Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, November 20, 2007

     1. Stand aside, Thou Flaming One!Obstruct not the Gates of Heaven!Souls have been created that are joyous in their consciousness of the spirit.Do not belittle the significance of what you do notcomprehend.Cherish the token given unto youYou must await the awakening of a new spiritualconsciousness.Many doubts will be dispelled in your future work.Necessary and inevitable do I deem the rise and fall of the spirit.The Voice of Wisdom will open the gates to theUnknown. The Call, 9.

     2. Why, O Thou Flaming One, dost Thou avert ThyFace?The sight of Me brings thee pain; thy wings are not yetspread.Harden not your spirits覧realize greatness in the small.Knowledge comes not readily when the spirit istroubled.We bestow upon you the ways.Do not select books at random覧choose carefully.When amidst the throng, carefully guard the light given unto you. The Call, 11.

     3. You ask how to understand the words. "Stand aside, Thou Flaming One. Why, O Thou Flaming One, dost Thou avert Thy Face?..." These words could be applied exactly to the cases you have mentioned. Do not these people become frightened by the Fire of the Light-Bearer? Do not they say, "Stand aside, Thou Flaming One! Hide not the Heavenly Gates"? And again, the answer of the Fiery Messenger: "My sight brings pain to thee; thy wings are not yet spread!" Verily, cunningly contrived are the snares of superstition and prejudice - these offshoots of ignorance which entangle the wings of the spirit. Dread falls upon the soul which knows not the path to the Light and is unable to see in the twilight that surrounds it. Precisely, "Knowledge comes not readily when the spirit is troubled." There are many such diseased souls. And no one can help them, for the cleansing must come from the bottom of the heart and the spirit. But let them for the last time read in the books of the Teaching about treachery and sacrilege, and then let them choose their own path. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 8 September 1934.

     4. Beseech Christ.Search for the joy of turning to the Creator.Learn, and unlock the Gates of Knowledge,And affirm yourselves in understanding the Divine Plan. The Call, 24.

     5. We lend Our Ears to pure thoughts.You will receive the knowledge and will walk the pure path, but beware of anger and of doubt.If you conquer, you will receive the light.If you falter, the whirlwind will obscure your soul.Perfect yourselves, my friends, unwearyingly.Deny not the Voice of the Spirit, suppress only the earth-bound voices.Be daring覧I am with you. The Call, 25.

     6. My Smile attends you, My friends.The spirit feels turmoil, but be wise.The surest knowledge is the heart痴. The Call, 47.

     7. Hunter, unwavering is your spirit.Be clear in your beliefs and you will conquer darkness.Pupils, spread love and knowledge.A smile carries power. The Call, 50.

     8. Labor is the guarantee of success.Each of you must endure earthly thorns.Manifest strength of spirit and approach!Open your hearts through benevolence.The Teacher values every pure quest for Higher Knowledge.The spirit of reason bestows knowledge upon the seekers of Truth.It is enough to follow the path of spirit-realization覧the rest will come. The Call, 61.

     9. The mist will soon be dispelled, and the sun痴 radiance will shine upon your path.Expound My Teaching覧I shall send listeners.Those who receive must also give.Know that by the shortest path I lead you toward knowledge, labor, and happiness.I pass among them and they see Me not. The Call, 71.

     10. Knowledge will help you to avoid danger.Knowledge of My Manifestations will multiply yourstrength.Fearless is the Apostle! The Call, 98.

     11. The Teacher suffered for His words of Truth.Man resists the path to Light.Darkness is more pleasing to the eyes of moles,But love and knowledge will conquer all.Your spirit will ascend and you will pass by the uncomprehending ones swiftly, as you would mileposts on the way.Smile at the difficulties upon your path.I vouch, you will conquer! The Call, 116.

     12. My Children, you are unaware of the battle that rages around you.Both secretly and openly do the dark forces fight.Your spirit, like a dam, is lashed by the waters.Your heart unfolds and will be flooded with knowledge. Fear not, O heart, you will conquer! The Call, 117.

     13. Let naught in the path of knowledge of DivineWisdom hinder you.Different tasks require different tools. The Call, 140.

     14. Count the actions of vehement enemies as preferable to those of lukewarm friends.Knowledge devoid of love is dead, but the radiance of the rainbow comprises all fires. The Call, 189.

     15. I revealed to you new images覧learn to discern.It may be painful to see even your friends unmasked,But knowledge and truth are above all. The Call, 205.

     16. It is better to have stern knowledge than to be moved by sentiment.I teach the truth of life.You must know before you are able.You must be able before you can manifest anything.And you can manifest only what is justified in spirit.If your boat is sound, you will reach the shore.Your sail is spread and the rudder is tested.My Shield will protect you on the field of battle.Be ready to fight.By pure thoughts will you conquer. The Call, 224.

     17. At night do We teach.Then, by day, people will claim it as their own.The essential part of human existence is during the night hours.The abyss is more perceptible to the eye and the whirlwind is closer to the ear.Guardian, remember the entrusted treasure.Behold, Our Calls bestow upon you knowledge greater than the traditions of old.Calamity approaches. I teach you to endure it.The Hand of the Creator reveals the two realms.It is commanded to choose the way.A pack of hounds is snarling,And the owl flashes its eye in the dark.But those who know do not tremble in fear.I am sending a Shield. Behold, and do not reject happiness. The Call, 247.

     18. Only time strengthens knowledge. The Call, 427.

     19. Knowledge comes only with the readiness of the spirit. Commanding and terrorizing are only for the enemies. Illumination, I:XI:4.