Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, March 23, 2004

      It can be observed that children not only use the words they have heard but introduce words of their own. These will provide clues as to the nature of the inheritance from previous incarnations. One can easily observe the true inherited character and gather evidence of some valuable peculiarities. Even from among the very first expressions of an infant it is possible to form an idea of its inner consciousness. It has not by accident turned its attention to this or that object. Also very significant are the unexpected words uttered in its very infancy. We have already spoken about practically the same thing, but now We are mentioning it from the standpoint of fiery energy. It can be observed that in childhood there is much electricity in the body, relatively the same quantity as in adults, which means that the elements of the fiery body have been fully implanted. The seed of the spirit has been already embedded.
      Mothers, remember that children observe and are conscious of more things than you surmise. And many manifestations escape notice for example, a frequent glowing of the child's body, as well as gestures and occurrences of anger or repose. Erroneously people think that the child's aura is inexpressive. One may see in it not a little of the burden it has brought back. Fiery World III, 503

      Why are people amazed at many cases of children who remember their past? Precisely nowadays are being born many such evident intermediaries between this and the Subtle World. They also remember about their sojourn between the earthly lives, but people do not know how to question them about this. The important thing is not that they remember about buried gold, but that they can tell about precious sensations. Thus takes place a rapprochement of the two Worlds, and this circumstance precedes great events. But for a long time not many will apprehend to what an extent everything is changed around them. Fiery World III, 542

      You know that one should speak simply, but people expect the very simplest. One may receive questions such as one is even ashamed to answer. But every mother knows of these questions from her children. The mother conquers her irritation and finds a kind word for the child. Fiery World III, 557v

      The surroundings at home likewise impose an imprint on one's whole life. Even the poorest hut would not outrage the spiritual feeling. It should not be presumed that futility of life is not noticed by children, on the contrary, they feel keenly the structure of all their everyday life; therefore, prayer lives best in a clean home. Aum, 70

      Even in infants can be observed the manifestation of psychic energy. But one needs to know how to distinguish these signs in which there are so many echoes of the Subtle World. The manifestation of former lives is already revealed among the childish games and inclinations. It is not discriminating to say that all childish diversions are identical. Even in common games each child manifests his own individuality. Observing children, one can enrich one's own knowledge of psychic energy. Aum, 554

      One should also pay attention to infantile eclampsia. It indicates development of the nerve centers. During such a state it is necessary to maintain special quietude. By nature such children are highly gifted, but the shield of the body must be strong. It is necessary to regard such manifestations as a seeming overfilling of the Chalice. Not without reason was this called in antiquity a “divine visitation.” During such attacks, complete quiet of all surroundings, as well as warmth, the odor of rose oil, and a uniform temperature are essential. Certain peoples have made use of soothing music, and such an expedient was helpful; for the assistance given must be a psychic one. Aum, 220

      It is correct that people should have identical control over paired organs, but such control can only begin in childhood. A child has equal use of his hands, but in examples surrounding him he sees a preference for the right hand. In schools it is already too late to restore equality. Only amid the first flashes of consciousness can a child avoid the prejudices of adults. Too little attention is paid to the curiosity of children. One can learn much from how quickly they notice their surroundings. Brotherhood, 275

      The consciousness of adults sometimes dies away for a certain time, whereas children are acutely perceptive of precious qualities. Adults often fail to resound to the concept of heroism, but children are fond of popular heroes; they are enraptured by great deeds, and they dream of seeing themselves among the champions of the truth. It is inadmissible to deprive children of this living source of inspiration, which will remain a luminous glow throughout their lives. This aspiration is not sensuousness, but the growth of consciousness which has come in contact with a beautiful image. It is necessary to preserve by all means such contacts; from them is born also the concept of Brotherhood.
      It should not be thought that the realization of Brotherhood comes from any sort of dogmatic moralizing. A beautiful achievement can illumine a young heart forever. Brotherhood, 470v

      I welcome very much the method which is being used for developing attentiveness among children. It is very good to use art gallery pictures for this purpose. So much can be seen in these treasures of art. Attentiveness is a foundation for accumulating knowledge. Attentiveness is a first step in the refinement of receptivity, and we know that only refinement gives broadening of consciousness and that creative power is affirmed by the centers of fine receptivity. The finer, the higher; the higher, the more powerful! Nothing holds back evolution so much as coarseness of receptivity! Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 3 December 1930

      I hope very much that you do not spoil the growing warrior! Teach him to be studious, attentive, and assiduous. Develop his sense of cooperation, sense of help, and compassion toward animals and the needy. Let him learn to help from the earliest age. Children are so happy when grown-ups ask them to help. You can create the occasions for such help. You must teach him to be obliging and respectful toward adults. Let him learn to think about other people and to be happy if he can bring some cheer to others. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 17 June 1931

      It is perfectly right that you pay so much attention to children's and youth's literature. This is a most essential problem, as not only in childhood but later on a person's mentality depends very much on the first, and therefore strongest, impressions. So often a good book could correct the results of imperfect surroundings of the family! Certainly there are many valuable books in the literature of the past. It is only necessary to choose correctly, and particularly to discard what is harmful. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 15 January 1932

      Almost everybody knows that the material and spiritual welfare of whole countries depends on foundations built into the consciousness of children. Nevertheless, almost nothing is done in this direction. I agree with you that books which deal with heroic deeds are most essential. Such books can influence a child's mentality and will guard against the terrible evil of today: the superficial attitude toward sacred concepts and the inferior quality of thought. Due to this, the whole structure of life is being built on sand, and it will crumble and disintegrate with the first shock. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 15 January 1932

      Teach children to understand the significance of each thought and each action, as well as of each manifestation of nature, which has its unfailing laws. Tell them that the violation of these laws is strictly punished. Point out that the vitality and creativeness of people, as well as of other creatures of the kingdom of nature, depend on the invisible world and the invisible vibrations of the great spiritual Sages of the past and present. Children are ready to accept the invisible as reality because their minds are not yet demoralized by destructive doubt. It is necessary to impress upon the child's mind most emphatically the existence of the subtle spheres that surround us; and to eradicate the terror of death and of contact with the Subtle World. The Subtle World is as unavoidable as our earthly life, and when realized, being the sublimation of the earthly world, it will open to us unutterable beauty. Therefore, you must teach children not to be frightened by death, which is an illusion, and not to be afraid of so-called “ghosts.” Usually children who have an open psychic sight are not afraid of what they see until the grown-ups influence them either by their mocking attitude or by their stories about ghosts and “that deadly cold of the grave.” This “deadly cold” is nothing but a simple chemical reaction of the contact of the subtle with the gross. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 19 June 1933

      Therefore, every mother must bring up her children in the spirit of great deeds, heroism and self-denial for the General Good. This is not approval of war in its usual sense; but we cannot deceive ourselves–we do live in the midst of the most dreadful and ruinous wars of all kinds. But the spiritual war is far more exacting than any other war. That is why it is so important to cultivate courage and fearlessness. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 15 January 1932.