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The Inner Life

Book IV

      Urusvati knows that the Yogi can be called the one who sacrifices. What can be sacrificed by him, who has already renounced all earthly riches? But the treasure of the Yogi is always with him: his labor, his thought, his will and all his great energy. From these sources he can draw untiringly, and what is given is replenished by the supermundane prana.
      The Yogi serves as a living link with the Supermundane World; this honorable cooperation is not easy. Chaotic earthly accumulations cause pain and exhaustion beyond measure. But the Yogi is a true sacrificer and knows that the Common Good is not achieved easily. As a sensible manager of his resources, he does not allow overfatigue. He knows that all extremes should be avoided. He will immediately inhale the prana and give rest to his organism. This rest will not be a lengthy one, for the Supermundane World hastens to replenish the loss of energy.
      The Thinker said, “We give and thus receive. We sacrifice and thus enrich ourselves.” Supermundane IV, 949

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