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All the texts made available for download here are under copyright protection,
with the copyrights held by the Agni Yoga Society, Inc.
The Society offers the texts for free downloading under the principle that
the Teaching should be available to everyone. But please note the following restrictions:
The texts may be downloaded for your own use, or copied for the use of others.
They may not be modified in any way, nor may they be used for any commercial purpose.

The files in .mobi format are for the Kindle and for devices, such as the iPad and some smart phones,
that work with Kindle files. For instructions, please click here.

Leaves of Morya's Garden Vol. I
Leaves of Morya's Garden Vol. II
New Era Community
Agni Yoga
Infinity I
Infinity II
Fiery World I
Fiery World II
Fiery World III
Supermundane I
Supermundane II
Supermundane III
Supermundane IV
Letters of Helena Roerich Volume I
Letters of Helena Roerich Volume II
On Eastern Crossroads
Foundations of Buddhism
Agni Yoga Glossary