Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, October 13, 2009

     1. Casualness cannot guide the progress of humanity. Humanity does not realize the law which builds cosmic life. The Ancient Teaching which regarded the mortal remains as belonging to Earth, thus indicated the kinship of man to the elements. The Great Teaching knew that differentiation of the elements leads but to final fusion.
     The Cosmic Magnet builds through the course of millennia, and the more pure the aspect of the matter, the higher the manifestation of the new predestination. An Agni Yogi creates with his spirit that ascending spiritual step which is preordained by the Cosmic Reason.
     When the spirit can cooperate with the higher energies, We say that the life of the Cosmic Magnet is accepted. When the creative energy of Fire remains unaccepted, We say that life is rejected. It is precisely life that is rejected, and We Arhats value highly the manifestation of this inner fire which can encompass everything. With our manifestation of Fire, one can ignite any flame of creativeness. Many are the great laws of Cosmos--a chain complex but beautiful. Complexity and progress walk abreast. Only with an eternal tension can one reach the predestined steps, and the pain will bring forth joy. Infinity I, 148.

     2. The creative power of Him who assembles the new race attracts all elements which are accumulated in the “lotus” of synthesis. The creative threads are directly connected with the striving of the Chalice. Therefore, the direction of attraction is so clear. Hence the affirmation of the attraction of the “lotus” and the spirits’ response to it. The conditions are difficult where the course of striving is divided. The spirit possessing the Fire of the Cosmic Magnet can give impetus to all fiery currents. Thus, synthesis strengthens the predestination of the chain into Infinity. Infinity I, 215.

     3. The destiny of man on this planet is but little understood. The existence of a cosmic being certainly should have its predestination, but humanity is striving so blindly to its own narrow horizon that it cannot discern its cosmic destination. The creativeness of Cosmos grants a purpose for being to even the smallest worm. Everything in Cosmos creates with a purpose, and, as the relative connection between man and the lower beings is evident, so do there exist the relative connections of the higher spheres. The creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet predetermines each action, as well as the role which the beings are predestined to enact. Thus, the human spheres are designated for cooperation. The Great Reason strains all cosmic spheres; hence, the destiny of man has as its basis the cooperation and beauty of Infinity. Infinity I, 316.

     4. The goal-fitness of cosmic creation extends over all manifestations of constructiveness. Hence, at the base of the creativeness of Fire lies goal-fitness. When the flame of the center is evoked, a new function is always outlined. Thus, each kindling carries its own special predestination. Hence, each kindling is affirmed by its predestined assertion. Thus, each flaming aspiration leads to one’s destination. Therefore, rest is very much needed. The currents are greatly strained. The cosmic instability and the planetary equilibration result in the discharge of unharmonized currents. These currents inevitably reflect upon the sensitive organism. Infinity I, 400.

     5. And now, regarding predestination. We cannot separate the eternal from the transitory. Eternity is the warp on which is woven the entire phantasmagoria of the manifested and transitory world. Out of this transitory, and, at the same time, ceaseless motion is molded in our consciousness the concept of eternity.
     This being so, predestination exists for the eternal as well as for the transitory. But for the eternal, predestination is truly expressed in the eternity of its motion; whereas for the transitory it exists in its eternally changing phases, which are constantly evoked or engendered by new causes and effects, which in turn become causes, and so on ad infinitum. In other words, predestination is a result of an underlying cause.
     Our higher fiery substance is eternal and unchangeable, but the consciousness (or soul), which is built up from the energies accumulated around the fundamental fiery seed, grows and changes. Thus the fiery seed of the spirit is the eternal carrier of constantly changing forms and expressions. Passing through various spheres and worlds, it engenders continuous causes and effects which are molded into a definite form of predestination, or destiny. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 17 October 1935.

     6. When a new karma approaches, a better step in the progress of evolution is affirmed. All new steps have been affirmed as an ascent. Only the human hand threatens the affirmation manifested by Cosmos. Only the human hand works its opposition to its predestination. Therefore, the striving to regeneration should be the motive power of the nations. Verily, under our own eyes shiftings are affirmed. Thus, Light smites the darkness. I so affirm! Infinity II, 181.

     7. So much has been affirmed by the Lords in regard to the future of humanity; yet the spirit ponders little upon the problems of affirmed existence, and the past prepares for humanity manifestations of difficulty. Creativeness depends upon the combination of energies. The future also is thus affirmed. Much has been told to man about the preordained creativeness and about predestination. This destiny man must realize. Our established law points to the impellent factor in the process and one should realize that the future is the result of the past. Thus, the striving of the spirit to a karmic consequence produces the predication of the future. Infinity II, 333.

     8. The predetermination of the future is greatly intensified when there is affirmed a consequence of striving to the Cosmic Magnet. When this consequence comes into force, each of its steps achieves its own form. The chain of epochs is molded by the way of predestination. Thus, knowing the present, one can predetermine the future. One may determine every magnetic vibration that produces the striving of a nation. The study of causes will produce definite results. Thus, let each nation trace the fundamental quality of its aspirations and yearnings. The best indicator will be spiritual progress. Thus, through limitless striving there is established an intensive advancement into evolution. Infinity II, 335.

     9. I cannot agree with you that no one can be blamed for anything. Indeed no, all are to blame, and for everything. Since the whole Universe is an endless chain of causes and effects, how can we, particles of this Universe, be excluded from this cosmic law? The predestination that you mention exists and materializes only because it is the result of causes. Therefore I cannot agree with the statement that after death and passing into the Subtle World people will immediately find there satisfaction, happiness, and the whole meaning of all they sought on Earth. This would be contradictory to the basic cosmic law just mentioned. Undoubtedly, those who sincerely seek for the meaning of earthly existence and who strive after the highest ideals will find them there, in full accordance with their striving and thoughts. There is no scale of justice more precise than that which man carries within himself; for his own aura, which is woven out of energies, motives, and thoughts, is that true scale. Precisely these energies carry his spirit to the level which he himself has built. Letters of Helena Roerich II, 17 October 1935.

     10. Certainly, when the spirit is accustomed to respond in Service in conformity with higher predestinations, the link of the spirit with the Higher Will is established. Hence, one should apply one’s striving to perception of the Higher Will. Only thus can a Hierarch serve Our task. Verily adoption and fulfillment are the valor of a Hierarch. Therefore, I affirm that the power of creativeness is in the blending of consciousnesses. Thus We create the predestined future. I affirm it! Hierarchy, 56.

     11. Upon this planet exists a manifestation closely approaching the constructiveness on the far-off worlds. For millenniums We have been cultivating this manifestation. And thus are We Brothers of Humanity striving to Our powers of Hierarchy. By the same Magnet We are striving to the very Power which exalts Our creativeness. Wondrous is the predestination of Our existence! Upholding the Chalice of manifestations, one can be manifested as a power; both hands are outstretched to the Chalice. Hierarchy, 19.

     12. Thus, humanity is an accumulator and transmuter of the high energy which We have agreed to call psychic energy. The significance of humanity consists in its transmutation of this energy through consciousness and propelling it by way of Hierarchy into the higher spheres. The loss of the understanding of one’s own predestination has thrown people back from the understanding of responsibility. Therefore, We remind again of the foundation of Existence. One must prepare oneself for the next evolution. Once again, one must draw closer to the great current and realize the principles of the renewal of life. You notice how greatly opposed We are to spiritism, but We often speak about the subtle bodies. We smile at contemporary hypnotism, but speak about rays and magnets. We advise re-examination of your pharmacopoeia, but offer a few fundamental medicines. Hierarchy, 296.