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Signs of Agni Yoga


Book II


     I am trying to bring you closer to Infinity, not merely to give you an exquisite concept but so that you may acquire refinement of consciousness. If through the knowledge of causes we expand our consciousness, then through the cognition of quality we refine it. This property, and the quality of thought and feeling, will evince the cognition of the origins of creation.
     Words cannot formulate the consistence of the high quality of thinking. But each one, even he who labors, senses its required quality. This quality, as a aeolian harp, resounds to the current of reality; and it accumulates beneath the center of the Chalice the subtlest soma of cognition and discernment, not only by means of co-measurement but also in accordance with immutability.
     This last spark of Truth kindles the attracting Beacon of Light.
     At so dark a moment, let us dwell upon the Light!

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