T H E   P O W E R   O F   I N T E N T I O N   A N D   M O T I V E:   D O   T H E   E N D S   J U S T I F Y   T H E   M E A N S?
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, November 24, 2009

     1. How resounding are the words of the heart about hidden motives! How important it is to real-ize impartially the intentions of the spirit! Three traits of character will help to cognize the poten-tiality of motive; the trait of honesty, the trait of self-abnegation, and the trait of service. The manifestation of each trait will give the spirit the sword against egotism. Not the hand of karmic tension but the hand of self-exertion will hold for the spirit that gleaming sword. Let us remem-ber that fire which gives tension to the motive. Let the spirit of egotism thus approach the fiery transmutation. The Tara points out the path of fiery self-exertion. The Guru points out the path of fiery action. Yes, yes, yes! Infinity II, 170.

     2. Though the good effects of good intentions, of good thoughts and actions are elusive, still ac-cording to the law of causality, everything produces an effect. This law is immutable and sub-lime. The affirmation of causality in each action gives a broadening of consciousness; for not fear, but discernment, of actions gives the proper direction. How beautiful is the law which gives life to every good and to each creative beginning! Indeed, the structure of the Cosmos is aggran-dized by all the origins of each hour. Verily, the heroes of the spirit know how their striving of each day links them with the construction of life. Thus the law of causality can direct the think-ing towards an understanding of the infinitude of the Fiery World; when the spirit senses that it is a link in a Cosmic Chain, as the effect of a cause and the cause of a new effect. Man will be able to realize a great deal through this simple understanding of the law of cause and effect. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the eternal motion of our actions. Fiery World III, 46.

     3. Each step requires new circumstances. Each new step brings its affirmed power. Therefore in the midst of the difficult time a mighty step in conformity with the difficulties is being laid. Hence the creative activity of Our co-workers will bring the manifestation of success when thoughts shall be affirmed upon the might of the future. Thus We build a wondrous step! Thus We build amidst the dissolution of the countries! Thus Our Power enters into life! The manifes-tation of a new step is so close, but the world decides its fate. Hierarchy, 77.

     4. The ways of action differ in their tensions. The spirit striving to a cosmic action always dis-plays the acceptance of cosmic measures. The ways of action of the spirit impelled to egoistic intensity always further measures that retard evolution. Thus, all the ways of action are strained by the human lever of intentions. Our planet is battling in a vigorously asserted tension, and the ways of action thus are turning the karmic effects. Therefore, the field of human ways clutters the sphere with dams. Infinity II, 304.

     5. Each blow of the hammer produces a fiery manifestation, but each sword stroke also yields a fiery display. Let us approve the work of the hammer, and warn against raising the sword. Let us discern each touch of Fire. Let us accept with utmost responsibility each evidence of the great element. The manifested Fire does not return to its primeval state; it will remain in a special state among fiery manifestations. It will be either life-creating or destructive, according to the inten-tion of him who sends it. For this reason I stress the significance of Fire, this inseparable fellow traveler. By the most varied means one should impress people with the significance of the ele-ments. They have forgotten how filled their life is with the most responsible actions. Words and thoughts beget fiery consequences; yet the tongue continues to prattle and thought continues to wound space. Ponder this fiery production! Do not pride yourselves on some dead knowledge as long as you continue to spew slander against the Highest. Remember that this slander will lodge with you forever. The world has been set aquiver by the flames of malice. Its progenitors hope for the ruin of others, but they themselves will perish from leprosy. Fiery World I, 71.

     6. Thus, thought can be commanded to direct itself to a benevolent intention. Humanity dreams of a better future, still it does not know how to pierce the depths of darkness, because the basis manifested by the Cosmic Fire is not observed in life. The laws of gravitation have lost their sig-nificance, hence only the law of purification can provide that which the planet has lost. Verily, only purification can provide the essentials for efflorescence. The key is within the spirit, and only this key can vouchsafe achievement. Hence, on the way to Us, the entire beauty of spirit must be understood. Hierarchy, 189.

     7. The acceptance of Our Advice must be expressed by immediate, undeferrable action. The dis-ciple must not be satisfied with good intentions, knowing that bad results follow inaction. Light-mindedness, negligence, and the demeaning of Our Instructions weigh heavily on the scales. Even the disciple will examine himself three times and say, "I see no mistakes in my ac-tions.""Do not lower your eyes to the lowlands, but turn to the heights of the Mother of the World, and thus judge your actions by the measures of the Infinite." Agni Yoga, 647.

