A R T   –   I T S   V A L U E   A N D   PURPOSE
Selections from the Agni Yoga Series

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, January 13, 2004

      Pure art is the true expression of the radiant spirit.
      Through art you gain the light.
                                          The Call, 2

      My thrice-called pupil!
      Through your art, carry My Word,
            bring joy to the hearts of the world.
                                          The Call, 48

      Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture.
      Through Beauty will you approach.
      Understand and remember.
      I have entrusted you to pronounce Beauty.
      I bid you pronounce Beauty.

      You, my daughter, said Love.
      And you, my son, said Action.
      And you, both, said Beauty.
                                          The Call, 333

      Each school must be a complete educational unit. In schools there must be a useful museum in which the pupils themselves take part. There must be a cooperative, and the pupils must also be taught such cooperation. All phases of art must be included. Without the paths of beauty there can be no education. New Era Community, 104

      One can become accustomed to making use of art as a condensation of forces. A work of beauty can produce not only a heightening of activity but also a sharpening of forces. But one should accept this fact consciously and learn to make use of emanations of creativeness.
      The bearers of sound and color must bring into the community an unspilled vessel. Knowledge and creativeness will be the Amrita of the Community.
      Color and sound will be the Amrita of the Community. Knowledge will manifest an eternity of labor. Action surrounds great Aum. New Era Community, 224

      Our constructiveness lies in vitality. The pledge of happiness for humanity lies in beauty. Hence, We assert art to be the highest stimulus for the regeneration of the spirit. We consider art to be immortal and boundless. We make a demarcation between knowledge and science, because knowledge is art, science is method. Therefore, the element of Fire intensifies art and spirit-creativeness. Therefore, the wondrous pearls of art can actually uplift and transmute the spirit instantaneously. Everything is attainable through the growth of the spirit, for only the inner fires can give the needed strength of receptivity. Thus an Agni Yogi can sense all cosmic beauty without narrow scientific methodology. Verily, the pearls of art bring exaltation to humanity, and the fires of spirit-creativeness can give a new understanding of beauty to humanity. Thus, We value integrity around the center and appreciate the Service to Hierarchy through the heart. Hierarchy, 359

      How greatly people distort the concept of psychic powers, forgetting that a physical manifestation can always be explained by a psychic factor, but a psychic manifestation cannot be confirmed by physical means. When all psychic factors were eliminated from science then, certainly, a sharp demarcation between organic and inorganic occurred. Thus, one may point out to scholars that books bereft of spirit, psychic energy, and Cosmic Fire cannot produce the science that should be given to humanity. The separation of that which has existed for millenniums from that which was created through centuries has disclosed those errors which have precipitated so greatly the Karma of our planet.
      Therefore, humanity must ponder on how to bring the psychic manifestations closer to the physical world. Otherwise, established science and pedantry may meet at an empty board. Therefore, the vitality of art, which guards the divine fire, gives to humanity the saturation by that fire which kindles the spirit and imbues all worlds. Hence, the wondrous torches of the beauty of creativeness are so precious for humanity. We have seen how the creations of art have transformed men – something all the book-learning in the world cannot do. Thus the Banner of Beauty and Peace unites the world. Thus spirit-creativeness saturates space. Hierarchy, 366

      Not without reason did the ancient sages choose to occupy themselves with some art or handicraft. Each one had to acquire some manual skill. They had in mind a means of concentration. Each one, in his striving for perfectionment, thus intensified his will and attention. Even in the few objects which have come down to us, there can be seen a high quality of workmanship. Precisely at present, the time has again come to return to quality in manual work. It is impossible to place spiritual limitations within the confines of machines. It is necessary to take the time to produce a quality of workmanship that will revivify the imagination. Precisely quality and imagination are united on the steps of fiery attainment. Fiery World II, 293

      Urusvati remembers how steadfastly We care about protecting the Beautiful. Foreseeing the events of Armageddon, We work to spread abroad Our suggestions about the best methods for preserving the world's treasures. We know that the forces of darkness will use all their efforts to prevent the fulfillment of Our urgent precautions. They understand very well that a work of art emits the most powerful emanations, and can serve as the best weapon against their attacks. The forces of darkness attempt to destroy art, or at least divert the attention of people from it. It must be remembered that a work of art deprived of attention loses its power of transmission, and its benevolent energy is arrested. There is no living contact between a cold spectator or listener and art that is beyond his understanding.
      The concept of creative thought is profound and such thought permeates a work of art, which then becomes a strong magnet and a collector of energy. Thus, each artistic creation lives and assists in the exchange and accumulation of energy.
      Even in the midst of Armageddon one can experience the influence of works of art. Concern about precious art can preserve a whole era. Our repositories are filled with objects that people considered lost. Perhaps some of them will eventually be returned to the nations that failed to protect them.
      We have saved many works of art. We can foresee how the dark ones will apply all their skill to minimize favorable conditions, and from the highest spheres of existence We know at which time We must help humanity. These preliminary plans are in the Subtle World well in advance.
      We do not conceal the need for urgent measures, because, in the ongoing Armageddon, the dark ones hope to corrupt all human energies. But We know how to oppose them. Thus, observe where We direct Our care. Supermundane I, 122

      Urusvati knows that We encourage mastery in all fields of work. Everyone should strive to perfect his art and his work. Even if these attempts are not always successful, they will nevertheless help one to achieve a new level of concentration.
      While on Our Path We always implemented the betterment of arts and crafts; We taught new chemical combinations; We encouraged ceramics and carving. We even taught people how to preserve their food. I speak of all this so that you will understand the variety of approaches to evolution.
      Let each one help where he can; no opportunities are insignificant. Where there is true striving, help is more easily granted. We try all the ways. Supermundane I, 298

      In general, people dislike the concept of service. They dream about a time when there will be no need for it, and would be horrified to learn that all of life is unending service. They prefer to hear about Us, about Our labor and Our joy, and puzzled, they ask, “What kind of continual service is it when one can hear singing in the Brotherhood?”
      People cannot understand that We use singing not as a pastime, but as a method for achieving harmony. It is hard for them to understand that art is a refined aid for evolution, and that We recommend the mastery of any art or craft as a rapid approach to service. A Master will willingly agree to perpetual service in the perfection of his art, and feels no need to count the hours of labor.
      Our life is a voluntary mastership and is not concerned with limits. Even on Earth it is possible to almost forget time, and service becomes joy. I affirm that one can prepare oneself for such service under all circumstances. One need not be a sage to accept life as something important and responsible. There are examples of even simple farmers who were ready to devote themselves to the idea of service. It was the loss of this concept of service that turned earthly life into slavery and insanity. But the time is approaching when people will be looking, even unwittingly, for the purpose of life. They will first refer to evolution in scientific terms, but the next step will be the acceptance of service as the right approach to life.
      The Thinker taught that the concept of service can solve the riddles of life. Supermundane II, 305