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It is not yet possible to order materials from the Society directly at this site. But our booklist is included here, with full instructions for ordering by other means, and for payment of charges.

Leaves of Morya's Garden Vol. I (The Call) $15.00
Leaves of Morya's Garden Vol. II (Illumination) $15.00
New Era Community $15.00
Agni Yoga $15.00
Infinity I $15.00
Infinity II $15.00
Hierarchy $15.00
Heart $15.00
Fiery World I $15.00
Fiery World II $15.00
Fiery World III $15.00
Aum $15.00
Brotherhood $15.00
Supermundane I $15.00
Supermundane II $15.00
Letters of Helena Roerich, vol. I $25.00
Letters of Helena Roerich, vol. II $25.00
Foundations of Buddhism, by Helena Roerich $18.00
On Eastern Crossroads, by Helena Roerich $15.00
At the Threshold of the New World (dreams, visions, and letters) by Helena Roerich $15.00
BOOKLETS (compiled from material in the above books):
Mother of the World $5.00
Mother of Agni Yoga $5.00

Shipping and handling costs are to be added to all orders: 
USA:  media mail (4-8 business days)  $6.00 (per order)
Air mail outside the USA: 
one book  22.00
each additional book  inquire
Payment must be made in advance in US dollars.
Paying with PayPal:
Please email your order and your mailing address to We'll issue a PayPal money request and you'll be able to pay with your PayPal account or your credit card (you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay with your credit card).
Other ways of paying:
We also accept purchases by VISA and MASTERCARD. To purchase by card, please email your order and your mailing address to and then call us at 1-212-864-7752 and provide the name on the card, the number, and the expiration date. DO NOT include your credit card details in the email.
Otherwise, write to us by regular mail (Agni Yoga Society, 319 West 107th Street, New York NY 10025) and include payment in US dollars with your order. Make checks payable to Agni Yoga Society.
Outside the USA, please make payment by International Money Order or a check drawn on a New York bank.
We are required by law to charge sales tax on all orders shipped to addresses in New York State. This tax is added to the cost of the order and also to the shipping charge. Buyers outside New York are subject to whatever local use taxes are in effect in their area.