Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, December 18, 2012

     1. It has been repeated again and again--know how to find joy in eternal labor and in eternal vigilance. You have heard music and singing in Our community. These must be looked upon as a part of the labor. Usually, under the influence of sounds people fall into psychic inaction and are even incapable of creating forms. This results from the custom of understanding repose as torpor. One can become accustomed to making use of art as a condensation of forces. A work of beauty can produce not only a heightening of activity but also a sharpening of forces. But one should accept this fact consciously and learn to make use of emanations of creativeness.
     Could a structure of a community be conceived without crystals of sound and color? Verily, this would be a mole’s hole! The bearers of sound and color must bring into the community an unspilled vessel. Knowledge and creativeness will be the Amrita of the Community.
     It is impossible to glut oneself with knowledge; incalculable are the ascents of creativeness. In this Infinity lies the stimulus of eternal labor. The worker may be saturated, and the watch is for him just the joy of conscious vigilance. One’s being quivers in spirals of light, and light rings out.
     Indeed, creativeness is diffused throughout all labor, and some sparks of great “Aum” direct the currents of life. That manifestation of creative power forms the nodes of evolution, and through it is fastened the thread of the Mother of the World, fastened in a labor of eternal action...Color and sound will be the Amrita of the Community. Knowledge will manifest as eternity of labor. Action surrounds great Aum. New Era Community, 224

     2. One may define the cosmic ruling force as the power and spirit of the creative Magnet. The concept of a ruling force is applicable to the might of the Cosmic Magnet. And destruction is subordinated to the ruling force of the Magnet. Thus is the Universe constructed, and the whirl of construction is manifested as a light-bearing law. Therefore, the concept of dissolution should be supplanted by that of transmutation. The creative power is affirmed by the process of transmutation, and in the entire Cosmos the guiding principle is transmutation. The guiding whirl collects all cosmic fires. The guiding whirl engulfs the opposing forces. The guiding whirl impels all manifestations toward goal-fitness. Thus is the creative Infinity molded! Infinity I, 183

     3. When we speak of the transmutation of all the fires, it must be understood as the assertion of the most intense Fire of the Cosmic Magnet. And when humanity will understand all the creative power of the spirit of an Agni Yogi, it will be possible to reveal how all centers vibrate in response to cosmic events. …Therefore, let all who strive to Agni Yoga search for the higher understanding of the open centers. Many advanced spirits were consumed by their incapacity to contain all fires in an earthly shell. Not easy is the path of the Arhat!
     Most wondrous and sensitive is the creative power of an Agni Yogi. Infinity I, 212

     4. And the creative power responds to the slightest manifestation of striving. Thus does the attraction of the creative power give life to form. Immutable is the law of creative energy, and the symbol of Be-ness may be defined as attraction. Hence, the Cosmic Magnet acts through the most highly tensified attraction. Infinity I, 264

     5. When the seed of the spirit of a flaming Agni Yogi is strained for the assimilation of the Spatial Fire, then the course of conformity with evolution is affirmed. Thus is built the creative power of the Cosmic Magnet. Infinity I, 326

     6. The consciousness which responds to the cosmic fires can truly penetrate the law of Be-ness. Therefore, the formula of creative power can be given to him who has willingly adhered to the Higher Reason and who has filled to the brim his Chalice. Infinity I, 213

     7. Attentiveness is a first step in the refinement of receptivity, and we know that only refinement gives broadening of consciousness and that creative power is affirmed by the centers of fine receptivity. Letters of Helena Roerich I, December 3, 1930

     8. The creative power is affirmed by the centers possessing subtle receptivity. Each fine energy is reflected in the creativeness of the spirit. Thought creates and it affirms each imprint! Thus do the Lords create. Likewise does an Agni Yogi create. If humanity would understand how majestic the creative impulse of thought is, then every thought generated would be expended for the Common Good. Thus, each pearl of spirit creates better possibilities. Infinity II, 370

