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Letters of Helena Roerich

Book Two

My young friends:
From far-off India, the country of beauty, of achievements of the spirit, and of great thought, I send to you who are gathered in the name of the great labor and structure of the future — greetings of the heart! I call you to self-perfection and unlimited attainment.
     The book of new discoveries and the light of daring is open before humanity, and you have already heard about the approach of the New Era. Every epoch has its Call, and the calling foundation of the New Era will be the power of thought. That is why we call you to understand the great significance of creative thought, and the first step in this direction will be the opening of consciousness, freedom from all prejudices and from all tendentious and forced concepts.
     Let us glance at the entire immensity of the night sky. In our thoughts let us fly over the innumerable worlds and the hidden depths of infinite space. Thought in its substance is infinite, and only our consciousness attempts to limit it. Therefore, without delay, let us start the next step — broadening of consciousness. The most ancient wisdom of India says: “Thought is the primary source of world creation.” the Great Buddha pointed out the meaning of thought which builds our essence. He taught his pupils to broaden their consciousness. Lao Tze, Confucious, Christ — all Teachers of spirit and great thinkers taught the same thing.
     The Great Plato said: “Thoughts rule the world.” And modern scientists, as for instance Professor Compton, have expressed the probability of an active, rational force in every phenomenon of nature, and of the influence of thought upon matter. He concludes with the following remarkable words: “Possibly the thoughts of men are the most important factors in the world.”
     With such bread understanding let us become acquainted with the history of the development of thought. Putting aside all prejudices of place, time and nationality, we, like the bees, shall collect the precious honey of human creative thought!
     After placing into the foundation the powerful achievements of those great creators who molded our consciousness, let us begin the third step — the development of our own thought, our own creativeness; and from the new combinations we shall hew sparks of the fire of thought, this crown of the Universe.
     Let us remember that a thinking being is never lonely because thought is his greatest magnet and brings similar response from space. Therefore, if we want to receive a beautiful answer we should send into vibrating space our striving thoughts saturated with the pure fire of the heart; only the thought which is spiritualized by striving, nourished by the heart, can create and attract as a powerful magnet. Thought without the striving and flaming quality is sterile. Thus, let us long for knowledge, for broad thoughts, and in our striving we shall dare, as only daring thought molds new ways.
     You, my young friends, who have approached art and creation, you should be able to utilize your gifts as a condensation of your forces; for sound and color, thought and rhythm are the foundations of the Universe and of our existence. Sound and color, knowledge and creation are the chalice of Amrita, the chalice of Immortality!
     Eternal, continuous creation of the universal Life surrounds us, and we, being part of this great creation, should create every moment of our life — create by thought, by word, by action!
     My young friends, fill up the treasury of your spirit. Absorb all the sounds, all the colors, all the rhythms from the fathomless source of space. These finest vibrations, consciously absorbed, will refine your receptivity and your thought.
     The refinement of receptivity will give you the possibility of penetrating into the Sanctuaries of Space, and will open the joyous path of achievement and continuous, endless ascent.
     My friends, labor with all the tension of your forces because only by reaching the limit of your tension do new possibilities come to you. The laws are alike in everything. We know that sublime energies are born if the greatest efforts. Therefore, only increased activity and intensified strength will bring the achievement of beauty.
     And I beg you, do not fear difficulties. Display readiness to meet all obstacles, for each obstacle strengthens you and leads you to the future victory. Try to love the difficulties, and say, “Blessed be the obstacles, through them we grow.” Courageously, inspired by striving, realizing the majesty of the endless perfecting of creative life, strive toward the calling Infinity — infinity of lives, infinity of achievements, infinity of knowledge, infinity of construction, infinity of beauty!
     My young friends, hearken to the Call of Creative Infinity!

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