Agni Yoga Society,Inc. | Compilations  

The Agni Yoga Society will offer on this site numerous compilations on various subjects that are important in the Teaching. But those who visit the site will have full access to the complete texts of the books, and will be provided with a simple search engine, to make it possible for them to conduct their own research, and create their own compilations. As compilations are added to the site, they will be listed and made available for download here.

Most of these compilations were gathered and chosen by Elizabeth Meeker, one of the earliest members of the Society. Ms. Meeker was a Theosophist when being one was still new, and embraced Agni Yoga wholeheartedly when it began appearing. Her compilations are the result of a lifetime of broad study of many teachings and sources, and the chosen material was made with full knowledge of its true meaning.

This is not compiling by computer search. After all, many paragraphs are about something without that thing being named in them, just as many paragraphs with significant terms in them are not about that term. So the compilations have layers of meaning that are not available to computer searches.

Still, building one's own compilations on subjects of interest, even by computer, is a valid way to study, and we hope all visitors to this site will avail themselves of the opportunity found here to do just that.