Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, December 19, 2006

     Reading the suggested books, you will find sparks. Place into one receptacle the fragments of reverence to Maitreya. Thus, over the face of the Earth I Myself have laid the chips of the One Stone. A new miracle will bring the nations together. Our Ray will expel doubt. Illumination, II:VII:20.

     Once a woman stopped between images of the Blessed Buddha and Maitreya, not knowing to Whom to offer her reverence. And the image of the Blessed Buddha uttered these words: “According to My Covenant, revere the future. Standing in defense of the past, direct your gaze toward the dawn.” Community, 95.

     They will ask, “Can the time of Maitreya create a New Era?” Answer, “If the Crusades brought a new age, then truly the Age of Maitreya is a thousandfold more significant.” Agni Yoga, 1.

     One should remember that with the establishment of general cooperation among all that exists, the energy of thought unites all spheres of being. Not by using a hammer, but by penetrating objects with our thought, shall we unite them. “Wisdom in all,” recalls the Hindu. “Cooperation in all” will be added to this in the Age of Maitreya. Not only by command, not just by harmony, but by the lightning-bolt of directed thought are the co-workers united. Cooperation of the layers of matter is characteristic of the New World. Each era has its own call. The power of thought will be the evocative principle of the New World. Agni Yoga, 101.

     All preceding Yogas, given from the highest Sources, took as their basis a particular aspect of life. And now, at the dawn of the age of Maitreya, there is needed a Yoga comprising the essence of the whole of life, all-embracing, evading nought. One remembers the example of those unignitible youths in the biblical legend who valiantly sacrificed themselves to the fiery furnace and thereby acquired power. You may call this the Yoga of life. But the most precise name will be Agni Yoga. It is precisely the element of fire that gives its name to this Yoga of self-sacrifice. Agni Yoga, 158.

     If we call Buddha the Cause, then Maitreya is the Effect. Agni Yoga, 287.

     Understand once again that the time of changes of continents is approaching. Maitreya is coming, in the vanguard of science, addressing its new frontiers. All the problems of science and of the evolution of all that exists are of concern to the Teacher. Agni Yoga, 344.

     According to the prophecy of the most ancient Teachers, when humanity loses the foundation of the Teaching and sinks into obscurity, the Epoch of Maitreya will take place. Hierarchy, 1.

     The ancient legend that affirms the manifestation of Maitreya as a resurrection of the spirit is correct. We will add that the resurrection of the spirit as the conscious acceptance of the Teaching of Lord Maitreya may be precursor of the Advent. Verily, the resurrection! Hierarchy, 7.

     Each Lord has his keynote. The Epoch of Maitreya proclaims woman. The manifestation of Maitreya is linked with the confirmation of the Mother of the World, in the past, present, and future. The Book of Life is so beautiful. Hierarchy, 13.

     The prayer uttered by Christ when leaving Earth remained unheeded by men. The prayer uttered by Buddha remained unheeded by men. The prayer that Maitreya shall pronounce knocks like lightning at the gates of the human spirit. Hierarchy, 16.

     How stupid are all who deny hope! How blind are those who affirm the advantage of wars! How few are the consciousnesses that can perceive the regeneration of the planet by way of culture! Certainly, those who do not comprehend creativeness by means of higher measures will perish in the same old upheavals. Those who do not comprehend the new ways are greatly in need of understanding the Epoch of Maitreya. The Banner of Peace and of the Lords will open all ways! Hierarchy, 390.

     Maitreya’s is the Age of the Heart! Only with the heart can one evaluate the treasures of Maitreya! Heart, 74.

     Previous human crusades are as nothing in comparison with the Procession of Maitreya. I affirm that the Great Battle is the renovation of the Earth. The future must be understood not as a battle, but as an achievement. Heart, 184.

     One should gather all unwaveringness of the heart in order to find oneself in the ranks of Rigden. Thus, one should not forget the days that we are crossing. The Teacher reminds that not terror should fill the hearts of the warriors of Armageddon, but grandeur. Heart, 380.

     When slavery, the shame of the World, is manifested, then one must expect a change of epoch. Can one expect the advent of Maitreya to be possible only in four hundred thousand years? Many times has confusion been caused by mere words. It is impossible to imagine the Earth submerged in darkness for another thousand years. Just picture the progression of evil! Therefore the most fierce Armageddon can be regarded as salvation. The wise cannot but feel an anguish of the spirit. Fiery World II, 120.

     Urusvati has been told, and knows, that Ajita – the personal name, meaning invincible, of the Bodhisattva Maitreya – has put on his coat of mail. Is it proper for a Peacemaker to clothe himself in a warrior’s garb? We have discussed the general welfare sufficiently. We have stressed the need to protect the creative work of mankind. We have pointed out the horrors of fratricide. And We have also spoken about the dignity of one’s native land. Thus, the most committed Peacemaker on the one hand indicated that all means should be used for establishing peace, and on the other sent armies to defend the frontiers of the land of His people. Supermundane III, 572.

     The time shall soon come for that command of Mine: to cross all deserts. When My gold was scattered by the winds I ordained the day when the people of Northern Shambhala would come to gather My possessions. Then shall My people prepare their bags for the treasures. And to each shall I give a just share. On Eastern Crossroads, p. 146.

     Those are right who speak about human ignorance. When we approach the threatening time it is necessary to exert all strength for such a powerful step. The epoch of Maitreya is already predicted, and the signs are already scattered like fiery seeds. Therefore, for those who follow the Cosmic Magnet, the threatening time will be full of Light. And for those also who struggle for the significance of the New Epoch, the threatening time will prove to bear the Light of the future. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 24 February 1930.

     Are there religions and communities in the East which accept the Teaching about Maitreya? The Bodhisattva Maitreya was promised to the world as the coming Buddha by Gautama himself. This is the reason why the Hinayana also accepts this one Bodhisattva. Maitreya corresponds to the Kalki Avatar in Hinduism (the White Horse Avatar – see the Revelation of St. John), and to the Messiahs of all nations. All the Messiahs are inevitably Avatars of Vishnu; therefore, they belong to One Ego. In the exoteric legends the difference between Maitreya and the Kalki Avatar is that while the Kalki Avatar will appear at the end of the present Kali Yuga for the final destruction of the wicked, the renovation of humanity and “the restoration of purity,” Maitreya is expected earlier. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 19 March 1936.

     Now you will understand how sacredly rings the name of Maitreya or Kalki Avatar of Muntazar in the hearts of the East. Indeed, all religions rotate around this one concept of the Avatar and the coming Messiah. This faith, or rather straight-knowledge, is that fire which keeps and nourishes the spiritual life of our planet. Extinguish this fire, and the planet will sink into the darkness of destruction. Verily, there is nothing more vital, more powerful and beautiful than this concept of the Great Avatar. All the prophecies, all the visions, and all the most ancient and sacred legends of all nations hide under different symbols and allegories a great Book of Lives of the Greatest One, who fights with the apocalyptic Serpent. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 19 March 1936.

     Likewise, ask those people who feel offended because the coming epoch is being called the epoch of Maitreya and not the epoch of Christ, whether they really understand the significance of these Names. If they knew more, they would not feel offended. The coming epoch will be under the Rays of Three Lords – Maitreya, Buddha, and Christ. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 31 July 1937.

     There exists a most ancient saying, “Where women are revered and safeguarded, prosperity reigns and the gods rejoice.” The New Epoch under the rays of Uranus will bring the renaissance of woman. The Epoch of Maitreya is the Epoch of the Mother of the World. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 5 April 1938.