     9. The source of creative power is inexhaustible when life is filled with thought. Therefore, to think means to construct life. To think means to affirm the forms of life. The threshold reached by thought always leads to the destined goal, because thought rules with eternal Fire. Thought, which leads to the might of great Cosmic Constructiveness, is not sufficiently studied. Fiery World III, 150

     10. Each stone on the planet has been created by thought. Each object has been unfolded by the creative power of thought. Each created object should be respected. One must find forbearance toward imperfection, for each creator was at one time imperfect. Each accumulation is the result of labor and of tension. Only in such a realization do we learn to respect creativeness. Beginning with the small let us cognize the great. In order to begin goal-fittingly the sounding of Aum, one should be permeated with a reverence for the greatness of creation. Thus, the concept of the power of Grace will be a beautiful gift. Only the best striving receives its recompense. The criterion of the best is understood as conformity with the Highest Principle; a cord will be stretched from one thing to another--left untaut the string hangs loose in space. Aum, 23

     11. We, Brothers of Humanity, battle arduously for the balance and for the instilling of the Principle of the Mother of the World. When the understanding of creation will be confirmed, it will be possible to evince to humanity the creative power of Fire.
     We, Brothers of Humanity, battle for the Cosmic Magnet and for the life principle. ..We say to humanity, “Venerate the Origins; venerate the Mother of the World; venerate the awesome Covenant of the Cosmic Magnet!” Yes, yes, yes! Thus speaks Maitreya! Infinity I, 227

     12. It is correct to think about the spiral, because eternal growth affirms infinity. Creativeness is intensified in continual renovation, and infinity shines truly by the creative power of diversity. …Therefore, having faith in the Fiery World, one should accept all renewal as a movement of mighty time in evolution. Fiery World III, 78

     13. For, even notwithstanding the apparent triumph of darkness, cosmic creative power is being saturated with fiery Justice. Therefore, the spiral of creativeness of spatial Fire leads events to its fiery triumph. Fiery World III, 356

     14. Verily, all human actions can be saturated by the Heart of the World. But for this great action it is necessary to feel the pulse of the Fiery World. In this fiery creative power it is verily possible to regenerate the consciousness of humanity. On the Path to the Fiery World let us strive for creativeness in unison with the Heart of the World. Fiery World III, 282

     15. The sunlike quality of the heart is manifested in courage; when the heart knows no terror; when the self-sacrifice of the Agni Yogi carries the spirit away into different spheres above the earth and below the earth; when the spirit untiringly creates with all the fires of the heart; when sensory perceptions manifest resonance to all cosmic manifestations. Verily the spirit knows the Heart of the World and it also knows how invulnerable is the Shield of Hierarchy. The sunlike heart of the Agni Yogi knows that full chalice of the World which is produced by the coming of the great Ray; for the unification of the Worlds is the highest creativeness for the Agni Yogi. Thus, each sphere of Fire is a creative power for the striving Agni Yogi. …On the path to the Fiery World let us remember the sunlike heart of the Agni Yogi. Fiery World III, 287

     16. The attraction of the magnet of the heart acts powerfully at a distance. These currents awaken resonances in conformity with the force of the sending. Indeed, one must resound correspondingly to the extended thread. The creative power of the heart is unlimited and immeasurable in its might. Aspiration toward the awakening of energies refers to the most essential principle of the development of creativeness. The development of this lever requires a fiery consciousness. Thus one must understand the urgency of such development of the heart. On the path to the Fiery World let us be affirmed upon the understanding of the lever of the Fiery Heart. Fiery World III, 375

     17. Currents of psychic energy are capable of magnetizing the surrounding atmosphere to such an extent that, indeed, there is established round about a sort of fiery current which shatters all encroaching evil energies. Conscious tension of the psychic energy of fearlessness is a great armor. Conscious application of these saturations erects a fiery wall which protects the affirmed position. The creative power of psychic energy is infinite. Fiery World III, 408

     18. The creativeness of the Living Ethics can direct humanity to the Light. The Subtle World affirms its creative power which is manifested for the betterment of Existence. Fiery World III, 137