Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, November 2, 2004

      Since times immemorial the Chalice has been a symbol of Service. The gifts of Higher Forces are gathered in the Chalice and given from the Chalice. The symbol of the Chalice has always stood for self-sacrifice. Whoever bears the Chalice bears Achievement. Each lofty deed can be marked by the symbol of the Chalice. Everything most lofty, everything for the good of humanity, should bear this symbol. The Chalice of the Grail, the Chalice of the Heart which has dedicated itself to the Great Service, is a most Cosmic Magnet. The Heart of the Cosmos is reflected in this great symbol. All images of Heroes of the Spirit may be represented as bearing the Chalice. The whole universe is reflected in the Chalice of the fiery spirit. The Chalice contains the accumulations of centuries which are gathered around the seed of the spirit. It is necessary to accept the affirmation of the Chalice as a great symbol in everyday life. Small children, and all youth, should be taught to think about the Chalice. One should understand the entire diversity of forms of the great symbol, the Chalice. Fiery World III, 49.

      The center of the Chalice is located near the heart amidst the knots of nerves. The Chalice is the focal point of all emanations. This is the focus in which and through which all emanations of the seed of the spirit are refracted and spread. The Chalice forms a triangle between the center of the heart and the solar plexus. It is located above the solar plexus at the level of the heart. The Chalice belongs to those nerve-knots that are not investigated as yet. In the very ancient scriptures the center of the Chalice was sometimes called the "Celestial Axis." Indeed, "Very rarely is the Chalice filled to overflowing. As a synthesized center, the Chalice preserves the most essential, indescribable accumulations. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 2 September 1937.

      It is correct to define the Kundalini as an abstract principle. When the conditions of earthly life were crude, it was necessary to direct the spirit to higher spheres. At first, the symbol of the Eye of Brahma held priority; then it was followed by the triumph of the Kundalini. But with either, the attainment of Samadhi by some did not protect humanity from the horrors of slavery and treason.
      Now is the time to insist upon synthesis of action. Straight-knowledge will provide this synthesis during earthly existence. The treasure of straight-knowledge is contained in the Chalice, therefore one should add to the two mentioned centers the blossoming of the third center. The rainbow of the Kundalini can draw one upward, but here on Earth, earthly construction is needed. One has to build a foundation for the pillar, just as writing does for thought. The long-silenced Chalice will again come to life, and humanity will tread a new path. Three Lords, these three centers, will lead to true cooperation here.
      Whoever understands the relation of the Chalice to the Kundalini will understand how the father transmits the earthly kingdom to the son. The Kundalini is the father, the impeller of the ascent. The Chalice is the son, awakened by the father. Whoever knows the principle of the father will, at the change of races, embrace the son. The Chalice of attainment initiates action. Thus nothing is rejected, but only strengthened. The Eye of Brahma is the natural complement to this order. Agni Yoga, 549.

      Often we know a word, but cannot utter it. Its beginnings swirl in the depth of consciousness, but cannot be brought to the surface. The depth of the consciousness is strongly felt at such moments. Not in the fissures of the brain, but in some other repository are gathered the treasures of memory—indeed, it is in the Chalice.
      I could remind you of times when the Chalice was physically injured, and the flow of memories immediately stopped. On the other hand, upon injury to the brain, images of one's entire life may speed by instantaneously, as if bursting from the depths.
      Upon expansion of consciousness, cooperation of the centers is realized. One may cognize what can be obtained from the channels of the brain and what can be drawn out of the depths of the Chalice. Untold treasures are accumulated in the Chalice. The Chalice is one, for all incarnations. The peculiarities of the brain are a matter of heredity, but the properties of the Chalice are the result of one's own actions.
      In the Chalice lies a winged child; thus does ancient wisdom remind us of the origin of consciousness. Agni Yoga, 627.

      The spiritualization of thought is a true fiery quality. It is like the tempering of the blade in preparation for battle. It is one thing to have a fleeting thought, which, however useful, only skims over the consciousness and is quickly dispersed in space. But it is of much deeper significance when the thought is firmly enveloped in the heart. One can regard this process even from the physical point of view alone. Therefore it is useful at the inception of a thought to give oneself the following command, “I will place this thought upon my heart!” This advice will give much discipline to the thinking beginner. Moreover, whatever is consciously deposited in the heart remains in the Chalice. Fiery World I, 419.

