfecting is so drawn to the rhythm of the Cosmic Magnet! Infinity I, 152.

     12. Just as the consciousness can be a pledge of fruition, so can it be manifested as dissolution. Limited thought can prove to be a conduit for all dark manifestations. Therefore, thought can be developed into a great vital beginning or it can destroy each origin. Limited thinking shatters all possibilities, because the process of constructiveness is based upon the growth of consciousness. How can one aspire to the Highest Ideal without broadening the consciousness! Surely the Higher Image can be realized by the fiery and fearless consciousness, because there are no limits to a fiery consciousness. Thus, on the path to the Fiery World one must strain all one's forces for broadening of consciousness. Fiery World III, 366.

     13. Urusvati knows that Our Teaching is inexhaustible, just as is My care for you. But no care can be fruitful without cooperation. Cooperation grows wondrously when there is undivided striving.
     …The labor of learning must be honored, because all knowledge adds to the expansion of consciousness. It is an error to think that only spiritual or philosophical labor can contribute to the growth of consciousness. Remember that the labor of learning is a kind of motion, in which the consciousness expands.
     Cosmos continuously unfolds, and the consciousness of the microcosm unfolds also. Truly, it can be said, “On any path toward the Supermundane I will meet Thee.” It is impossible to foretell which of the approaching ones will outstrip the others in his quest. For everyone a word of encouragement will be found. Supermundane III, 698.

     14. In speaking of the far-off worlds, one should accept the entire broad understanding of infinite growth. Let us confirm our consciousness upon the thought of the far-off worlds. The stimulus of spirit creativeness comprises the entire boundlessness of striving. In it is preserved the great cosmic striving. Only with the understanding of invisible materialization can there be true striving, because in that great impulse of the Universe, is comprised the entire cosmic creativeness. Infinity II, 52.

     15. The benefit of evolution is in its continuously accelerating motion. It is beautiful to realize that the world is perpetually evolving, in ever-increasing striving and motion. People do not look into the future, but secretly dream about an impossible static condition. But there can be no static evolution. The spiral of evolution is an eternal ascent that even the convulsions of chaos cannot arrest.
     In their earthly condition people cannot always notice the beneficial growth. All growth comes with pain, with lightning, and in storm, and only a perfect consciousness can perceive the radiance of Truth. Every evolving thinker must transmit his understanding of Truth while on Earth. If he does not apply Truth in life, man is not worthy of being called a thinker. Thought is life, and life is moved by thought.
     Thus you realize the two foundations of Our Life. We live in harmony for the sake of evolution. We must evolve, otherwise We shall be transformed into mummies. One must be able to love the movement of evolution, for in it eternity is realized. Supermundane I, 97.

     16. It is true that the world of creation is inexhaustible, and there is no hiding place for the engenderments of the human spirit. The issue projected into the wheel of life brings its consequents. He is narrow-minded who thinks that man expiates his deeds by imagining their dissolution in space. As the properties of nature indicate an unending process, so does the spirit of man, who is following an identical path. It is difficult not to acknowledge the limitlessness of transformed energies!
     Since the centers of man can be transformed into the most subtle energies of life-imparting fires, one may through each deed of life either attain the highest tensions or be cast into the lowest sphere. Like a whirlwind, transfiguration carries one toward Infinity. Infinity I, 108.

     17. After my definition of Samadhi, you can see how relative are illuminations. The concept of Infinity excludes the possibility of ever achieving absolute knowledge, and therein lies the entire grandeur - this is LIFE. Each Manvantara, each cycle has its truth, and humanity is given that portion of it which can be assimilated during that particular cycle. Of course, the Arhats cannot disagree on fundamental principles, but even they are perpetually learning and deepening their knowledge. Is it possible to imagine complete cognition? Surely that would be equivalent to annihilation! Indeed, what then would happen with our consciousness, the very essence of which lies in perpetual motion and perception? Infinite is life, and infinite are its perceptions and possibilities. I will conclude my explanation, with joy in the Immeasurable and Unutterable Grandeur. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 5 September 1935.