     8. How difficult it is for people to realize what determines their own welfare. They think that they create; they think that they labor; they think that nothing will take place without them. They think that in them lies the foundation. Woe to those who take credit for that which does not issue from themselves, for these servitors of darkness are verily the destroyers of luminous inceptions. Certainly the attempts of these dark ones only determine their own destruction, for Light is un-conquerable. Thus self-destruction occurs where there is disobedience to the Hierarchy of Light. Thus, the attributing of creativeness to themselves by the dark ones has a reason, because verily the jinns have affirmed themselves as co-workers of Light. Each evil intention is the affirmation of victory. Hierarchy, 328.

     9. These same spouts and spirals are created by the disordered strivings of surrounding people, though not with bad intentions. You also know the effects of the striving of carnate and subtle bodies. They do not realize that in their tension they almost become vampires. Besides, one should distinguish the sendings of the intellect from those of the heart. Mentioning a name a great number of times may prove to have almost no influence, but a heart-sending, by its anguish of striving, can act as a spiral of asphyxiation. It may be truly said, “Do not strangle, even for your own good.” Fiery World I, 130.

     10. History makes note of all pseudo-prophets and imposters. But all spiritual imposters and false sources have not been sufficiently pointed out. If into the basis of the State could be put the spiri-tual principle, it would be possible to follow all the pernicious effects of false sources. One may understand the records of darkness to include all the false sources and the evil intentions of the imposters. With justice it has been asked, “Why disparage the Higher Teaching?” There is only one answer—the imposters live in Maya. And in order to secure a grain for the Common Weal, a manifestation of tolerance is needed. With sorrow do We issue forgiveness to these imposters, for they live in Maya and they will depart into Maya. This is also true with regard to the distor-tion of Sendings. Fiery World III, 11.

     11. It has been said that virtue has a rainbow aura. The rainbow is the symbol of synthesis. Is not virtue revealed as a synthesis of qualities? In each ancient symbol can be found an unquestion-able truth. People have understood that virtue is not simply the doing of good. They have dis-tinctly known that only consonances of tensions of the best qualities provide the synthesis of as-cent. They have known that only the motive will be the affirmation of virtue. No outward actions can testify to the intentions. Experiments with psychic energy will reveal to what extent action is to be distinguished from motive. No glittering words and actions can conceal intention. Many historical instances can be cited when, because of an unworthy motive, even useful actions could not be justified. On the other hand, much that remained inexplicable and under suspicion has shown the radiance of beautiful motives. Such evidences of the essence of life will be confirmed by the primary energy. Brotherhood, 63.

     12. He who sows will reap. Nothing can alter the law of Justice. It can be applied in non-earthly measures, but the sowing will have to be lived down according to the strength of consciousness. It is deplorable that even people who know about karma nonetheless continually create a harmful one for themselves. These people, although aware of the Higher Worlds, nevertheless apply earthly measures to everything; to time, to perceptions, and to intentions. Therefore it is often so difficult to lighten karma as much as would otherwise be possible. People seem to resist every-thing good for them. Fiery World II, 348.

     13. Urusvati knows that every human action can be turned to evil. Ancient physicians, after per-forming a cure, added, “Let this good not be turned into evil.” One can cite many instances of calamities that have resulted from the best intentions. For example, a farm worker who has been advised to arm himself against impending danger will think only about his own safety, and will neglect his land and crops. The teacher should explain that there are many degrees of good. A man should not perform a good action if he knows it will result in evil, but what can he do to avoid the subtler degrees of evil? Again we must turn to straight-knowledge. We know that the dark ones can to a certain degree distort the best intentions, but We do not weep when Our good has at times been distorted. We weigh the good that produces the best yield, for only in co-measurement can be found the justification for an action. One should not forget that though darkness can diminish even the brightest light, the setting sun will always rise again. Thus each cosmic event illuminates human labor. It is not conceivable that an end will come, for there is no end. Joy is born from Infinity. The Thinker comforted His disciples, saying that joy is infinite. Supermundane III, 454.