      Inexperienced people imagine that having a knowledge of their past lives would permit them to better succeed on their path, but in reality only few would know how to properly make use of such memories. Actually, these memories are not lost, but are stored as living accumulations in the Chalice, and sometimes the Voice of the Silence reminds one of the need to draw forth and make use of an old experience. The law of concealed memory is a blessing. Supermundane III, 643.

      If the physicians would become aware of the vibrations of Cosmos, they could discover much that would be useful for healing. A ray may be discovered which would awaken accumulations in the Chalice and thus dispel sluggishness. Infinity II, 12.

      Straight-Knowledge is knowledge and experience accumulated in our Chalice. It is the so-called intuition, but of an extremely high quality. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 8 May 1935.

      The center of the Chalice gathers all creative threads. Therefore, each cosmic vibration resounds within the Chalice. The spirit must give evidence of many indispensable strivings in order to assimilate the responding vibrations. When the center of the Chalice can manifest all the resounding vibrations of the cosmic fires, the creativeness of independent action is truly great. Therefore, this center must be protected by a moderator. Hence, it is necessary to guard the health. Infinity II, 152.

      The filling of the Chalice determines the quality of action. Each thought leading to the mighty understanding of Hierarchy uplifts the spirit. Therefore, as striving grows, the broadening of consciousness leads the spirit to the understanding of the Origins. Creativeness of the spirit can build a bridge to higher understanding only through the subtlest energies. Therefore, the accumulation in the Chalice gives the best possibilities and attainments. Man must strive to fill the Chalice and expand the consciousness. Thus, the subtlest energies are within reach of only the subtlest receptivity, and limitless striving opens the Gates to Beauty. Hierarchy, 55.

      The Chalice which embraces cosmic manifestations is saturated with cosmic energies. The Spatial Fire which strives to take form awakens the saturated Chalice by attracting the Fire of Cosmos. Thus, each visible form is built by the creativeness of the Chalice, and the Silvery Lotus proclaims the manifestation of all-containment. All cosmic manifestations have their response. Therefore, when the Chalice contains all fires the spirit knows Be-ness and the Silvery Lotus knows cosmic creativeness. Thus, the all-containing Chalice resounds in Infinity. Infinity II, 196.

      The consciousness not blended with the Lord cannot strive to the law of accumulation in the Chalice. Only the power of the Cosmic Magnet can bring the spirit close to the Teacher. Verily, the one who adheres to the Higher Consciousness receives the power of thought. Only when a spirit accepts all transmissions from Above can he broaden his consciousness, otherwise the power concealed within the Chalice cannot be awakened. Thus, the thread of the bond is the ladder of spirit upon which the power of the spirit ascends. Creativeness is affirmed by way of this wondrous thread. Thus, the ascent of the spirit proceeds through its bond with the Lord. Hierarchy, 155.

      The accumulation of the precipitation of energies does not take place in just a single life. Thousands of years are necessary for filling the Chalice. So essential are the continuous, never-interrupted, benevolent strivings, which deposit the priceless treasures in our treasury. People possessing great accumulations of the Chalice are the treasures of nations. Sometimes very little is needed in order to complete the filling of the Chalice, and this little could be completed in one self-denying life. But by carelessness people postpone the achievement, and by this they throw themselves back. Nobody and nothing can stop eternal movement and the transmutation of energies. There exist only two possibilities: either to strive ahead or to fall back. But who would want to vow himself to retrogression-in other words, to unite himself with cosmic waste? Striving is the great moving power for all beings! Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 3 December 1930.

      Each Teaching of Light is primarily a development of humaneness. Remember this definitely, for the world has never before been in such a need of this quality. Humaneness is the gateway to all other worlds. Humaneness is the basis of straight-knowledge. Humaneness is the wings of beauty. The essence of humaneness is the substance of the Chalice. Fiery World I, 75.

      Difficult is the path of true discipleship. Indeed, there is no knowledge, no philosophy and, moreover, no violation by magic that can give us spirituality. For only be experiencing life, by drinking the poison of all life's illusions, by preserving ardent aspiration for the service of the General Good can we fill the CHALICE of AMRITA. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 15 October 1935.