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Signs of Agni Yoga

Fiery World

Book III


     Now we may begin the approach to the Fiery World, affirming the supermundane signs. We have repeatedly pointed out the urgency of the development of necessary earthly qualities. The Teaching always proceeds along two currents which, when they meet, form the complete line of attainment. While many earthly qualities are not easy to attain, the super-earthly conditions may appear to be abstract; but they are an existing reality. He who is accustomed to think on a planetary scale knows how real is the life in the World of Fire, in the World of Radiance, in the World of Attainment.
     Thus, let us begin the third part of Fiery World.

     No one can say that thought about the Fiery World is destructive, negative or anarchistic. No harm can result from aspiring to the Higher Worlds. There will be only co-measurement and a desire for perfectionment. Thus, after reading "The Signs of the Fiery World," nothing will be rejected and profaned. On the contrary, the thinker will learn and attain a joy over and above earthly existence.
     We shall return again to the Fiery World, when We shall speak about the higher energies. But until that time let friends learn to love the Fiery World, the World of Light, the World of Beauty!

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